Self Care

As we hit fall weather, these last 9 months have gone so fast. Who knew 2020 would bring so much fear, unrest, and loss. I see friends who are stressed, have gained weight, and are losing hope for change. I hope this article will help.


This is an article about you. Do what works best for you. Choose your favorite self-care ideas and write them on an index card. 

I’m sharing what works for me.

  1. Go on a daily walk.
  2. Try to cook a home-cooked meal instead of ordering out. 
  3. Schedule personal self-care time each day.
  4. Create an at-home Spa Day. Put a homemade face mask.
  5. Have a checklist. Do one thing at a time.  
  6. Watch a feel-good Hallmark movie. Christmas ones are my favorite.
  7.  Sing. Especially if no one is around.  
  8. Read a book just for yourself. Romantic? Spiritual? Self Help?
  9. Enjoy a long, hot, eucalyptus bath before bed.
  10. Schedule 5 – 10-minute “play” breaks during the workday. Jumping jacks, dance music, or anything fun and non-work-related during this time.  
  11. Create a Wish Jar for 2021. Write your list of what you want to do for next year.
  12. Create a vision board-travel, romance, etc…

These are just a few of my favorite things that have helped me this year.

Here’s to a few more months of 2020 and let’s end it with a Bang!





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