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Latinista Gifts for Him and Her Care Items


By Editorial Team

Treat him or her to some of these Self-care items this Holiday season. From Candles to books, alcohol, and snacks for your furry friends, there’s something for everyone here whether you want to relax or party. Having fun is a form of Self-Care too after all. 

Albisa Candles

Pipo: Pipo (left) Is an ode to the abuelos and papis in our lives, who used old-school blades to meticulously shave their faces. The best part was the delicate smell of the shaving cream and the sweet scent that always lingered in the bathroom long after he was done.

The Domino Soaps (right): The domino game-inspired domino-shaped soap is a unique and luxurious way to experience the essence of the fun game of dominoes. This soap captures the vibrant energy and excitement of a great domino game with its classic design.

A candle company made popular by its famous, Cuban-bread scented candle. These hand-poured, soy, premium candles were inspired by their desire to bring their Hispanic heritage and the nostalgia of Cuban culture into their modern-day life. The brand also features a variety of products from candles, wax melts and warmers, hand soaps, unique matchboxes, wick dippers & trimmers, and room and linen sprays. Albisa is Where “cultura” meets Inspiration!  Based in Los Angeles, the company keeps its Cuban culture alive by sharing their families’ stories and capturing the tales through scents. Albisa has been featured on The Today Show, NBC News, Refinery 29, and Thrillist, among others.

Price: Varies

The Beard Struggle 

Men need to self-care too! Providing all-natural grooming products for the modern-day Viking, The Beard Struggle is the most innovative, community-driven men’s grooming company you’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing. From every type of beard product imaginable to cologne to skincare to deodorant and more, The Beard Struggle recognizes that being a man and trying to navigate the confusing world of endless grooming products and bizarre unheard-of ingredients is in fact, a struggle. But not for long, the struggle ends here. The Beard Struggle gives you what you want, and what you need. Organic, cruelty-free, sustainable, incredible smelling, and high-performing men’s grooming products, for every man and their inner warrior.  

Price: Varies
Also available on Amazon

Sea Witch Botanicals

Sea Witch Botanicals offers plant-based home and body products as a solution to the plastic-ridden products we are surrounded by. Their sincere hope is that they can make humans and the environment healthier with their products and nonprofit partners.  They are a certified B-Corp, certified vegan, and run a certified “Towards Zero Waste” operation. Sea Witch Botanicals is committed to contributing to making a positive impact on the environment. As such, they donate to charities like Earthjustice and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in order to promote awareness, research, and protection of our environment from harmful chemicals in our waterways. 

Price: Varies

Sunshine & Glitter

Glittering and gorgeous! All eyes are on you this summer when you pull Sunshine & Glitter out of your beach bag. From the glamorous packaging to the luscious formula, including the biodegradable glitter, this magical sunscreen will have you sparkling and protected all summer long. After all, the type of sunscreen you wear is as crucial as your swimwear. 

Price: Varies $5-62 / Sunscreen $19.95

Modestine Tea

Celebrating wellness, teatime rituals, and womanhood, Modestine is more than just teas and teaware, they offer its community a safe place to ground yourself, nourish your body, and inspire your spiritual growth. Deeply rooted in ritual, Modestine’s hand-blended, organic wellness teas offer supportive healing remedies that nurture your unique chapter of womanhood and act as a vessel for reconnecting to and honoring your divine self. Founded by Laura Shanley, a certified Tea Sommelier trained under the guidance and leadership of a Buddhist Tea Master and Naturopathic Doctor, Laura invites you to take your tea journey to the next level by carving out time for yourself to enjoy your tea, reflect on the day and live in the present moment. 

PRICE: $16.50+

Black Rican Vegan Cookbook

Black Rican Vegan: Black Rican Vegan is NYC’s hottest pop-up restaurant, and in this collection of vegan recipes, founder Lyana Blount shares her secrets for making the plant-based Puerto Rican food she’s famous for. Born and raised in the Bronx, Lyana’s meals reflect the delicious diversity of NYC’s food scene, blending Latin staples like Vegan Chicharron Sin Carne, city favorites like NYC Bacun Eggin Cheeze and soul food delights like ‘Moxtails. With each dish made entirely from plants, this cookbook makes healthier Afro-Latinx fare accessible to a new generation of cooks.

Price: from $11.99
Available on Amazon

Poof! Patch

Why hide while you heal? Go out in confidence with the help of Poof! Patch. These fun body art-inspired hydrocolloid patches help speed up the healing of blemishes, mosquito bites, small cuts, and more. The summer skincare hero you need in your arsenal! These magical patches not only pull out oil and sebum from acne they also act as a super skin healer.  Their star ingredient, calendula, is commonly used in medical care for inflamed irritated skin. Poof! Patch is the perfect summer skincare savior. Pop one on before a pool day or cover a blemish for your next big festival. Poof! Patch is also great for kids with its long-lasting waterproof design you can cover up those mosquito bites to help heal and reduce itching. 

PRICE: $18 for a pack of 32

TheraICE Headache Relief Cap

Help mom unwind this holiday season with the best-selling TheraICE Headache Relief Cap! This cap provides a soothing and relaxing feeling via hot or cold therapy as needed with complete 360° coverage. Whether you get frequent splitting headaches or get them occasionally, the common denominator is the need for effective pain relief, ideally without medication. Check out the over 30.7K 5-star Amazon reviews by users who rave about the soothing benefits of the Headache Relief Cap for alleviating the day’s stressors for drug-free relaxation of headaches to ease tension and discomfort. The patented design blocks the light to help with light sensitivity. 

Price: 1 pack: 34.95
2 pack: 51.95

Desolas Mezcal  

Desolas Mezcal is an award-winning, female-founded mezcal brand. Delicately handcrafted from the Salmiana Agave in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Desolas boasts a distinct flavor profile with low smoke and botanical and fresh aroma. The premium spirit has a smooth and balanced flavor with notes of citrus, black pepper, and an elegant finish of vanilla.

Price: $52.99

Grand Brulot

Grand Brulot combines the finest VSOP Cognac with rich Robusta coffee from Ecuador for the ultimate palate-pleasing blend that doesn’t overpower or underplay its two key ingredients. Enrooted in French lore, Grand Brulot delivers a uniquely dry and smooth drink with flavor notes of nutmeg and vanilla and a subtle honey aroma that is unforgettable. Grand Brulot is the secret ingredient for THE perfect espresso martini!

Price: $39.95

Candela Mamajuana

Candela Mamajuana, meaning “on fire” in Spanish slang, is the finest expression of the Dominican Republic’s native spiced rum. Known for its smooth, sweet taste of super-premium rum, exotic spices, and honey, this spirit is made with all-natural ingredients and distilled from fresh-pressed sugarcane in its native country.

Price: $31.99

Leather Honey Spray Cleaner

This gentle, non-toxic leather cleaner cleans and restores all leather items. Leather Honey Leather Cleaner is the best leather cleaner for car seats, leather jackets and coats, leather furniture, and more. It’s also great on vinyl, plastic, rubber, and faux leather. This 8-ounce bottle is the same deep-cleaning formula as their original concentrate, conveniently pre-mixed and ready to use — no dilution required! Remove grit and grime and deep clean your with this top-rated, chemical-free leather cleaner. The non-toxic formula makes Leather Honey the best leather cleaner to keep your favorite leather items looking new and refreshed.

Price: $29.99
Also available on Amazon and affiliated with Refersion

Karmic Birthday Book by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner

Drawing on their enchanted psychic abilities, renowned psychics Amy Zerner and Monte Farber present a fun and easy way to use birth dates to gain insight into our true selves. Each birthday includes a profound quote with special meaning for those born on that day, as well as a list of famous people who share the birthday and space to add significant people in your own life who have that birthday. This engaging and interactive guide will prove enjoyable, informative, and useful as you navigate your relationships and tune into your true self. The Karmic Birthday Book will unlock the secret of your birth date and guide you along your true life path, teaching you a karmic lesson and opening the door to your destiny.

Price: $35.00

The Crafty Chica Creates! from Kathy Cano-Murillo

Join the Queen of Latina Style to make joyous, vibrant, sparkly Latin-inspired crafts that are stunning to look at yet surprisingly easy to make. The Crafty Chica is back! In The Crafty Chica Creates!, a revised and expanded edition of The Crafty Chica Collection, Kathy Cano Murillo enthusiastically welcomes you into her world of making and affirmational thinking with colorful, Latin-style craft projects inspired by her Mexican heritage. With 45 projects—26 completely new joining 19 previous favorites—get fun techniques for painting, sewing, mixed media, clay, and paper crafts using affordable and recycled materials. While some are more in-depth than others, the projects are ideal for all skill levels. The Crafty Chica welcomes you to infuse the projects with elements of your own cultural heritage to make them personal and unique. Whether you are looking for dazzling things to make for group crafting, decorating your casa or workplace, to release stress and lift your mood, or for gift giving, The Crafty Chica Creates! is your friendly, inspiring guide.

Price: $24.99


Why spend time and money at the dermatologist’s office for skin tag removal? Utilize the convenience of treating skin tags at home with Claritag.

Key Features:

  • Offers a streamlined treatment process that shows results in just over a minute!
  • User-friendly design comes ready to use
  • Dermatologist approved!
  • Utilizes cryo-freeze technology and delivers professional-grade results
  • Offers up to 10 treatment cycles

The skin tag will fall off naturally within 7-14 days. Most skin tags fall off within 10 days. During this time, new healthy skin will form beneath the treated area.

Price: $49.95

Jenkins Jellies

Slathering spicy pepper jelly on any and all snacks is Jenkins Jellies’ fav form of self-care! Savory, sweet & irresistibly spicy, Jenkins infuses an iconic Southern treat with a fresh coastal twist. With a heartier texture, brimming with jewel-like nuggets of pepper & fruit, the jellies are a complex blend of seven peppers & peak-season fruit purees. A stunning accompaniment to endless culinary concoctions, each jar is a secret ingredient for the creative home chef. These all-natural, vegan, gluten-free jellies are the perfect accouterment to eggs, sandwiches, grilled meats and fish, roasted veggies, pizza, desserts, soups, dressings, cheese boards, etc. Jenkins Jellies are so zesty and offer such a complex flavor profile, that many customers find them to be a problem-solving, everyday pantry staple. One decadently delicious jelly that offers enough flavor that it is doing the job of multiple spices and condiments. Offered in 5oz ($6.50) and 11oz jars ($10.00), as well as beautiful packaged Gift Sets. Be on the lookout for new holiday flavors coming soon! Also available on Amazon and in World Market stores nationwide. 

Price: $6.50+

Natracare Makeup Remover Wipes 

Natracare is the world’s first brand of organic & natural hygiene products. Natracare’s cleansing make-up removal wipes are perfect for stocking stuffers. The wipes are made from only the very best certified organic and natural ingredients, designed first and foremost to take care of your skin. The soft, certified organic cotton wipes gently & effectively removes waterproof and regular makeup.

Infused with the organic essential oils of almond, apricot, and chamomile, Natracare cleansing makeup removal wipes leave your skin moisturized, cleansed, and refreshed naturally free from formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, synthetics, chemicals, parabens, and sulfates. Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.

Price: $7.98
Available on Amazon.

Barkworthies – Smoked Thick Bully Sticks

Don’t forget about your furry friends this year! Barkworthies are high-quality, nutritious natural dog chews and snacks that are sourced naturally from trusted suppliers; Barkworthies is proud to introduce their “scent-sational” hickory smoked line of natural dog chews. The new Barkworthies smoked chews feature Southern BBQ flavor and the sweet-smelling aroma of ribs coming off the grill.

Price: $19.19 on Amazon

Conscious Ink

Conscious Ink created temporary tattoos with inspiring and empowering messages to remind you of your best self. In our fast-paced world with endless to-do lists, we need all the help we can get to stay grounded, and focused on our well-meaning intentions. One way to keep our intentions top of mind is to also keep them “top of body” with one of our Manifestation Temporary Tattoos. It’s this precise purpose, that transformation-coach founder Frank Gjata created these unique, unexpected, and effective tools. With our 500 positive words, inspiring quotes, and empowering affirmations, it’s easy to find the perfect message to support you with whatever you’d like to manifest into your life. 

These are beautiful tattoos that look like the real thing. Each Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoo has been thoughtfully designed specifically to convey the essence of the word, quote, or affirmation. Their temporary tattoos are non-toxic and exceed safety standards for the US/FDA, Canada, and the EU. Made in the USA. They contain no animal products. Never tested on animals.

Our Conscious Ink Starter Kit is a quick, fun way to start manifesting with Conscious Ink! Our Manifestation Temporary Tattoos are transformational tools created to keep us mindful, disrupt self-defeating thoughts, and remind us of our intentions. We made this Starter Kit an incredible value to get you going. Save 38%! Wear some. Share some. Let’s do this!

Best-Selling Starter Kit Includes:
-20 Manifestation Tattoos (2ea of 10 Popular Styles: Love, be present, gratitude, believe, breathe, courage, let go, surrender, transform, possibilities.)
-1 “Gratitude” Manifestation Greeting Card (Tattoo Inside)
-1 “Set A Conscious Commitment” Worksheet
– BONUS! 1 “Grateful” Manifestation Tattoo 3-Pack

Price (currently on sale for 38%) $45


Busy moms on the go love BlendQuik! BlendQuik is the world’s first mason jar design in a portable blender. Smoothies, protein shakes, baby food, dressings – you name it. BlendQuik will mix it, creating delicious, mess-free meals and drinks as a way of life! Enjoy your creations straight from the sleek jar featuring a next-generation ergonomic design. BlendQuik’s ten stainless steel blades blend ingredients silky smooth, resulting in dramatically better blending. Just blend and sip! There’s no need to open the top lid after blending.

Price: $79.99
Available on Amazon

Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. Bath Bombs

Treating your mom who is on their feet all day. Magnolia Soap & Bath Co.’s bath bombs are the perfect way to help mom relax and nourish her skin. Quality bath bombs are made from natural ingredients, such as shea and cocoa butter and oils like olive oil, which help hydrate and soothe your skin. With 11 scents to choose from, enjoy the calming fizzy bathwater, and let your skin soak up the nourishing benefits of bath bombs.

Price: $7.00

Red + Olive Baby Fox

Our newest collection is here to greet your newest arrival. Just the right size for the tiniest but mightiest snuggles, these babies are handmade with luxurious Peruvian cotton. And at just 7” tall, they fit right in the palm of your hand. From the lashes on their sleepy eyes to their happy tails, each baby is ethically made with love in Peru (where the founders are from). Designed to grow with your little one, our babies are inspired by our classic collection.



Ever dropped your phone cord by your nightstand? Need to manage cords better around your desk, or while traveling? Enter CordBrick, a patented device and cord solution created by serial entrepreneur Nick Barrett, AKA “CordBrick Nick.” Made of silicone and weighted with steel, its unique design allows it to adapt to ANY charging situation and since there’s no adhesive, it can be used multiple times. It comes in several colors, including glow-in-the-dark (limited availability), making it the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with a phone.

How does it work? It weighs down and gathers cord ends with a weighted, specially designed BRICK of silicone and can wrap cords for travel, with easy unwrapping too. Its 6 special channels are designed for holding: 4 cords and wrapping/grabbing 2 cords and phones. All 6 channels can fit Apple AirPods, and things like pens, too. From DUIs & jail to a winning product, Nick’s invention was recently awarded the “Coolest Product” at NRF 2023 (10K prize) and is currently an Amazon Launchpad Product.

Price: $14.97

Lola Arnao – Silky Soak Bath Cubes

The perfect gift for sustainable self-care lovers, Lola Arnao’s Silky Soak bath cubes are made with decadent cocoa butter and healing minerals. These fragrance-free bath cubes melt deliciously into your bath leaving skin moisturized and helping soak away sore muscles. Free from fragrances, sulfates, petroleum, parabens, allergens, harmful additives, and fillers, the limited edition seasonal set will transport you to a luxury resort.

Price: $34.00


Try this 100% organic superfood powder that transforms your coffee or tea from acidic to alkaline. Dirt Spice by DirtFood is detoxifying and anti-inflammatory and has 135mg of magnesium per serving.

  • Dirt Spice takes coffee from a 4 on the pH scale to a 7.5, taking away the acidity.
  • Dirt Spice enhances any beverage’s flavor with a gentle aromatic coconut-spiced profile and afternotes of ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg, cacao, and turmeric.
  • Add it to coffee, smoothies, oatmeal, and cookies for a superfood boost.
  • It’s vegan and keto-friendly.
  • Contains no sugar additives, artificial sweeteners, colors, chemicals or fillers

Price: $39.99 
Available on Amazon

Zurvita’s Zurge!

Your morning cup of coffee just got a whole better with Zurge, a supercharged, scientifically backed, brain supplement coffee blend. This potent and complete brain-boosting brew supports cognitive function, memory concentration, sharpness, acuity, focus, and neuro regeneration. Zurge’s Proprietary Brain Boosting blend is formulated with CognatiQ®, clinically proven to significantly increase levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. Lion’s Mane Mushroom, is clinically shown to promote nerve function and growth by supporting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Stabilized Rice Bran, a flagship ingredient with over 100 nutrients in one easy-to-take serving. And Coffeeberry® cascara is rich in potent antioxidants providing a hint of caramel-like sweetness. A new experience made with a 100% Colombian coffee espresso blend.

Price: $36.95

Don Q Rum Reserva 7

With a blend of rums aged a minimum of seven years, Don Q Reserva 7 is the perfect Puerto Rican rum for holiday gift-giving. Bright and robust, it is made with special care and flawless craft in American oak barrels. Don Q Reserva 7 is bright and radiant aged Puerto Rican rum crafted from an exceptional blend of rums aged a minimum of 7 years in American white oak barrels. Rich in flavor and character, the special care and flawless craft that go into the creation of this rum make it the ideal companion at any gathering.

Price: $24.99, 750ml bottle

SoundFun – Mirai speaker

Mirai Speaker offers a groundbreaking audio experience that focuses on the clarity of dialogue versus volume. Available on Amazon, The Mirai Speaker is more than just a sound system. With its innovative AudibleWave Technology, the Mirai Speaker creates opportunities for increased family time with crystal-clear audio dialogue, without the need to increase the volume to excessive levels.

Price: $249.00
Also Available on Amazon 

G-SHOCK Watches

G-SHOCK watches are made to be tossed around and show off. The perfect watch for any watch fanatic who wants to add to their collection. Available on Amazon, and department stores.

FULL METAL 2100 Series GMB2100BD-1A

Introducing the first full-metal addition to the continually evolving 2100 line of timepieces that inherit the legacy of the first-ever G-SHOCK, the DW-5000C. Luxe full-metal construction with a screw-back case, bezel, and band crafted in stainless steel creates a streamlined, minimalist design, while protecting the module from impact when dropped. We take it way back with the octagonal bezel and dimpled band design of the original from 1983, all done in metal. High-density mounting keeps the analog-digital combination module slim, while still providing the advanced functions you love in a compact profile and comfortable fit. Pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth®. Simply tap into the dedicated app for precision timekeeping that keeps you on track. With Tough Solar, a high-brightness LED light and a range of other convenient functions, this is a timepiece that delivers on style and practical utility.

Price: $600


The DW-5000C is the original G-Shock model from 1983. The GMW-B5000 Series has inherited its characteristic square design and been given the full metal treatment along with upgraded features including smartphone linking. The GMW-B5000-1JF has been given a full-metal case by using a shock-resistant fine resin cushioning material inserted between the case and the sturdy stainless steel metal bezel. High-density mounting technology also allows the watch to maintain its size. The back of the watch features a solid Screw Lock Back and has been DLC treated for resistance to wear. Gold ion plating has been applied to the entire case and band for a beautiful color. Visibility too has been enhanced via use of a film solar cell and STN-LCD (liquid crystal). Function-wise, this model comes with Bluetooth® communications and can link with a dedicated app to obtain precise time information. The watch is also packed with practical features including a time correction system that uses standard time and frequency signals (Multi-Band 6), a reliable source of power in the form of Tough Solar technology, high-luminance Full Auto LED backlighting, World Time and day of the week display in six languages. 

This is a G-Shock model that stays true to its predecessor while undergoing further refinement through the application of a full-metal design.

Price: $600

Metal Covered WOMEN GMS5600PG-4

A down-sized model of the iconic 5600 series finished with luxurious metal.  The square design of the GM-5600, which has been used since the first model, has been downsized to achieve a lightweight and comfortable fit.  The bezel cover is made of metal with pink gold ion plating, and the band is an elegant G-SHOCK band in beige.

Price: $180