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10 Tips To Get In Shape! – New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s resolutions are underway! One of the most common resolutions going into the new year is getting in shape. Some are keeping up with their resolutions, others…not so much. Lots of people find it difficult to keep up with new routines, and if you find yourself falling off, don’t beat yourself up for it! Making changes to your daily habits is hard, but here are some tips to help you keep up with your resolution to Get in Shape!

1. Attitude Adjustment!

  • Why are you trying to get into shape? The number one reason should be for YOU. So go into it with a good idea of how YOU function. Are you a morning person? A night owl? What kind of things do you normally like to eat? Focus your workout routines around times that you are most active. Align your diet plans around what you like to eat, while also not being afraid to try out new things. 

2. Start Easy

  • Getting in shape is about changing your bad habits and making better choices. This is easier said than done. Be realistic with what you’re able to do; how long are you able to work out? How often? Start easy, and as you get into the habit of working out, increase how often you exercise little by little. 

3. Cut Out the Bad Stuff in Your Diet

  • Changing eating habits is probably the most important part of your fitness journey. Be mindful of how much you snack throughout the day. Little by little, eat less of the fattening sweets and food and introduce healthier options into your diet.

4. Find a Partner to Work Out With

  • You’re more likely to keep working out if you have someone to motivate you. Work out with a friend or partner, or join a class where you can meet other people. 

5. Beware of Lose Weight Fast schemes

  • If you want to get in shape and STAY that way, losing weight fast and easy is not going to do it for you. These tips won’t 

6. Drink lots of water

  • Water will keep you hydrated and the best option when cutting out sugary drinks like soda and juice. A nice glass of water can also fill you up and keep your appetite at bay. If you feel yourself craving a snack, have a tall glass of water to curb those cravings. 

7. Build Muscle with A Protein Diet

  • If you’re looking to build muscle mass, incorporate more protein into your cooking. Chicken, Beef, Pork, and Dairy are the best sources of protein. They’ll boost your metabolism and are another way to stay full. 

8. Change it Up!

  • Once you start getting into a groove, don’t stay there for too long. Change up your workout routine, challenge yourself. Once your muscles get comfortable, you’ll want to keep them working by changing the routine, or adding more difficult workouts. 

9. Recharge Your Batteries!

  • Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep and rest. Your body needs to recharge after you put in good daily exercise. A good night’s sleep will also ensure you have the energy to continue working out the next day and the days to come. 

10. Reward Yourself

  • Keeping up with a fitness routine is not as easy as some would make you believe. Especially for beginners. Reward yourself to keep yourself motivated and encourage yourself to keep going. Lots of people reward themselves with cheat days where they get to indulge in a meal outside of their diet. Whatever you plan to do, make sure it won’t disrupt any of your newly formed habits. You know yourself best, and what the best ways to motivate yourself will be. 

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