Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

Back in the day, well last year, dating was complicated still but at least you can see someone face to face and meet them. However, just because it’s a pandemic, doesn’t mean we can’t date at all. 

Building a real connection with someone without meeting up physically has become tricky.

Here are the best tips on dating during these strange times.


Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

  • Speed Friending…Yes it exists

These events can be a hit or miss, but sometimes you can find a great guy when you meet people online. They are inexpensive & fun. It also gives you a reason to dress up and put on some makeup.

Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

  • Communicate Like The 1980s

Calls over texting reveal a person’s lies much easier than over emails and texts. Plus, our voices are what bonds us to one another and helps build emotional intimacy. Be a good listener and you can figure out if this person is a match or not. Don’t hide behind a text.

Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

  • Why? Why? Why?

We all have a reason to complain and ask why. This pandemic has been hard on all of us. But, if the person you’re getting to know through calls only complains and feels sorry for themselves, run like Forrest Gump. You are looking for someone who can support you emotionally as much as you can support them. If they want to vent, let them get a therapist.

Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

  • Matchmaker

Matchmakers are back! These are perfect people to hire to help you with the process. This is only for those who are serious about looking for a committed relationship.

Finding Love During Covid, Dating Tips

  • Zoom Dates

Everyone is wearing masks, which feels odd. It adds another layer to get to know someone so I recommend Zoom Dates. Create a fun conversation over Zoom and meet face to face virtually. Be creative on your virtual dates. I think this is the best time to date because now people will really get to know each other.

So if you are in a dating rut and are feeling distressed during this time apart from people, I’m hoping this will motivate you to get back on the horse and believe in love again.



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