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Latinista Must-Haves – Holiday Wellness

Dee Rivera

By Editorial Team 

These wellness products are the perfect gift for those who want to change their habits and better themselves inside and out. Check these out for a healthier you in the New Year!

Vimergy Organic Ashwagandha

Want to support healthy brain function? Need help dealing with the stress of day-to-day life? How about a solution for occasional sleeplessness? Vimergy Organic Ashwagandha 10:1 Liquid Extract is here for you! It contains 2200mg of the adaptogen ashwagandha per serving. This special alcohol-free formula is made with just three organic ingredients: organic ashwagandha 10:1 extract, organic glycerin, and organic lemon juice.

Price: $24.00
Also available on Amazon 

Sun Chlorella Powder- 10 Pack

This freshwater algae is the king of superfoods with beneficial properties such as supporting your digestive system and immune system. Sun Chlorella’s supergreen powder packs a punch with a chlorophyll serving equivalent to 2-2.5 cups of spinach or kale, antioxidants, minerals, plus a super absorbable plant-based B12. Sun Chlorella Powder can be easily incorporated into any drink or smoothie! Sun Chlorella believes in contributing to the community and healing rehabilitated animals. That’s why Sun Chlorella donates funds and over 10,000 lbs of chlorella powder to the Gentle Barn animal sanctuary to help rehabilitate abused animals. This is a tremendous help because chlorella is packed with nutrients animals (and humans) need to heal their bodies from within. Watch this jaw-dropping testimony of just one of thousands of animals Sun Chlorella has helped save through this mission with The Gentle Barn.

Price: $32.99
Available on Amazon, Erewhon, and Walmart

Forest Leaf – Advanced Collagen

Unlock the secret to anti-aging! Collagen protein is responsible for creating the cellular scaffolding that makes up bones, joints, tendons and tissues. ForestLeaf Advanced Collagen improves hair thickness and length, strengthens nails, and reverses wrinkles and other signs of aging. They can help increase joint flexibility and reduce the risk of bone fracture. Soothes aches & pains, relieves morning stiffness, and promotes better sleep. Helps to increase mobility and reduce recovery times after exercise. Promotes radiant skin glow, luscious hair, and flawlessly healthy nails

Price: $17.21

Eeze Natural Health – Travel-Eeze

Eeze Natural Health has launched Travel-eeze, its product designed to tackle a common discomfort faced by travelers worldwide – constipation. The water-soluble powder’s all-natural and vitamin-enriched formula offers an effective solution to alleviate digestive issues, Travel-related changes in dietary habits and schedules often lead to digestive complications, specifically constipation, which can dampen the overall travel experience.

“I’ve experienced constipation for years, particularly when I traveled, and I tried everything to help without success, “ said Elizabeth Hall, Founder of Eeze Natural Wellness. “I created Travel-eeze after extensive research and it has made me fall in love with traveling again. I can eat, drink and enjoy myself without giving constipation a second thought.” Travel-eeze is crafted with a blend of natural ingredients, including magnesium citrate, Vitamin C, flaxseed powder, raspberry powder, and cascara sagrada to alleviate constipation without adverse side effects such as cramping, diarrhea, urgency, or dehydration. Travel-eeze supports bowel regularity, stool consistency, digestive function, and immunity support.

 Price: $19.99

Herbalogic – Quiet Mind

Herbalogic’s Quiet Mind Herb Drops blend adaptogens and other healing herbs historically used to promote a healthy mental mood. The botanical ingredients in this formula were carefully selected for their ability to promote a Zen-like calm and encourage a relaxed, carefree attitude in those with anxious worry and the kind of obsessive, racing thoughts Buddhists call “monkey mind.” These drops,  quiet racing thoughts, support a relaxed mental state & calms intrusive thoughts. It promotes a Normal Mood during times of nervousness or worried anxiousness, and supports Non-Drowsy Daytime Relaxation at work or school.

Price: from $28.95

Herbalogic – Shield

Boost your immune support system with Shield Capsules. Support System Booster Shield Capsules Are Ideal for People Who Don’t Have the Luxury of Working from Home and Have to Interact with Other People on a daily basis.

Price: $64.95

Auro Wellness – Glutaryl

Auro Wellness is a holistic supplement brand that primarily focuses on the “master antioxidant” known as Glutathione! Their Glutaryl and Glutaryl+ supplements are topicals that you can spray pretty much anywhere on your body, but are recommended to be applied on a hairless part for better absorption! Glutathione does many things, one of the perks being boosting your immune system! According to the most recent study by Ray Yutani, DO, PharmD, MS, FACOFP, It is proposed that treatment of COVID-19 illness can be addressed by a novel agent: the glutathione-cyclodextrin complex (G-C complex). It can be given early in the illness to prevent rather than react to the consequences of the CSS. In addition, since the ingredients are non-toxic, it can be safely given to treat the delayed but persistent immunologic response of PASC that is commonly known as “long haulers”.

With all that being said, Auro Wellness’ Glutaryl and Glutaryl+ supplements are the perfect additions to your end of year wellness regimen! Whether you are trying to prepare your immune system for the change in temps, or trying to get over long-covid, these holistic topicals are a great addition to your everyday regimen!

Price: $119.95

More Labs’ Morning Recovery

Prevent the negative effects of alcohol with More Labs’ Morning Recovery shot. It’s an Amazon best-seller with 3,400+ five-star reviews! The ready-to-drink nutrition supplement is made with natural ingredients, including electrolytes, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), Vitamin C & B Complex, Milk Thistle, and Prickly Pear. USC graduates created the formula to replenish lost nutrients, boost liver function, and speed up your recovery. Don’t believe it? The stats speak for themselves! More Labs has sold 20 million units and earned $50 million in revenue in less than five years.

Price: $36 (6 pack) or $5 (bottle)

Zurvita’s Zurge!

Your morning cup of coffee just got a whole better with Zurge, a supercharged, scientifically backed, brain supplement coffee blend. This potent and complete brain-boosting brew supports cognitive function, memory concentration, sharpness, acuity, focus, and neuro regeneration. Zurge’s Proprietary Brain Boosting blend is formulated with CognatiQ®, clinically proven to significantly increase levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), a key neuroprotein vital to learning, memory, and higher thinking. Lion’s Mane Mushroom, clinically shown to promote nerve function and growth by supporting Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Stabilized Rice Bran, a flagship ingredient with over 100 nutrients in one easy-to-take serving. And Coffeeberry® cascara rich in potent antioxidants providing a hint of caramel like sweetness. A new experience made with 100% Colombian coffee espresso blend.

Price: $36.95

Broken Top Candle Club

Know a candle lover? Gift them a monthly Candle subscription from Broken Top!

Receive their recommended seasonal candle of the month, plus a matchbox to light your new flame. Pay month-to-month or prepay for a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription. The subscription can be skipped or paused at anytime. All subscriptions come with free shipping plus exclusive Candle Club perks! Includes Free shipping, and exclusive looks at new scents from Broken Top. All candles are made of 100% U.S. grown soybean wax, with cotton core wicks in USA-made glass and lids using essential oil-infused fragrance oils. With beloved scents like Sea Salt Surf, Christmas Tree, White Birch, Cardamom Vanilla and more, subscribers are in for a monthly treat that will delight the senses. 

Price: Starting at $22/month

Dee Rivera
Dee Rivera

Dee Rivera, CEO of DCG Public Relations/DCG Media Group, Bringing nearly 15 years of public relations experience, working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands and celebrities in the world, Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend. Ms. Rivera's background started in publishing working for magazines such as Latina, Modern Bride, Essence, Chaos LA and working with celebrity covers that included Jennifer Lopez, Eva La Rue, Rosie Perez, and a plethora of other celebrities. Dee is an expert at crafting and delivering messages from brands to the media, and consumers alike. Her company also specializes in pr, branding virtual events, digital marketing and advertising. Her experiential pop ups for brands and authors are extremely successful and have been a tool to expand brand names. She is the Founder of Latinista.com , Hamptons Fashion Week , Times Square Fashion Week, Glambition.biz among other brands. Dee also travels as a speaker for her book Glambition Knocking Down Walls In Heels and is a lifestyle expert and has been featured in WPIX11, FOX TV, NBC and Telemundo.

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