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Summer Proof Your Fitness Routine

Erica Pagano
summer proff your fitness routine

It’s the summer and let’s be real…who isn’t looking forward to bbq’s, cocktails and lazy days at the beach right? You worked so hard all winter to get yourself in tip top shape and now you might be wondering how you can stay on track with all the extra outings and traveling. Or you have decided that you need to be doing something but are having serious doubts about whether the summer is the best time to start.

The biggest thing I teach my clients is how to make your fitness a LIFESTYLE…not just something you do every now and then. When you are showing up consistently it becomes a habit that you will want to keep! So no matter what season or stage your life is in you will be able to stay committed. So how exactly will you do this during the summer? Here are my biggest tips for summer proofing your fitness routine.

1) Have a Plan
If you know you are going to be away take some time to research if your hotel has a gym or if your have enough space in your room to get in a quick workout. Check out the area you will be visiting to see if there is a park, path or a beach nearby that you can use.

2) Create a Schedule
Pick what days and times you will work out and SCHEDULE them on your calendar! This is a huge step in making it happen.

3) Determine Where To Exercise
Now that you have your schedule in place you might be wondering where you can do these workouts. If you do not have access to a gym or the only space to workout is in your room or outdoors, do not fret! There is a solution to that. You can access workout videos on your phone. My only go-to is Beachbody On Demand. With over 1,000 workouts to pick from that don’t require a lot of space, equipment or time you can definitely get in a nice sweat session. The trainers are experienced and easy to follow. And if you don’t have WIFI access you can download a few workouts instead!

4) Stick to Body Weight Exercise Routines
You can pretty much do these exercises anywhere. This is especially key if you are traveling and do not want to worry about equipment. Think squats, lunges, push- ups, jumping jacks, burpees, etc. If however you still want to ensure you get in some strength training pack some resistance bands or resistance loops. They come in various weights and are super easy to pack in your suitcase or a carry on bag. My top brand for bands and loops is Beachbody because the quality, durability and variety is top notch. The following are brands that also hold up well and can be found on Amazon. They include FitSimplify for resistance loops and Tribe for resistance bands.

4) Be an Early Bird
Get your workouts done earlier in the day. When you wait until later in the day you are more prone to skipping it. Getting it done earlier in the day kick starts your energy and removes the guilt you WILL feel later for not getting it done.

5) Find Accountability and Support
It is not always easy to just have the discipline or motivation to stick to your workouts. Having a friend, a coach, or a colleague to lean on keeps you accountable and can make all the difference. For example, I host a fit family morning rally Monday through Saturday where participants can hop on a Zoom call to check in and make sure they complete their workouts. Seeing other people on that call truly inspires you to keep showing up and putting forth the effort!

Staying committed, even in the summer, is possible! For more tips or information on anything mentioned above connect with me via my social media platforms or email me.

Erica Pagano
Erica Pagano

A Fitness industry veteran, with over 20 years of professional experience as a group fitness instructor, certified personal trainer, and virtual coach. Known for her inspiring cues, evolving training techniques, and "Can Do' attitude Erica is on a mission to help her clients feel their best, inside and out!

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