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Bridal Beauty That’s Summer Proof

Bridal beauty

Summer is prime wedding time and with many brides opting for outdoor photos, here are some tips on what kinds of makeup works best for summer brides and things you should absolutely ask your artist before they beat your face.

First things first, you want to make sure you’re completely comfortable with your artist.                                                                                                                           Be sure to get a consultation if you can and ask him/her questions on their experience and even their vision for your wedding day. Make sure you listen to their responses and be sure to share your vision (bring pictures as examples) so that the two of you can come together and find the perfect look for your big day.

Suggestion: Book your hair stylist and makeup artist separately.                              I know that it’s likely your hair stylist dabbles in makeup or your makeup artist dabbles in hair, but it makes your day run much smoother with a staff of stylists doing hair while the artists do makeup. Think if it as a fun game of musical chairs!

Go ahead and ask what kind of makeup they use.                                                  This is not to bring out the brand snob in you, but you want to know what products will be used on your face. You’re paying for these services after all and if you’re going to dish out the big bucks (yes, it’s costly to have a professional do your makeup) then you want to be sure that you’re getting a professional who also uses professional products. The reason for this is because professional products are made to last, the quality is unmatched and will give a better result.

Check their website!                                                                                                  You don’t want any surprises the day of your wedding and since you’re bound to get some inevitable surprises here and there anyway, your artists abilities shouldn’t be one of them. If they only have an Instagram or Facebook to refer you to then they clearly have not invested in themselves or their craft so why should you?

Go over a proposed timeline.
If you have a wedding planner then they will likely hammer down all the details but it’s a good idea to have a rough estimate on the time needed to do your makeup and those of your bridesmaids and still be done on time. Knowing how much time your artist needs, if they have other artists that will assist and how much time they typically need per face will also help avoid surprises. Remember, the more details you get the better.

Go over the contract with them and ask any questions you may have.
Don’t be shy on this point. This contract is made to not only cover the artist but also you. You want to be sure they have a backup should an emergency arise, and they can’t make it. You also want to go over the refund policy if something happens and the wedding must be put off for one reason or another. Be sure to leave the required retainer so that your day is booked and can’t be scheduled for another bride.

Summer makeup is an important nugget to read up on too!
It’s always best to educate yourself so that you’re not solely relying on your artist or other opinions. I’m a fan of airbrush makeup for all occasions but especially so for weddings. It’s water resistant, transfer resistant, lasts all day long and leaves a flawless finish. You can also try a tinted moisturizer for sheer coverage while still protecting and enhancing our skin. It Cosmetics has a full coverage tinted moisturizer that can cover a little or a lot and looks flawless all the way!

Look for eyeliner and mascara that promise waterproof and flake proof application and wear.
If you get emotional you want to trust that your makeup is exactly where you put it. If you opt for faux lashes, be sure the glue is waterproof.

Your blush can be anything you choose but a cream blush will give you that natural flushed look without looking heavy.                                                             It will melt right into the apples of your cheeks and last all night long.

Your pout is probably one of the easiest things to switch up last minute.       Whether you’re looking for a sheer gloss, lipstick (that you’ll have to re-apply) a lip stain or a liquid lipstick you have so many options. Choose whichever feels most comfortable.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Monifa Mortis, whose clients include Queen Latifa, Common and Lisa Leslie to name a few weighs in with her thoughts on bridal beauty for Latinista Magazine.                                                                                   “You always want to select a look that you feel most confident and comfortable in. Start to collect a gallery of makeup looks from Pinterest or internet images to show your makeup artist. Focus on images that have models that have similar facial features and the same complexion as you to keep it relevant. Try to figure out which celebrity you look the most like and research their best red carpet looks. This will give you some inspiration on what might work best for you”

“Avoid trendy colors and don’t wait until the last minute to start experimenting with new shades that you’re not used to wearing”

*Monifa’s Favorite Lip Products: Tom Ford Ultra Shine gloss in Tawny Pink and Anastasia lip gloss in Toffee.

“Make sure you have a GlamKitti touch up kit to maintain your bridal look. What’s the point of all this meticulous planning if you can’t take some of the same makeup with you for touch-ups!?”

With all these pointers don’t forget to finish off your look with a setting spray that will lock your makeup in for the long haul. Keep your hands away from your face and you’re good to go. Summer heat won’t stand a chance.

Cristina Rivera

Cristina is a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. She is also an avid blogger, budding YouTube creator and mom in Upstate NY. Cristina studied Beauty Industry Essentials at Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Merchandising and Design at Academy of Art University. Puerto Rican to the core she uses Spanglish as her form of communication and thrives on the idea of helping others, especially her fellow Latinas in any way she can.

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