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Beauty Must Haves-Fall In Love with 3 Lip Colors that Stand Out!


Curated by Dee Rivera

Even the most non-effort looks can be revamped with a bold lip! Lip colors and shades will change your whole look depending on how dark, light, or bright they are. These days, nude/neutral colors are in, so you may not be reaching for your brighter, vivid colors that often. But here are some colors that are subdued but bold enough to make your look stand out.

  1. Mauve

Like many things of the past, Mauve shades are back in 2021. This color is natural and versatile enough to go with many different looks. And the great thing about it is that mauve can be as soft or as bold as you want it to be. Go pinker for a softer look, or go more purple for a bolder look.

  1. Dark Red

A deep, velvety red is perfect for standing out. It’s also a surefire way to give you an overall sexier, more mature vibe. 

  1. Brown

Brown is super popular right now. Going with a dark brown will give you a mature but natural look, and it’s easier to pull off than some of the really bright pinky lip colors. 

While nudes and neutral colors are the trend these days, going for a bright red is never a bad choice for standing out, neither is going for super soft baby pink. Experiment with different colors and shades to pull out a new side of you each time.


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