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Beachin’ with Your Dog: The Do’s & Don’ts

Dana Humphrey
beachin with your dog

Beach season is upon us! Most dogs would agree that running through the sand, chasing waves and fetching balls makes for the best day ever, however for pet owners, keeping your dog safe from potential hazards can be stressful if you’re not prepared. Before you beach it up with your dog this summer, check out these safety tips so that you’re ready for any obstacles along the way!

Pack the Essentials: When visiting the beach with your furry friend, you’ll need to pack the usual dog outing essentials like a collar, leash, treats, etc. But there are many other beach-specific items that you’ll want to throw in your beach bag to have on hand. Dogs can get sunburned just like people. Make sure you buy a pet-safe sunscreen and an umbrella for a shady place to rest. Portable food and water dishes, along with plenty of water to stay hydrated, is a must. An absorbent pet towel is great for those who love swimming and getting wet. To keep them busy in the water, pack a fun floating toy! In addition, our ocean-loving pups should always wear a life jacket, especially if they are not strong swimmers.

Some dogs get overly excited when out and about; especially when visiting a new territory like the beach. If you’re looking for a way to calm that summertime energy, CBD for dogs is the perfect option. Created by pharmacists, Buzzn is a new and innovative company that’s crafting premium CBD pet products, which focus on the natural compounds of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil that promote healing. Their pet product line contains no GMO’s, are farm bill compliant, and gluten free. Buzzn currently has two CBD infused products available for dogs that are easy to administer and ideal for when you go to the beach: Puppy Potion and Chill Bites. Both products help to improve conditions in pets such as anxiety, nervous licking, phobias/fears and travel stress. This is a super helpful product to have on hand in case your pet starts to feel any of these unpleasant feelings!

Respect the beach: Before you leave, it’s important to check with your local beaches to find out which ones are pet-friendly. Some beaches allow dogs year-round, while others only allow dogs off-season, and some not at all. Ask if they need to be leashed, can roam free and all other rules the beach requires. If you are going to a beach where your dog can be off-leash, make sure he or she is well-trained and under your voice control. Some people, especially children, are frightened of dogs. Be mindful of who your dog is approaching to avoid any problems.

In addition, no beach wants dog poop left behind. Picking up after your dog is a must! Let’s face it, trying to find your dog’s poop in the sand can be a challenge and a real buzz kill! A new company has created a product that will make sure you won’t have to touch or see poop again! Originally developed for the visually impaired and disabled, Poochy provides an easy, clean and simple solution for dealing with dog poop. Place Poochy on your dog’s tail and when he or she poops it will fall directly into the specially designed bag. No more touching, bending, scooping or scraping! This is a real game-changer for pet parents, especially while enjoying a day at the beach. Poochy makes this dreaded task simple, convenient and stress-free. It’s also a great way to ensure you are keeping the beautiful beaches clean and poop-free!

Sand-free is the way to be: Another important item to pack is a doggy first aid kit. An injury could happen at any time. There’s no doubt that stepping on a sharp shell, fishing hook or unexpected jellyfish sting can require some TLC. If your dog loves burrowing in the sand, you can understand firsthand how messy a trip to the beach can be. The salt water and sand can cover your pet head to toe, which isn’t always comfortable for them. Cleaning and drying your pup’s ears regularly is essential; especially after a trip to the beach. Dogs can develop ear infections a lot easier than humans.

Oxyfresh, the leading provider of safe, environmentally–friendly products for people and pets, offers a vet-recommended, Pet Ear Cleaner that is a great option for travel. This ear cleaner is a safe, gentle and effective solution for both dogs and cats. It’s the quickest and easiest way to soothe itchy, irritated ears and remove wax buildup, dirt and mites, leaving them with fresh and clean ears. Packing this product will be a wonderful way to make sure their ears feel their very best as they enjoy a sand-filled day at the beach!

Bring high reward items: A trip to the beach can be overstimulating for a dog and even the most well-behaved and trained pups can accidentally wander off. Always keep a close eye on them! Bringing a high reward treat is a great idea. Before entering the beach, share a goodie with them so they know you mean business! It’s best to pack high reward treats for your pup that are nutritious, wholesome and of course, delicious.

As the founding father of pet health and nutrition, Dr. Marty™ has been providing pet families with top-quality dog and cat food, supplements and probiotics for over forty years. His Raw Beef Liver Dog Treats, Tilly’s Treasures, are an extra special way to give your dog a drool-worthy goodie that’s providing them with countless benefits. Made from 100% raw premium beef liver, Tilly’s Treasures are irresistible freeze-dried treats that are uniquely rich in fortifying A & B vitamins, iron, and essential minerals. Your dog will be sure to follow your lead when you have Tilly’s Treasures on board!

Find a new beach buddy: There are thousands of dogs in shelters all over the country that would want nothing more than to find their fur-ever home and become your beach buddy. If you’re looking for a new friend to travel with or just want to add a furry member to your pack, there’s a new online platform that will help you find your “paw-fect” match. The innovative pet adoption online platform, Adopets, streamlines the pet adoption process, saving shelters & rescues time, while giving pet parents an easy and fun adoption experience.

In just a few simple steps, potential adopters can create an account for free, where they can access over 280,000 registered animals from 11,000 organizations throughout the country. Users can search for animals in their desired location and view the pet’s description, which includes everything from gender, size, breed, age, as well as a short bio. Pets can be saved to a “favorites” file or the user can apply to adopt and make the adoption fee payment directly to the organization. The applicant will then go under review by the shelter or rescue. Imagine being able to find your new four-legged beach pal in such a simple, fun and convenient way. Adopets has made that possible! Currently, Adopets has animals available for adoption in every state in the U.S.

About The Pet Lady: Meet “The Pet Lady,” Dana Humphrey. She happily wears many collars in the pet industry, including operating the very successful Whitegate PR firm, staging pet fashion events and educating all of us pet lovers about the must-have pet products and pet trends. Her home base is in New York City, but this is a gal who travels coast-to-coast and beyond to ensure pets everywhere lead enriching lives.

Learn more at: http://www.thepetlady.org/.
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Dana Humphrey
Dana Humphrey

Dana Humphrey is a respected life coach, mentor and teacher. She ran a successful PR company for pet product manufacturers for 12 years and was a guest on TV stations across the country from NBC to CBS to ABC to Fox as "The Pet Lady @tm". She received her BS from San Diego State University in Public Relations and Political Science. After moving to New York City she has been a professor of Social Media Marketing at Baruch College and facilitator and adjunct professor of the Pet Product Marketing Program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Dana has studied bikram yoga, meditation, vippassana, Latihan, religion, spirituality, plant medicine and pets. She has also completed the NYC marathon, NYC triathlon and an Ironman. Dana was born in Canada, raised in London England and grew up in Northern California. She identifies as a global citizen and resides in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens in NYC.

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