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Mami’s on the Move – Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno of mumi!

Rachel Sokol

The founders of mumi talk organization, pursuing entrepreneurial dreams, and motherhood.

Amigas y Latinas Gabriela Mekler and Maribel Moreno had a knack for organization—and were on a mission to make life a little easier for others. So, in 2014, the Miami-based moms launched mumi, high-quality products designed for travel, home, baby and office solutions. 

Currently, mumi organization products are sold in nine different countries and have amassed a loyal following. Mumi’s best-sellers are their color-coded storage bags and a Home Collection that includes Divider Cubes. Staying organized, especially with kids in tow, isn’t easy, but mumi products make it a lot more fun.

(Plus, when you’re well organized and all that clutter is put away, think of how much better you feel. Thanks, mumi!)

Mumi co-founder Gabriela shares her and Maribel’s future goals with Latinista.

There are so many organization products out there. What makes mumi’s unique?

Gabriela: We focus on designing products that are not only functional but have a more sophisticated look and feel to them. 

How did your children/motherhood impact and inspire Mumi?

Gabriela: Everything we do is inspired by our children and our own experiences as moms. We design our products to meet our own needs knowing that there are other moms out there who need and feel the same way we do. 

What’s it like being entrepreneurs? What were your previous careers?

Gabriela: I am a teacher and guidance counselor by training and worked in that field until I created mumi with Maribel who was in the real estate business when we met. 

We loved the opportunity to create something together and being able to work while taking care of our children and putting them always first. Being an entrepreneur has pushed us in every direction, we have grown and learned a great deal not only about business but about ourselves.  Starting your own business means you wear many hats at all times. It gives you the opportunity to learn things about the different moving pieces in the business that otherwise would be done by someone else. 

Which mumi products, in your opinion, are parents drawn to the most, and why? 

Gabriela: Our best sellers are always our packing cubes. They simply change the way you travel. We created the line with 8 different colors so each member of the family can have their own, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. Reducing stress and frustration, so you can spend more time enjoying and less time packing and unpacking. 

What does it mean to you to be Latina?

Gabriela: We feel proud to be Mexican. Latino culture is a culture of community and caring for others. We take pride in the way our culture influences the way we do business and the way we conduct ourselves in all areas of our life. Our families still live in Mexico and we have a strong bond with everyone there, so Mexico and its culture are in our hearts every single day. 

What are your best mom travel hacks?

Gabriela: Of course – PACKING CUBES. We cannot recommend them enough. Being able to find what you need when you need it simply changes the way you travel.  Anticipate your kids’ needs and keep things handy and organized so you don’t run into unwanted sad faces. Bringing activities and snacks for them helps with waiting at airports and in lines anywhere. 

What’s new and exciting from mumi this year?

Gabriela: We are launching great new products that promise to keep our customers coming back for more. This month we are launching the new Project Organizer. It’s a great way to store and organize all of your kids’ school projects in a stylish and super convenient way! We are obsessed!

What career advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Gabriela: Never lose focus. Dream big, think outside the box, and work harder than you think possible. 

mumi is based in the USA. For more info, visit mumidesign.com.

Rachel Sokol
Rachel Sokol

Rachel Sokol is a professional writer and editor with over 20 years of editorial experience in a variety of genres from higher education to holistic health to celebrity. She’s been published in Piccolo Universe (formerly Ricky Martin’s blog), Univision, Reader’s Digest, SHAPE, Hispanic Career World, Health.com, Parenting.com, REDBOOK, Real Simple, and more, and was an entertainment columnist for amNew York. A half-Boricua who has been to Puerto Rico numerous times, she lives on the East Coast with her family and is a mother of two.

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