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Nely Galán Debuts “MONEY MAKER WITH NELY GALÁN,” A New Financial Podcast With Money News Network

Dee Rivera

Latinista Magazine Editor In Chief, Dee Rivera, has a Q+ A with Nely Galán, New York Times bestselling author and self-made guru..

Meet New York Times bestselling author and financial guru Nely Galán,  who debuts “Money Maker/Mi Mundo Rico with Nely Galán,” a new podcast that brings listeners the know-how to embark on a path to prosperity. Nely Galán is a self-made media entrepreneur. Dubbed the Tropical Tycoon by the New York Times Magazine, she was the first Latina President of Entertainment for a U.S. television network (Telemundo). She is an Emmy Award-winning producer of over 700 episodes of television in Spanish and English, which she produced through her multi-media company Galan Entertainment. 

I had the privilege of meeting Nely Galan via Zoom and the conversation was packed with advice and lessons that can really change anyone’s financial status. 

Nely shares that the key to building wealth and becoming rich requires financial literacy, especially for communities lagging behind in building wealth. It’s unfortunate that the Latino community did the worst during covid, and it had to do with not having the knowledge of how to get help and where. Her goal is to teach entrepreneurs and small businesses what it takes to build a financial safety net, and the importance of saving.

Galan shares her wisdom to success, including one bulletproof tip:

“Every January I write in my notebook 3 things I’m going to accomplish this year. I don’t make it 3 grandiose things, because sometimes things change.” Keep it small and attainable. And then at the beginning of every month, she writes 3 things she’s going to do that will help her accomplish those 3 things. Every Sunday, she writes 3 things she’s going to do that week. And every morning, 3 things she’ll accomplish that day. All going forward to the 3 things she’ll accomplish that year. “A turtle always wins the race […] It’s not about big things, it’s about baby steps that you follow through every day. “

On her show, Nely brings listeners her hard-won business advice, stories of how being an immigrant informed her entrepreneurial mindset, and actionable tips for listeners looking to grow wealth. With the goal of reaching listeners who have traditionally been denied a seat at the table, Nely will tape weekly episodes in English and in Spanish, allowing her to address the gap in entrepreneurial content for the Latino community while tapping into the burgeoning market for Latino podcasts. “Money Maker” will also feature conversations between Nely and other self-made gurus and experts ready to pass the baton to the next success story. These episodes will be primarily in English with Spanish translations. The Money Maker/Mi Mundo Rico trailer is available on all podcast platforms. Watch trailer.

This Podcast is a Must for anyone and everyone that was to learn the key to financial health & wealth.

Money Maker/Mi Mundo Rico with Nely Galán,” 

Episode 1 (March 1, 2023) “In Your Pain Is Your Brand” 
Episode 2 (March 3, 2023) “Adrienne Bailon-Houghton is a Money Maker”

Dee Rivera
Dee Rivera

Dee Rivera, CEO of DCG Public Relations/DCG Media Group, Bringing nearly 15 years of public relations experience, working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands and celebrities in the world, Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend. Ms. Rivera's background started in publishing working for magazines such as Latina, Modern Bride, Essence, Chaos LA and working with celebrity covers that included Jennifer Lopez, Eva La Rue, Rosie Perez, and a plethora of other celebrities. Dee is an expert at crafting and delivering messages from brands to the media, and consumers alike. Her company also specializes in pr, branding virtual events, digital marketing and advertising. Her experiential pop ups for brands and authors are extremely successful and have been a tool to expand brand names. She is the Founder of Latinista.com , Hamptons Fashion Week , Times Square Fashion Week, Glambition.biz among other brands. Dee also travels as a speaker for her book Glambition Knocking Down Walls In Heels and is a lifestyle expert and has been featured in WPIX11, FOX TV, NBC and Telemundo.

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