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Chattin’ with Chesca. She’s a Singer, She’s a Star, She’s a Survivor – She’s a Standout.

Rachel Sokol

Puerto Rican musician Chesca has collaborated with Pitbull and Offset, and is an open book about her life – she’s got thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram. Known for her musical talent and appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, fans may not know this about Chesca: she was in a scary boating accident years ago in which she lost 70 percent of her scalp. It wasn’t physically or emotionally easy to undergo 14 reconstructive surgeries, but Chesca found comfort and support from family, friends, and of course—musica. Her career was temporarily put on hold as she healed and this year she’s eager to get back out there and continue performing live — for herself and her beloved fans.

In this interview, Chesca talks about her favorite songs, what she loves about Puerto Rico, and how a special treatment called Vitruvia helped her heal after her accident. 

Tell us about your childhood. Were you always musical and creative?

Ever since I can remember, I have always enjoyed performing. Both my parents possessed musical talents and it was very present in my life. My dad had a band and my mom was a singer/dancer. They didn’t pursue a professional career in the music industry but they loved performing for fun. 

What’s your favorite thing about Puerto Rican culture? 

Our culture, like many other Latin cultures, is extremely family-oriented. Family always comes first. I love Puerto Rican food and having beaches nearby, that is my therapy. 

How are you healing from the boating accident with the help of Vitruvia? How has Vitruvia helped you get back to doing what you love?

My accident happened many years ago, but it definitely made a mark on my life forever. Losing over 70% of my hair and scalp, I never imagined having beautiful long hair ever again. My hair wouldn’t grow longer than my shoulders and now it’s almost at my booty (hahaha)! Due to my intense dance routines, my neck also had suffered an injury and now thanks to Vitruvia, it’s back to being flexible.

What’s your advice for women who struggle with confidence?

I think all women struggle with confidence, including me. My advice is easier said than done, but we must truly learn to love ourselves. We’re all unique and beautiful in our own skin. Every woman is a queen! 

Of all your songs, which one is nearest to your heart–and why?

I have two songs that come to mind:  “El Cambio” because it speaks about my past and how I overcame it, and “Soltera” because it empowers women to feel great about themselves and to love themselves with or without a man.

What’s next for you, career-wise?

I am excited to share that I have a lot more songs coming out and will be doing more live performances.

What are your personal and professional summer plans?

I’m thinking of spending time in Spain. I’ve never been, and I would love to explore the country.

Follow  Chesca on Instagram: @Chesca

Rachel Sokol
Rachel Sokol

Rachel Sokol is a professional writer and editor with over 20 years of editorial experience in a variety of genres from higher education to holistic health to celebrity. She’s been published in Piccolo Universe (formerly Ricky Martin’s blog), Univision, Reader’s Digest, SHAPE, Hispanic Career World, Health.com, Parenting.com, REDBOOK, Real Simple, and more, and was an entertainment columnist for amNew York. A half-Boricua who has been to Puerto Rico numerous times, she lives on the East Coast with her family and is a mother of two.

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