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Summer Sizzles! Editor Picks For Summer Must Haves!

Dee Rivera

Our Editor’s Picks will have every Latinista ready for SUNDays This Summer!


Get the cleanest clean with Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning collection- from your home to your vehicle! From kitchen pads to multi-purpose gloves and even mop pads, you can’t beat this kind of clean for your home!  Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning collection offers your home the cleanest, most gentle cleaning products you will ever use. You did not know what your home was missing out on until you have tried one of the cleaning cloths, sponges, or glass cloths from Persik! Their award-winning multi-purpose glove is so wonderful it’s been featured on The View! They just launched a new product called the Eyeglass Cleaner Cloth, but you can also use it on your cell phone or camera! It is streak-free and right now just $3.99 on Amazon; plus, there is a 50 percent discount! All their products are made from thousands of antibacterial ultra-micro fibers that only require water to clean! You get a green clean, so there is no need for harsh chemicals! It’s amazing to see how effective these cloths are on your dirt and grime in the kitchen and bathroom! Plus, they are made for necessity, they are aesthetically welcoming, and they add to the comfort of everyday living. Persik’s foundation is to meet its commitment to making premium products for a feel-good home. Just add water to Persik’s Pure Sky cleaning line cloths and you will watch your surfaces, counters, furniture, and even floor grime disappear!
Price: Varies

Terrakai Skin

High-end skin-care collections that are worth every penny! Terrakai Skin has ingredients that are native to Australian regions! Their Australian botanical ingredients are sourced solely from where the botanical ingredient comes from, which is why customers will pay for their skincare! They sustainably harvest the most potent, resilient botanicals, from Kangaroo Paw to Kakadu Plum to Snowflower, and add in high-quality ingredients like hyaluronic acid and collagen to create super serums to make your skin plump, hydrated, and glow. The thoughtful design that underpins every Terrakai Skin formulation allows us to tick all the boxes on our founding mission: Environmentally conscious, 100% vegan, and high-performance. With 25 products to choose from, you will find a line perfect for your skin type!
Price: Varies

The Friendly Patch

These patches are a must-have at all weddings! Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, immune defense, peace, or much-needed sleep, our Essential Pack has you covered, and we’re sticking to that! Get your Friendly Patch fix all at once with our Essentials Pack! Powerful, plant-based support lasting up to 12 hours with our Boost, Shield, Zen, and Snoozzze patches—all in one convenient variety pack. Wellness down to the science. Produced by experts with over 15 years of experience perfecting the effective and safe release of supplements into your bloodstream, our patches are designed to support your best life.
Price: Varies

Besazo Beauty

Prepare your lips and pucker up for that magical kiss at the altar! Meet Besazo Beauty, the must-have vegan lip exfoliating scrubs and lip care products in five flavors that have me and others like me obsessed! Now’s a perfect time to check them out. Besazo means big kiss in Spanish, and with luscious lips, you’ll be ready and feeling fabulous all year round for cupid’s arrow to strike. Learn more below about achieving a plump look from this terrific millennial Latinx brand.
Price: $15.00

Game Beauty

This makeup is the perfect gift for video game lovers! Game Beauty is the novel way to get your game face on! In our tech-centered world, its makeup is inspired by video games. Choose from vibrant color palettes in original packaging designed by a CG art professional and put a new face on however your mood feels for the day! Heading out to a wedding? The brand has you covered with stunning colors that will turn heads and bring out the confident you that is waiting to shine! More of a cosplayer? Look no further than these gems to outfit your overall look. All of these beauty must-haves are PETA-certified cruelty-free. Such a cool concept!
Price: Varies

GYV Mesoamerican Beauty

The perfect floral scented hand cream to compliment your bridal beauty! This must-have collection of self-care items is here to make you feel good all over – with the added luxury of enjoying Mesoamerican culture. GYV Mesoamerican Beauty brings the heritage of its people to your home with a collection of candles and lotions that immerse you in beauty and refresh your environment. Founded by a husband and wife team, the brand now launches a new collection, partnering with five Latin graphic designers worldwide to create a product line benefiting a non-profit of their choosing.
Price: Varies

Earth Baby

Committed to using certified organic fruit and vegetable-based ingredients, Earth Baby’s products are non-toxic, gentle, and effective on baby skin, hair, and body. Earth Baby products provide immediate moisturization and superior hydration, emollient oils and vitamins with a time-controlled release, and dramatically reduced need for high levels of UV filters. They also have a best-selling, moisturizing, organic, hand-sanitizer for even children’s hands! Founded by a grandmother, mother, and orphan, Earth Baby’s founder donates 1% of all sales to two incredible organizations (Preface Project Foundation and Folded Flag Foundation) that build a better tomorrow and impact our community by fostering opportunities for the next generation as a token of gratitude to those that helped her along the way.
Price: Varies

The Good Stuff Botanicals

Don’t waste your money on skincare products and tools that don’t live up to your expectations and needs. The Good Stuff Botanicals, the skincare brand of your dreams, is here to save your day. Taking their belief that natural is better, Michael and Maranda founded the brand out of necessity and want. When Michael’s psoriasis seemed like it would never get better, Maranda found her great-great-great grandmother’s recipe for a cure-all cream. After two years of testing and refining the recipe, the couple saw how well it worked for them and wanted to share it with everyone.

The Gypsy Cream started them on their mission to create the best skincare products by using ingredients in their rawest form as nature intended. Every item in The Good Stuff Botanicals product line uses GMO-free ingredients while avoiding parabens, sulfates, chemicals, fragrances, or dyes, and each ingredient is ethically sourced from their indigenous origin. Their location in Montana, the last best place in the United States, is key to their success and passion for raw ingredients. They source directly from nature, by going out to dig the roots, climb the mountains, pick the flowers, wade through rivers, and tap trees for sap in the most sacred of ways to ensure that their skincare has the best ingredients

On top of their commitment to using raw and organic ingredients, Michael and Maranda are constantly donating their products to those in need. From moms and newborns at hospitals and birthing centers to burn victims to people with skin conditions. They want everyone to feel good in their own skin. Check out the product that started it all as well as their full skincare lineup. Each item is made in-house to ensure perfect quality every time.
Price: Varies

Suki Skincare

Suki Skincare has the right regime for your skin cycle. Not only are their products organic, skin-brightening, skin hydrating, and anti-aging, Suki knows how to meet each cycle in your life and how your skin reacts to each cycle, which is why Suki treats your skin differently at different stages of its life. Suki is your best friend when it comes to finding the right skincare treatment. No matter what stage your skin is in, Suki has a plan for you! What works for a new mom, for instance, doesn’t necessarily meet the needs of menopausal women or a woman fighting cancer. The brand understands the cycle of a woman’s skin and celebrates every stage in her life. They explain that it’s more than too much oil or tons of dryness. We must understand the hormonal shifts and other bodily changes associated with age and environmental factors. It all matters and helps determine the correct skin cycle.
Price: Starting at $7

Duette NYC

Fashionistas from 20-somethings to 80-somethings (WOW!) are discovering a one-stop-shopping experience for chic, classic and sustainably-made clothes that are the base of their wardrobes. Introducing DuetteNYC, the go-to source for classy, stylish, and comfortable wardrobe essentials. Duette NYC’s luxury apparel is made for today’s women whose body types vary as much as their lifestyles; plus, it’s made for women who want to leave a smaller footprint in our world’s environment. Fabrics come from recycled plastics and renewable resources. Black and white basics have never looked so hot! Check out The 12 Easy Pieces and more below. Getting dressed each day has become much easier without ever sacrificing style. The items are machine washable and easy to care for ensuring your investment goes a long way. Dress up or down and enjoy the versatility of luxurious clothing that you’ll love wearing. Their Vegan leather collection is gorgeous! It’s “rock’ n roll” meets the “professional lady!”
Price: $42-$168


The kid-friendly cosmetics brand makes it easy to create memories with your kids and safely introduce them to water-based nail polishes and cosmetics so that they can enjoy creating their own fashion sense without being exposed to harsh chemicals or putting on mom’s lipstick! Young kids love to mimic us adults and with the offerings from Puttisu, you can feel good knowing that everything is made with non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and natural ingredients such as water, minerals, and essential oils. 

Lip Glosses & Lip Crayons
Moisturize lips with high-gloss, longer-lasting vibrant colors, such as fruity-scented Pink Bubblegum and Red Ruby $18
Hypoallergenic and moisturizing Butter Lip Crayons with easy-to-use dial sticks, perfect for little hands, in Coco Cherry and Pink Lemonade. $16

Candy, Macaron, and Snow Cone 3-Color Nail Art Kits
Three popular nail polishes in each kit. 
Water-based, non-toxic, and easy to peel off. 
Each comes in a cute and protective keepsake tin case
Safe to use on children’s and pregnant women’s nails. 
Price: $40 each


​​​Sun Cushion Sunscreen (Available at the end of March) 
Kids can have fun applying sunscreen with this sun cushion, and no more messing with mom’s makeup!
Price: $30


From Rock & Republic Co-Founder Andréa Bernholtz comes SWIMINISTA: comfortable, ultra-chic swimwear made from luxury recycled fabrics, featuring adjustable fits in sizes A-DD. In an effort to give women the confidence to celebrate their own bodies while reducing the swim industry’s impact on the planet, SWIMINISTA relies on high-quality fabric made from post-consumer plastics to create sexy, supportive pieces made for movement. Discover the new era of eco-conscious, designer swimwear in the SWIMINISTA online shop, along with updates on the company’s efforts to give back, both globally and locally. Shop the SWIMINISTAcollection at SWIMINISTA.com and follow @SWIMINISTA for style ideas and new releases.
Price: Varies

Enhance Active

Enhance Active makes your workouts more effective with our targeted compression, built into the ultimate leggings. Essential features include Hi-elastic panels that help you engage your core muscles as you move. Our firming technology tightens and molds your waist, buttocks, and thighs. An instant body uplift that’ll boost your confidence to get to the gym and reach your goals. A super comfortable fit that is designed to move with you for yoga, cycling, running, crossfit & more. Discreet ribs in the mid-section stop any rolling down. *NEW* – Fully squat-proof design and fabric
Spandex/Polyester blend
Price: $49.95


Auraïha is a fresh, fun, eco-friendly brand that bridges the gap between drugstore offerings and luxury-priced options found at popular retailers like Sephora. The clean beauty products are free from any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances and are cruelty-free and EWG-verified. They proudly use sustainable packaging that is recyclable, reusable, and zero-waste, with non-toxic labeling ink and biodegradable adhesives. Our current lifestyles have us spending more time indoors and focusing on skincare, making it the perfect time to try out this new and upcoming brand to keep on your radar this year. Simple and to the point, Auraïha enhances your natural beauty in under five minutes and cultivates a relationship between skin and overall wellness in line with the “skin first” movement.
Price: $19.99 – $39.99


Started more than 32 years ago in Beverly Hills, Regenix is a global online operation that has helped more than 500,000 men and women dealing with hair and scalp issues. With custom treatments based on hair microanalysis by a trained specialist, Regenix uses the latest scientific breakthroughs in plant-based biopharmaceuticals through data harvested to continue improving their treatments for their clients. Regenix’s drug-free and chemical-free products are designed to treat issues such as hair loss, hair thinning, colored, processed, or chemically damaged hair, itchy scalp, and more.
Price: Varies

My Cosmetic Counter

My Cosmetic Counter is the ultimate way to shop for beauty brands and seasonal must-haves. The one-stop shop provides a super fun experience for makeup aficionados to purchase an assortment from featured brands and fulfill all cosmetic needs. There’s always something to complement every mood and style. The online shop has two sites in one cart. Browse the featured brands, such as Sigma Beauty, and stock up on various Secret Stash items at great prices. Beauty lovers will not be able to get enough of these terrific offerings such as eyeshadow, palettes, primers, foundation, blush, highlighters, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, brushes, lashes, and more. Whatever your cosmetic needs are, they’ve got you covered! 
Price: Varies

Sea Witch Botanicals

Sometimes subtlety can be the best weapon. This vegan line of lip care is made completely of natural butters, oils, and waxes. Tout your pout with this smooth mineral makeup that will leave your lips revitalized. Sea Witch Botanicals is committed to being a role model in the shift toward sustainability and ethical business, and transparently dedicated to environmental justice. We are a small, tenacious team that believes you don’t need sinister synthetics or animal byproducts to have a clean home, a beautiful smelling space, or luxurious self-care. All of our products are crafted with only plant-based ingredients and packaged for optimum waste reduction. 
Price: Varies

Nakie Coquette

Whether you’re looking for a luxe hydrated lip, or just a pop of color, look no further than Nakie Coquette’s multipurpose collectible and refillable luxe balms housed in gorgeous refillable and collectible golden compacts. The purpose-driven, retro luxe, sustainable beauty brand utilizes potent, clean, and flower-infused ingredients to instantly quench and soothe. Make Me Blush Goji Berry Lip & Cheek Balm serves a luscious universal pop of color for lips & cheeks, while Lick Me Jasmine Lip & Beyond Balm can be slathered anywhere that needs a little extra love. Aluminum refill pans are curbside recyclable and arrive in 100% compostable pouches, down to the label. The best part is the brand supports a menstruator in need for their entire monthly cycle with PERIOD, a student-led organization dedicated to eradicating period poverty! 
Get your luxe balms today at NakieCoquette.com.
Compact price: $68.
Refill price: $26. 

For Her Vanity

For Her Vanity creates themed makeup organizers that are unlike any other, or, as we like to say “the best makeup organizers in the world”! Our organizers set the mood and help inspire your day’s makeup look. Best of all you can display the organizer that best fits the season, your style, or your personality!
Price: $45.00

ATTITUDE Living’s Leaves Bar Collection

ATTITUDE’s NEW Leaves Bar Collection presents the perfect complement to a waste-free, clean beauty routine. Featuring a wide range of nourishing ingredients, it offers both tender loving care for you and the environment.
Price: $4.95

Wixology Bourbon Neat Candle

Wixology captures the aromatics of favorite bourbons, including vanilla, caramel, and oak. Contains premium natural ingredients hand-poured for an elevated candle-burning experience. Features a 7 oz. reusable glass and 36-hour burn time
Price: $24

OLITA’s Lip Balms

Show your lips a little TLC too and pack a chapstick with SPF in it! OLITA offers 7 different SPF lip balms. They pride themselves on being organic and reef safe. They have received several awards such as EWG’s safest sunscreen in 2020 and 2021, and Parent Magazine’s safest sunscreen for kids in 202, just to name a few. Lastly, OLITA, donates a portion of every purchase to Coral Reef Alliance and is a Climate Collaborative Partner.
Price: $4.50+

Urban Hydration

Beauty and philanthropy go hand-in-hand with this certified women-owned and black-owned brand, Urban Hydration. This feel-good brand provides the right natural ingredients that purposely make taking care of our skin and hair effortless, affordable, and enjoyable. Adding to this is the knowledge that at the heart of the brand is philanthropy.  With a notable mission to save the planet through clean beauty, with every product sold, Urban Hydration donates a gallon of water to transform communities around the world. This alone is having consumers raving about the products and wanting to be a part of giving back to an important cause.
Price: Varies

OSD Beauty

Get ready for more sunny days and all your beach trips with the luxurious body scrubs from OSD Beauty! Created with simple self-care in mind by the founders of Icon Swim, OSD Beauty empowers you to feel good in every way. By giving you the tools to pamper yourself and give your body gentle and loving attention, you’ll start to feel good inside and out. “OSD” stands for “Only Skin Deep” and is the core of what this beauty brand is all about. OSD encourages all women to also believe in an all-encompassing beauty and not just a superficial or subjective one. By taking care of your outer beauty in a way that feels good, you’ll also be giving care to your emotional and mental health too
Price: $6.00 – $24.00

NudeSkin by Nudestix

NudeSkin has only one promise: to make you feel great about your skin with a lineup of minimal effort/maximum impact multitaskers that packs a healthy dose of natural ingredients, is great for all skin types, gender neutral, and makes your daily routine so easy. Each multi tasking formula is optimized with dermatologist approved good for skin ingredients to cleanse, detox, exfoliate and hydrate for a boost of fresh beauty. All NUDESKIN products are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and powered by high performance botanical extracts without sulfates, synthetic fragrance, or parabens. From daily essentials to weekly treats, getting your glow on has never felt better. NUDESKIN is all you need to bare your nude beauty with confidence

Haute Shore

You can stop the long and frustrating online hunt for the perfect bag each season. Haute Shore has the latest accessories you’ve been looking for. From a young age, founder Beth Zimerbort has been in love with fashion and the endless possibilities of styles and options. Like her mother, Beth believes that a simple outfit paired with a standout accessory can make any combination stunning. Wanting to instill the confidence and power that comes with loving your outfit for the day, she launched Haute Shore to provide every woman with beautiful, affordable accessories that stay on top of the latest trends. With over 1,000 accessories, Haute Shore is committed to helping customers stay fashionable with ease. And you’ll never run out of designs to fit your individual needs and style preferences. Perfect for your easy beach trip and festival looks, take a look at Haute Shore’s best-sellers below and their entire collection online here.
Price: Varies

Dee Rivera
Dee Rivera

Dee Rivera, CEO of DCG Public Relations/DCG Media Group, Bringing nearly 15 years of public relations experience, working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands and celebrities in the world, Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend. Ms. Rivera's background started in publishing working for magazines such as Latina, Modern Bride, Essence, Chaos LA and working with celebrity covers that included Jennifer Lopez, Eva La Rue, Rosie Perez, and a plethora of other celebrities. Dee is an expert at crafting and delivering messages from brands to the media, and consumers alike. Her company also specializes in pr, branding virtual events, digital marketing and advertising. Her experiential pop ups for brands and authors are extremely successful and have been a tool to expand brand names. She is the Founder of Latinista.com , Hamptons Fashion Week , Times Square Fashion Week, Glambition.biz among other brands. Dee also travels as a speaker for her book Glambition Knocking Down Walls In Heels and is a lifestyle expert and has been featured in WPIX11, FOX TV, NBC and Telemundo.

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