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FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Misty Schwartz
FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Fall is almost here and we know how exciting Pumpkin Spice Season is for all of you Pumpkin Spice addicts. It is also one of the most beautiful seasons and to celebrate we have compiled a list of affordable and fun gifts. Pumpkin spice addict or not, some of these gifts will definitely land on your favorites list and may even help you select a gift for that special someone, birthday gift, hostess gifts, and Thanksgiving table… Happy Fall!!!

Uniik Pillows

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Nobody says it quite like our sweet Anne, from Anne of Green Gables. This adorable pillow reminds us to enjoy the splendour of Autumn.

Get the Anne of Green Gables Pillow at: $24.95 -$34.95

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Nothing comes close to the rich vibrant colors of fall. Autumn brings with it such splendor, only to fade away into a cold winter sleep, promising the rebirth of spring! Oscar Wilde said it so well, and we hope you’ll resonate with it even more after you’ve placed it in your own home and cozied up close to it.

Get the Collapsed Into Fall Pillow at $24.95 -$34.95


True Serenity Tea

(Subscription boxes and loose leaf teas)

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100


Find calmness in the world madness. Have a cup of Serenity Tea. This tea will bring calmness to your soul. 


Lavender Paradise

For the tea lover in you! This tea will have you imagining being in a Lavender field, hearing the sound of nature. This tea is made with lavender, green tea, vanilla, and blueberry.

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100



Black Passionfruit Tea 

If you need a little tropical fun for the season, black passionfruit tea will keep you dreaming of 2021. A rich and heavy fruit floral aroma, but a sweet taste. Passion fruit black tea is artfully made with black tea and has a natural passion fruit flavor. 

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Get True Serenity Teas starting at $1 – $15.99


Excelsior Candle Co.

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

The ultimate Excelsior Candle Co. experience awaits you in this 8 ounce Cashmere candle. Handcrafted in small batches, these candles are made in St. Paul, Minnesota from renewable soy wax, 100% cotton wicks and your choice of our can’t-find-’em-anywhere-else fragrance blends. Lead-free cotton wicks that will burn cleanly for 40 hours. Scents include: Bergamot, Warm Amber, Cashmere, Musk, Sheer Vanilla, Sandalwood.

Get the Cashmere Candle at $24


Makari 24K Rose Gold Hydro Gel Face Mask

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

This luxurious, pampering, and hydrating gel face mask is infused with a nourishing cocktail of gold, collagen, blueberry, and grapefruit extracts energize fatigued-looking skin by firming tone, softening fine lines, smoothing rough texture, and brightening discolorations for a radiant, ultra-hydrated glow.

Get the Makari 24K Rose Gold Hydro Gel Face Mask at $39.95


Denim Darling Sexy Jumpsuit

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Dazzling denim! This form-fitting romper is the color of your favorite blue jeans but forms to your curves through the bodice with a stretchy flattering fit. The halter jumpsuit has a low back adorned with lattice straps and features cropped straight legs finished with elasticated cuffs. Belt loops at the waist let you easily accessorize.

Get the Denim Darling Sexy Jumpsuit at: $31.95



FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

Who doesn’t love a good teddy coat for those chillier days when you need a cute trendy coat! Pair this with a vintage tee and jeans!

Get the Teddy Coat at $61.60 


MOON Ultra Light

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

The MOON UltraLight is a portable lighting gadget controlled by touch, offering users the ability to say goodbye to “bad lighting” as this device is designed to brighten and enhance photos/videos. Now capturing images/videos from events like that special summer BBQ at Mom’s where you introduced your boyfriend to the family or the Zoom happy hour you started are now that much easier with this simple, user-friendly attachable gadget.

Get the MOON Ultra Light at $49.99


My Intent

 FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

I love the My Intent project, it is a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive action. They believe there is purpose inside each of us and want their efforts to encourage people to share more truth and inspiration with each other. 

Get “My Intent” bracelets starting at $35


Buddy Pillows

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

New and just in time for fall, the Buddy Pillows are custom-shaped pillows made from your favorite photos. They are super soft and huggable making them the perfect gift for anyone, any time! Many college students won’t be heading back to campus in the fall, so print your face on a Buddy Pillow and send it to your roommate so you can still chill on the couch together. They’re also meaningful gifts for those who can’t visit loved ones in nursing homes, and for those missing family and friends due to social distancing.

  • Double-sided printing and custom shaped
  • Choose from 2 sizes and 3 styles
  • Order on Budsies.com, Starting at $49


Beverly Hills Balm

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

When you want to feel a little special, “Beverly Hills” style…try the Beverly Hills Balm.  They are available in original, pearl glitter, and pink shimmer. Each extra-large application is .50 ounces. This luxury lip balm is created by renowned celebrity licensed beauty expert, actress, and lifestyle host Cory Oliver. 

Get Beverly Hills Balm at $25


Custom Cookie Cutter by Sweater Hound

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100

This custom cookie cutter is personalized just for you. All you have to do is just pick your design, upload your image and they will send you a proof before production of your favorite pet shaped cookie.

Get a custom cookie cutter at $38


Sweater Hound 

Dog Face Custom Pillow

FALL MUST HAVES: Top gifts under $100


This is the perfect gift year-round… At Sweater Hound you can choose a product type (sweater, hoodie, lounge pants), pick a design, color, and then upload a photo of your dog (or favorite pet) for a unique one of a kind custom gift.  

Get a Dog Face Custom Pillow at $88


Misty Schwartz
Misty Schwartz

Misty Schwartz is the owner of S.E.M.G (Schwartz Entertainment Media Group) and is a public relations and marketing guru, she enjoys meeting new people and doing volunteer work. She has been doing PR/Marketing/Volunteer work for several years with various foundations across the world and has always loved to find ways to make a difference in the lives of those she comes in contact with. S.E.M.G. plans to make a difference in the way the world views charities, celebrities and cupcakes. Her firm helps with various movie premieres and charity events worldwide. She is also the founder of Cupcakes Magazine and always tries to incorporate a charity into all of the events she works on, such as Children’s Hospitals (worldwide), The Scott L. Schwartz Children’s Foundation, Alicia's House Food Pantry and Toys for Tots Foundation.

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