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Variety of Coats That Should be In Your Closet

Eliza Parrilla

Fall is my favorite season mostly because it sweetly blows in the winds of change, but secondly, because of all the great fashion there is to wear. The thought of Coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots makes me do a happy dance on the inside.

At the end of July, I begin looking for fall garments and in August I start ordering. This year by mid-September my Coats were all strategically placed in my closet and ready for some cooler temperatures!  A good variety of outerwear covers shapes, style, lifestyle, and this season’s coolest colors! 

As a personal stylist, two things that I see often in closets all over the country are clients with too many coats and too many black coats. 

Less is more is a mantra I live by but I understand that’s not for everybody,  and this is certainly a judgment-free zone. 

K.I.S.S. is a good rule of thumb. KEEP IT SIMPLE STYLISTA! Let’s talk about how many coats should be in your closet. Why are you putting a limit on my coats, you say? I’m not. I’m simply making an ardent suggestion to save you closet space, dinero, and time. All of the above will always be valuable!

The more coats you have, the more time it could take you to get out of the door in the morning, afternoon or evening. So let’s get right to it. These are the coats that should definitely be in any fully stocked wardrobe for the fall/winter season. Now you don’t have to own all of them, but use this as a guide to pick and choose what works best for your life and signature style. 

1.  Puffer coat

2.  Teddy Coat

3.  long dress coat

4.  Parka, fur or faux fur lined

5.  Trench coat

6.  Structured Wool or Cashmere coat

7.  Leather Jacket

8. Fur or Faux Vest

9.  Shacket

10. Shearling

And a bonus.  A great Utility Jacket.

The Puffer coat is necessary to protect you from the blistering cold and wind. It also covers your butt and neck line. A belted one can serve for a slimmer look. 

The Teddy coat is cozy, fluffy, and toasty. Great for casual dressing and comes in a variety of colors. You can even wear a Teddy coat with joggers and make it look cool.  

A long structured dress coat is something I see less and less of, but I say do not forsake this wardrobe staple! Your coat is part of your outfit and whether it’s black-tie or date night you need a great coat to compliment your evening wear. 

Layering jackets and coats can make your winter wardrobe rich in style. A fur-lined parka is a great fashion coat that can be three pieces in one. The outer shell can be worn as a spring jacket, the lining can be worn as a fur vest that can be used over a fitted leather or denim jacket. Wearing the parka in its entirety is a style statement all its own, especially when it’s worn open, others can see all the nice details. 

A structured wool coat and trench coat is transitional in that it can be worn from day to evening. This is a must-have! If you are creative you can wear this with all kinds of cold-weather outfits. If it’s too cold for the trench coat, grab that fur lining from your parka!

A great leather jacket is like an armor of confidence! The right fit, style, and color can make you feel invincible no matter what your size! 

A faux fur or fur vest can be such an awesome accessory for autumn. It gives a luxe finish to an outfit and is usually quite attractive. Here is a fun fact:  natural fur is biodegradable and can reduce the amount of waste in landfills, faux fur is not biodegradable. Now, I am not advocating for one or the other, I am simply sharing information. 

Ughh the Shacket, I don’t even like the name,  but when Advance Designers such as Isabel Marant and Amazon are selling the same item, you know it’s a trend.  The Shacket is a shirt-jacket that originated from military-style jackets. While I do not own one myself, I will say I have seen some really cute Shackets. 

A shearling is for someone who is sometimes too sophisticated for a puffer. A shearling coat is a great investment piece. This is a coat that can be in your closet for many seasons and hold its value. It’s super warm and chic. 

There you have it, an ample variety of coats that can get you through the fall/winter season 2021 and 2022. You don’t have to buy coats each year if you really invest in strong pieces you love. I would strongly suggest you not only add a variety of coats and styles, but add colors, textures, fabrications, patterns, prints, and feel free to mix media!  This year you will see Fuschia pinks, bright tangerine, and cool hues of blue coats and jackets. Have fun and be creative, your coat is a key part of your outfit. Stop buying all black or dark-colored coats, they get dirty and need to be cleaned like every other color. And just in case you were wondering, NO! Your puffer coat cannot double as your dress coat.  When you know better, you do better. If you thought it looked great you wouldn’t be questioning it.

If you live in a state that does not get really cold, remember it’s good to have the coat you need if and when you travel to cold weather destinations. I don’t know your closet real estate, but I will say remember you need room for hats, scarves, and gloves too. 

Eliza Parrilla
Eliza Parrilla

As a New York City native, I often noticed I was surrounded by inspiration, hope, and sometimes despair! Admiring people's style was so pleasing to me it became a personal pastime. I have been blessed with an extraordinary eye, and I possess a strong desire for coaching others to discover their unique brand of style. I am well versed in advanced designer collections, haute couture, vintage, and contemporary designers. I have over 10 years of experience in the luxury sector, styling housewives to household names. My vision fuels my passion to help men and women live life as the best versions of themselves! I am the proprietress of WARDROBE BOSS, a complete Lifestyle Concierge Service. I specialize in PERSONAL SHOPPING, EVENT STYLING, WARDROBE ORGANIZING using the KONMARI method, and SPECIALIZED STORAGE AND VALET for the entire family! I also gift my services to the Grace Institute and The Bowery Women's and Men's' Mission of New York. Style is a personal creation, and I live to encourage all individuals to dress their personal best!

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