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Spotlight: Latina Style Blogger

fashion blogger

“Plus size” have been touted in media as not beautiful, unhealthy, or women who are insecure. Until we witnessed the rise of Ashley Graham, she has uplifted and gave courage to women of any age or size to love themselves.

An Ecuadorian-American Style Blogger from the Bronx is not letting any number or label get in the way of impacting and being a positive influence for women.

“I wanted to be a boss and be the example for other women of color.”

Jessica Torres, @thisisjessicatorres is best known for her YouTube :DIYs, (Do it yourself ) videos, comedy impersonations and as a Fashion Reporter on the Revelist platform. Once she decided to resign from Revelist, she took the leap of faith of pursuing her dream full time. She continues to do videos such as; makeup tutorials, she teaches how to shop and style on a budget and she continues do her own comic videos. All while giving life events and the struggles that we face a voice.

Being genuine and being honest is why Jessica Torres has the platform that she has. She is not just a style blogger, who happens to have good style and knows how to coordinate. Her relatable lifestyle and her fearless voice, is what projects on the life of others. She expressed that the most challenging part of being on her own; was to invest in herself. You must change your perspective and learn that everything is an investment when you are working on yourself.

As a Lehman College Graduate, a Bronx native, and a Latina she feels the responsibility to be standing firm in her calling to be leader. She makes sure she accomplishes her goal:

“Of being the best at what I do, to teach men and women to learn to LOVE themselves and experience life now. Not 10 pounds or 20 pounds later.”

Jessica Torres – “Be the role model you needed when you were younger.”

fashion blogger



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