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How to Create your own Parranda – A Puerto Rican Holiday Tradition


Holiday traditions are underway! Each culture has its own unique way to celebrate the holidays. In Puerto Rican culture, Parrandas are a way to bring family and friends together through music, food, and parties. If you’re looking to have fun this holiday season, whether you are of Puerto Rican descent or of other Spanish descent, you can have your own Parranda!

Essentials for hosting your own Parranda:

1. Music and instruments

  • If you’re starting the Parranda, you need music and instruments to play as you travel to your families’ and friends’ houses. Traditionally, these parties happen late at night during sleeping hours and the music is used to wake up or surprise the homeowners. If you’re worried about disturbing the neighbors, enter the house before you start partying. 

2. Food (enough for a growing party)

  • If you know you’re bringing a Parranda to someone’s house, make sure they’re prepared to refresh the Parranderos with drinks and food. If you are going to be one of the last houses of the night, make sure you are double stocked on food and refreshments because the group is just going to get larger and larger. You never know who might show up! It’s a party after all. Traditionally the night ends with asopao de pollo, puerto rican chicken soup.
(Photo: Eugene Zhyvchik, Unsplash)

3. Energy to Dance the Night Away!

  • Parrandas usually go on until dawn, so you’re going to want to be ready to dance until you can’t dance anymore! Wear comfortable shoes and party outfits that are stylish, but comfy. 

Don’t forget to make it your own. Adjust your Parranda for what best fits your home and neighborhood and enjoy this Puerto Rican holiday tradition!