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Holiday Must-Haves for Him & Her 2022!

Dee Rivera

Check out these special gifts you’ll want to put on your Holiday Shopping List this season!
Products Curated by Dee Rivera


Alleviate joint pain the stylish way! The iconic sustainable fashion brand from the ‘70s is back! Women who wore Famolares in the 70’s and 80’s shared identity, supporting peace, pushing for civil rights, and rallying to protect the environment. Now 50 years later, not much has changed. Famolare helps relieve lower body pain with its famous patented wavy rubber sole design. They absorb shock, cushion arches, and roll and push the foot forward for an even stride. They create even pressure points as you walk instead of a crooked gate like other sandals.
Truth or Square (pictured above) Price: $178

Luis Steven Designer Bags

Designed to add color, style, and an element of fun to your wardrobe, Luis Steven creates designer bags at an affordable price. All products are handmade by artisans using premium Italian leather, natural suede lining, and other internationally sourced materials. From crossbody to stylish backpacks, Luis Steven is the perfect solution to upgrading your style. 
Price: $325
Available on Etsy and Amazon


Clixo, the modern magnetic play experience, is a first-of-its-kind, multi-sensory, magnetic building toy that can be built in both 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. Instead of being rigid and geometric, Clixo is flexible, tactile, and reminiscent of the shapes we see in the natural world. With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for everyone – it’s travel-friendly, mess-free, screen-free, and eco-friendly. The Rainbow Pack comes with 39 flexible pieces in 7 unique shapes and 3 cool spinners.
Price: $47.99

The Cove Hanger

Is your closet a mess with bulky longer garments that hang lower and minimize organizational space below? Long dresses and jumpsuits hung on a normal hanger can collect dust and pet hair at the bottom of the garment. The Cove Hanger is the problem-solving hanger you’ve been waiting for to keep your longer items from touching the floor and to achieve a more organized closet! This innovative patented two-part hanger is an organizer’s dream for more hanging space! Simply press the button to detach the two parts, hang your dress just like you would on a standard hanger, then scoop the bottom of your dress up with the secondary component. Press the button and reattach it to the main hanger and voila! 
Price: $28. 

MyCHELLE Dermaceuticals

  • Incredible Pumpkin Peel — Harnessing a powerful blend of pumpkin puree and extracts, this peel naturally exfoliates dead skin cells to help clear away impurities, while encouraging renewal for a more revived, luminous complexion. $34.99
  • Pumpkin Renew Cream — Made with Pumpkin Seed Oil, this is a lightweight hydration cream that nourishes and balances skin. It prevents dehydration and replenishes and balances the skin’s moisture levels. $34.99
  • Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser — Gently wash away surface impurities while restoring skin’s moisture balance. Vitamins and exfoliating enzymes from Pumpkin Fruit and Hydrating Sea Algae refine and smooth complexion. $17.99


FACTORFIVE Skincare creates biotech, dermatologist, esthetician, and plastic surgeon-backed skincare products that help skin repair itself. Through the use of ethically derived human stem cell media and skin-nourishing ingredients, FACTORFIVE’s products work at the cellular level to restart critical processes, increase collagen production, and teach skin to repair itself. After just 4 weeks of use of the regenerative serum, eye and lash cream, etc, 73% of users reported texture and wrinkle improvement, 61% saw redness reduction and 53% reported pore reduction.
Price: Varies

Hello Again

Hello Again is a female wellness care line that utilizes the powerful cannabinoids of the cannabis plant to tackle the unpredictable physical symptoms typically associated with the reproductive system and bring harmony back to the V-Force. The company was founded by two friends who realized there were few plant-based, all-natural solutions to their menopause-related symptoms and refused to merely tolerate their new normal. Formulated with the guidance of experienced medical and cannabis experts, Hello Again’s line of all-natural CBD and THC vaginal suppositories address menopause, sleep, period pain, and hangover discomfort at the source. Hello Again aspires to help women of all ages feel like themselves again so they can welcome back their vibrant and confident selves and thrive during whatever life throws their way. Hello Again believes that when women are at their best, there is nothing they can’t do. Hello Again products are currently available in dispensaries throughout California and for delivery through helloagainproducts.com.  
Price Varies

Shades by Shan

Shades By Shan is a San Francisco-based impact-driven cosmetics company that launched in June 2018. Growing up with a single mother, Shan has seen firsthand what single parents have to do to support their children. We have made it our mission to support these true heroes. Therefore a portion of proceeds from each purchase goes to support single parents in need, through our own 501c3, The MamaBerries Nonprofit Foundation. We sell online and across the West Coast. We are a small but mighty team that has come together to create a berry beautiful difference in the community.

Get eye-catching glam with the Shades By Shan Diamond Collection, an array of 5 dazzling liquid glitter eyeshadows that are non-tacky, quick-drying, and flake-free! Amp up your holiday look with overlaying over eyeshadow or wear it alone for high-impact sparkle & shine!

Paint the town red this season with Cinnamon Spice! This seductively soft & matte lip set is the perfect shade for the holidays. Build and blend to perfection with our doe-foot applicator for a look that’s covetable, comfortable, and long-wearing. 
Lip Liner: This ultra-long wearing retractable Lip Liner has a creamy texture that glides across your lips for an easy and comfortable application. 
Matte Liquid Lipstick: The Matte Liquid Lipstick has high-intensity pigment to offer you an instant alluring matte lip. This long-wearing matte liquid lipstick offers key emollients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin-E to soothe and moisturize, giving you all-day comfort and a worry-free look! 

Reveal your true colors and express your artistry without limits this holiday season! Ultra smooth mattes and electric pops of shimmers each create rich, high-impact color. Snow Kissed is easy to apply for everyday wear and its buildable color lets you go natural or glam, suitable for every skill level.

Available in 610 JCPenney stores across the US!

Price: Holiday: The Diamond Collection: $59
Holiday: Snow-kissed Eyeshadow Palette: $38
Holiday: Cinnamon Spice Lip Set: $26

True Botanicals

True Botanicals is a luxurious, consciously crafted skincare brand on a mission to deliver clean and sustainable products that are clinically proven to work at the highest standards. We ethically source vegan ingredients from the vibrant intelligence of nature, without any toxins or fillers, ever. Each product delivers potent concentrations of plant actives that are known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant properties. Every scoop, spritz, and slather is a sensorial, indulgent experience that can make an extraordinary difference for your skin, as well as the planet.
Price: Varies

Strong Coffee Company

STRONG Coffee is a brand for people who aspire to reach their potential. This ethos is so heavily entrenched in our DNA that it’s even in our name. S.T.R.O.N.G. is actually an acronym: Striving To Reach Our Natural Greatness. We love coffee and we love getting sh!t done. That’s why we created the world’s premier on-the-go coffee drink mix, revolutionizing the coffee and supplement game. Strong Coffee brings that specialty coffee experience to consumers in a healthy, done-for-you premixed powder that includes instant organic coffee, grass-fed collagen protein, and MCT oil powder to fuel your mind and body for hours so you can spend more time and energy on the important things in life. No Brewing. No Blending. No Bullsh!t. Described as a “coffee-flavored milkshake” by leading food blog Tasting Table, Strong Coffee’s opening flavor, Caffe Latte is dairy-free and contains 80% less sugar than the leading national brand latte. Since then, we’ve released additional flavors in the Caffe Latte line, including Original Unsweetened and Matcha Latte.
Price: #34.99

Clay & Olive Skincare: Anti-Aging Super Elixir

Since the beginning of time, women from all cultures and social classes have practiced skin care rituals with ingredients made accessible to them by Mother Earth. Clay & Olive Skincare carries on the legacy of generations of women. Protect your skin everyday with a powerful combination of vitamin C and ferulic acid. This elixir penetrates easily creating a moist canvas that is soft and nourished. Our unique formula contains active levels of antioxidants that enhance your skin’s resistance to pollution and environmental damage caused by free radicals.
Price: $60.00

Skin Essentials Co. 

Ask medical aesthetician Beth Pestotnik what skin needs to thrive at each stage of life and she’ll tell you to keep it simple. That’s what she’s created with her non-toxic brand of must-have products. The Essentials is Beth’s answer to minimizing the appearance of aging, acne, and other ailments, resulting in smoother-looking skin. Having spent 23 years as an esthetician has given her an insider’s knowledge of what works best for different skin types.You’ll find no harmful ingredients, synthetic fragrances, parabens, or sulfates in the dermatologist-tested offerings. The clinical ingredients provide antioxidant protection, address the signs of aging, and neutralize free radicals.
Price: Varies 

Anxiety Aide CBD

Anxiety Aide +CBD is a 2oz drink with natural ingredients, including lavender, chamomile, GABA, and hemp-derived CBD, just to name a few. Shake the bottle and drink 1/2 when anxiety and panic start. Take deep breaths, and within a few minutes, you will start to feel a difference if you need to take the whole bottle, that is fine. Anxiety Aide® has been focused on helping others fight anxiety and panic when it hits. Using clinically proven ingredients proven to help calm you down in an easy, quick, and natural drink.
Price: 3-pack $17.99


Your ring game just got stronger with this best-selling gold statement ring, featuring a double knot design that is sure to please. Made with stainless steel materials so it hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant. 
Price: $27


When faced with a skincare dilemma, such as dry skin, eczema, hyperpigmentation, or scarring, relief needs to be effective and calming, especially if we’re talking about babies. Melabébé delivers that relief in plant-based formulas intentionally made for melanin-rich kids that’s safe enough for the entire family for the head, shoulders, knees, and toes (just like the song goes!). Addressing common issues, this inclusive skincare brand for children is long-lasting, locking in moisture for all-over deep dehydration. Understanding their specific needs and skin characteristics makes all the difference in helping provide appropriate, gentle care. Founded by Kelli, a mom of color, she formulated clean, moisture-rich skincare initially to help nurture her baby’s sensitive skin. She found it was also perfect for all skin types and shades. It turns out that what’s good for baby is just as good for mom and dad, too! The vegan brand’s all-natural ingredients nurture, heal, and protect.
Price: $15.99 – $19.99

My Moxy

Say Hello to a Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner that knows how to let its hair down and have a good time. My Moxy is where natural beauty meets scientific breakthroughs. Choosing My Moxy means recognizing that the best of both worlds isn’t a compromise, it’s a collaboration. It’s not science or nature. Artificial or organic. It can – and should – be both. Next time you shower, reach for My Moxy, a Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner that detoxifies and rebalances your locks from the very first use. My Moxy includes no ethoxylates and is sulfate, kathon, paraben, silicone and betaine free! 
Price: $16.00-30.00
Available on Amazon

Chums Retainers

Chums has a long and storied history on the water. In 1983 Chums inventor Mike Taggett was tired of watching his customers lose their sunglasses to the bottom of the Colorado River. This is where the idea for the Original Cotton Chums was born. Living in the back of a VW van is a $60 sewing machine Taggett started producing the first round of Chums. The easily adjustable Chums Original retainer is the product that put us on the map. Available in a variety of fresh patterns, our Original retainer is ideal for expressing your style while keeping eyewear secure on any adventure. Whether you’re on water, land, snow, or in the air, this retainer has it all—quality, comfort, and the ability to fit most standard frames.
Price: $9.99


BuddyLove, the Southern-based BoHo brand led and founded by Grayson DiFonzo, brings dopamine dressing to a head by creating bold and empowering women to live vivaciously and authentically through their on-trend and standout styles.

The most versatile shacket out there! Our Rocky Shacket can be worn so many ways, pair her with leggings and a graphic tee for a casual look or bring the sass and wear her as a dress with a belt and booties! She features button closure up the front, two front pockets with button closure, and thick soft material sure to keep you warm this Winter!
Price: $132.00

This blazer is perfect to add structure to your outfit! She features an oversized fit, two front pockets, and a button closure in the front! Pair her with your favorite graphic and some denim to complete your look!
Price: $132.00

Embeba Diaper Balm

The minority mom-owned company provides babies and kids with all-natural care for common skin irritations and rashes, such as diaper rash, eczema, bug bites, and itchiness. EmBeba raises the bar by blending modern technology with clean ingredients inspired by ancient remedies. The no-nonsense brand is generation-tested and family-approved. The Starter Kit includes: Best-selling Diaper Balm, Soothing Patch, Rescue Balm, and Soothing Balm. The products are available on the brand’s website, Amazon, Maisonette, and buybuyBaby.
Price: $28.99

Every Cycle Reusable Tampon Applicator

Periods are not the problem. However, period products do cause a range of problematic environmental waste. Every Cycle’s goal is to combat the waste caused by period products.  Join this sisterhood by switching your disposable applicator to the Every Cycle reusable FDA-cleared tampon applicator, the first with a storage compartment, and help eliminate 10,000+ plastic applicators of waste per person. The Every Cycle Reusable tampon applicator is intended to be used to insert a digital menstrual tampon into the vagina. It is designed to be used by a single user and is compatible with most digital tampons in the US. The Every Cycle reusable tampon applicator is designed for repeated use by a single user.
Available on Amazon
Price: $39.99

Battery Daddy

Battery Daddy® is the ultimate battery storage system to organize and protect all your batteries. Its unique double-sided design stores and organizes up to 180 batteries yet takes up the space of a laptop – perfect to fit in any cabinet, drawer, or shelf. As a parent with children or just a single individual, staying organized with nick-nacks around the house makes everything a lot easier to find and store, especially loose batteries rolling around. Best of all, Battery Daddy® comes with a battery tester so you can quickly test the life of the batteries you have.  
Price: $12.99
Available on Amazon

Bella Booty

With the Bellabooty Belt, you can now easily add hip thrusts to your in-home or on-the-go workouts. The Bellabooty Belt sets up in under 20 seconds and can be used with dumbbells, kettlebells, and even plates (holds up to 400 lbs.)! Built with slip-resistant padding, you no longer need to worry about the weight sliding and throwing you off balance. This is the perfect hip thrust belt to add to at-home gym equipment and the perfect gift for the fitness junkie this year.
Price: $59.95

Peak Scents

Tired of skincare that doesn’t do enough to keep your skin glowing and protected? You can toss out those ineffective beauty products filled with harmful ingredients for a brand that puts you and your needs first. Peak Scents has been an innovative pioneer in plant-powered skincare for almost 30 years! They don’t believe in harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that irritate the skin. Their plant-based skincare harnesses the very best Mother Nature has to offer and blends everything into products that heal, protect and nourish. Created by a clinical herbalist, Peak Scents is a force for good with skincare that promotes holistic healing and is infused with rich, plant-based ingredients you can trust in each drop. Handcrafted with love, Peak Scents is guiding us back to natural remedies and healing that leave our skin more smooth and more radiant. 
Price: Varies

Broken Top Brands Body Wash and Lotion

Broken Top Brands offers hand-crafted sustainable and eco-conscious luxury bath, body, and home products. Broken Top utilizes only natural and organic materials. They are mindfully sourced to be renewable and recyclable, free of parabens and gluten as well as vegan. Their candles incorporate all-natural cotton and cotton core wicks that are lead and zinc free. Needless to say, this is the epitome of a “feel good” brand! Every scent in the collection has been developed to have its own unique expression; both familiar and unexpected. Take your pick from dreamy florals, invigorating fresh tones, and adventurous woodsy scents, Broken Top is loved by men and women alike. Available on Amazon + Retailers Nationwide.
Price: $22.00+

Dee Rivera
Dee Rivera

Dee Rivera, CEO of DCG Public Relations/DCG Media Group, Bringing nearly 15 years of public relations experience, working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands and celebrities in the world, Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend. Ms. Rivera's background started in publishing working for magazines such as Latina, Modern Bride, Essence, Chaos LA and working with celebrity covers that included Jennifer Lopez, Eva La Rue, Rosie Perez, and a plethora of other celebrities. Dee is an expert at crafting and delivering messages from brands to the media, and consumers alike. Her company also specializes in pr, branding virtual events, digital marketing and advertising. Her experiential pop ups for brands and authors are extremely successful and have been a tool to expand brand names. She is the Founder of Latinista.com , Hamptons Fashion Week , Times Square Fashion Week, Glambition.biz among other brands. Dee also travels as a speaker for her book Glambition Knocking Down Walls In Heels and is a lifestyle expert and has been featured in WPIX11, FOX TV, NBC and Telemundo.

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