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Feliz Navidad! -Top 7 Foods that are Popular in Latin America


We all know that Latin American culture knows how to do food. Some of the cuisine from different Latin American countries often make it on the tables of cultures other than their own. Dive into these different dishes and perhaps discover something that you’ll make part of your annual holiday dinners.

Latinista Magazine combed through recipes on the internet, take a look at what we found!

Buen Provecho.


A very popular staple of Holiday dinners around Christmas time. This Puerto Rican slow-roasted pork shoulder is a juicy, tender, (and tastier) alternative to a standard Christmas ham. Try out this recipe!


(via the novicechefblog)

Another Puerto Rican Staple. The Puerto Rican Eggnog, some say. It’s a creamy, coconut, cinnamon, and rum drink. Try to make it yourself with this recipe!


While this Mexican dish can be had throughout the year, it’s especially made for big gatherings like on Christmas. Check out this recipe here!

Venezuelan Ham Bread

This is a traditional Venezuelan Christmas bread stuffed with Ham, Olives, and Raisins. So if you have olive and raisin fans in your family, check out this recipe.

Turrón de Coco

A coconut and chocolate Cuban holiday dessert that’s bite-sized and perfect for fitting into little gift take-home bags. Check out this recipe.

Cazuela de Ave

A traditional Chilean dish that is more than just the standard chicken stew. This is Chile’s national dish and would go well with any Latin Christmas dinner. It’s also easy to make here!

Moro de Guandules

A classic rice and pigeon pea dish familiar in Dominican households during Christmas dinners. Try this Moro de Guandules con Coco recipe!

What traditional Latin American dishes do you have on your table during the holiday season?