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Combat Spring Allergies with Pet Supplements from InClover Research®

Dana Humphrey

Spring has officially sprung, but with the beautiful bloom of flowers comes the dreaded release of large amounts of pollen in the air. If your dog or cat is itchy or wheezy, he or she is likely reacting to seasonal environmental allergies. Similar to humans, allergies can cause many uncomfortable symptoms for pets. 

What are allergies? Allergies are sensitivities to things found in our everyday environments like dust and pollen, according to the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to keep environmental allergens separated from your pets entirely. With that being said, it’s up to us, the pet owners, to watch out for the signs, contact a veterinarian, and take the necessary steps to minimize allergy symptoms so our pets can feel good this spring. 

Signs of Pet Allergies for Dogs and Cats: 

  • Chewing at the feet
  • Intense scratching
  • Rubbing of the face
  • Constant licking of the side or groin areas
  • Inflamed ears with a foul odor
  • Hot Spots (raw and bleeding skin) – most commonly in dogs
  • Wheezing and sneezing – most commonly in cats

There are things you can do around your home to reduce allergens and symptoms. Keeping up with cleaning and dusting, as well as regularly bathing your dog with a hypoallergenic shampoo can possibly help. In addition, supplements can be a very effective way to combat seasonal allergies. InClover Research® offers a variety of all-natural supplements, including allergy relief for dogs and cats, that can help your pet soar through the spring season feeling their very best! 

One of InClover’s products is BioResiliant allergy powder, which is a scientifically formulated superfood-packed recipe designed to help maintain and support a pet’s natural histamine balance.  Allergy symptoms are common, uncomfortable variations in the normal histamine response that can be triggered by environmental, seasonal, and food changes.  BioResiliant’s all-natural ingredients help support your pet balance their histamine response to these environmental, seasonal, and food change threats.  As an added feature, BioResiliant’s proven formula helps fortify the immune system naturally, to help your pet keep that pep in his step! 

InClover offers Spry for cats, a scientific formula with just the right amount of ingredients to support the respiratory and ocular (eye) needs of your cat.  Spry is power-packed with L-Lysine and superfoods to provide antioxidants to support eye and respiratory well-being.  Spry also contains a nice boost of InClover’s signature prebiotic which supports the immune system.

Providing allergy relief for pets is made possible thanks to BioResiliant and Spry, but what about prevention? Many reports indicate that dogs and cats with healthy guts are less susceptible to allergies. An unhealthy gut leads to inflammation and a weakened immune system, which ultimately makes it difficult for an animal’s body to defend against allergens. Supporting and nourishing their gut microbiome is a great way to protect our pets from allergies of all kinds.

Optagest® from InClover, promotes the “good bacteria” naturally found in a pet’s intestinal tract, which encourages balanced digestion and supports immune health. Similar to all supplements offered on InClover.com, Optagest® is a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product designed to settle upset tummies, optimize nutrients in food, and support good digestion in your beloved pet. Optagest® is available for both dogs and cats, and is an easy daily supplement option to provide your pet with this spring season and beyond!

Rebecca Rose, Biochemist and Founder of InClover Research® expresses, “It’s nearly impossible to keep environmental allergens separated from your pets, which is why it is our mission at InClover to provide pet families with natural, safe, and effective supplements that will help to conquer these allergens head on!” 

About InClover: InClover Research®, the first scientifically-developed pet supplement company, is committed to bringing optimal health to pets. They currently have a variety of all-natural supplements for dogs and cats that support the most common pet health concerns, including joint health, dental care, skin & coat, digestive comfort and immunity. All products are made in the USA with human-quality ingredients and feature the National Animal Supplement Council’s Quality Seal. 

Learn more about InClover’s products at:  https://inclover.com/ 


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Dana Humphrey
Dana Humphrey

Dana Humphrey is a respected life coach, mentor and teacher. She ran a successful PR company for pet product manufacturers for 12 years and was a guest on TV stations across the country from NBC to CBS to ABC to Fox as "The Pet Lady @tm". She received her BS from San Diego State University in Public Relations and Political Science. After moving to New York City she has been a professor of Social Media Marketing at Baruch College and facilitator and adjunct professor of the Pet Product Marketing Program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Dana has studied bikram yoga, meditation, vippassana, Latihan, religion, spirituality, plant medicine and pets. She has also completed the NYC marathon, NYC triathlon and an Ironman. Dana was born in Canada, raised in London England and grew up in Northern California. She identifies as a global citizen and resides in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens in NYC.

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