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Home Decor – 5 Pieces That Help a Small Apartment Look Larger


Curated by Dee Rivera

Moving is one of life’s most stressful events. Especially when you’re moving into a small apartment with seemingly no space! Sometimes with the simplest change to your furniture, you can help a small apartment look larger. Here are 5 pieces to look out for:

1. Colorful small sofa

A nice pop of color will brighten up your apartment. The small sofa will be able to entertain guests and still maintain some nice space.

2. Small Lamp

Keeping things small will allow you to expand your furniture and minimize crowding your apartment. Small lamps will provide sources of light without crowding a table or being sticking out in a corner. 

3. Small Side Table

Speaking of crowding tables, a small side table will open up some much-needed space in a small apartment. Maneuvering around a small table kept to the side, is much easier than maneuvering around a large table. Being able to have more floor space is important when you want your apartment to appear larger.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors are important for visually doubling the space that you have through the reflection. Although the space itself hasn’t changed, the presence of mirrors and the reflection will make your apartment feel more spacious. 

5. Bistro table & chairs

Continuing with keeping your furniture small, a bistro table and chairs for eating and other things is another way to help minimize crowding. 

Think about how you can minimize the size of your furniture and maximize visible floor space with these furniture pieces. Your tiny apartment will be cramped no more!