Get to Know Entrepreneur Sirena Torres: Sirlene (Sirena) Torres sells accessories that celebrate Latinx culture.


It takes cojones to run your own business and be your own boss–you’ll make mistakes along the way and just never know how successful you’ll be. But as they say, take that risk and go for it — you NEVER know if your small business will find success.

Latina business owner Sirlene (who goes by Sirena) Torres did–she’s the founder of the online shop Goza Apparel, which sells personalized mugs, shirts, keychains, and more, that celebrate Latinx culture. Torres is proud of her heritage and wants her customers to embrace their heritage as well. Her designs are whimsical and fun, but also share a strong message: Be who you are; embrace your culture.

“I grew up in Xalapa veracruz, Mexico,” says Torers, who currently lives in the Midwest. “It’s a beautiful city filled with big threes and nature. I was always drawing, painting and creating.”

As a child, Torres was always making crafts, “and I illustrated a lot; I was an only child and I found company in my drawing. I used to draw mermaids families!”

At the University Gestalt of Design, Torres honed her craft. “I learned a lot of composition, theory of color, typography, and the design softwares. It’s been a while since then though–I’m old!” she jokes.

“Through my designs, I incorporate Latino culture in the products, such as phrases for Latin dance lovers or a calendar for 2021 that illustrates magic remedies and superstitions from my Hispanic culture,” says Torres. “The accessories and stationery are made at home. Everything is designed at home and some clothes graphics are printed at home, too, and some others are produced outside, like the leggings. With those, I made the design and I send them out to produce.”

Some of her favorite accessories include: “All The mugs, the bomber jacket of the Latin dances, bikers, positive concha keychains and ‘Latina do everything con ganas’ embroidery shirts!”

Torres looks forward to “keep working on goza and I’ll focus more on advertising since I don’t really do as much of advertising!” she explains. “Once the Covid situation gets better, Goza items will be found in in-person markets and in Latin dance congresses.”

Adds Torres: To me, being a Latina means we are authentic, real and trustworthy. We are hard workers and great dancers. And we all know we are hot! Ha!”

Check out Sirena’s online shop at: Goza (
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