Healing Our Mothers


In the northeastern USA there is a fairly common plant that has a squarish stem that is sturdy and strong almost akin to a human spine. Surrounding this stem are little clusters of pink and/or lilac flowers. When looking at these flowers one cannot help but think of a little heart protruding from a human chest. Extending horizontally from the central flowers are basal leaves that are wedge shaped with three or five points. The leaves resemble open arms and hands ready for an embrace, to give open hearted assistance. It’s no wonder the Leonurus Cardiaca is also named Motherwort. Our mothers have blessed us for centuries with their unlimited loving embraces as well as their assistance, care and love. For Mother’s Day, let’s discuss two helpful tips to assist our mothers.


1. Extend Love

How many times do we accept our mothers love without saying “Mom I love you and thank you”?

Mr. Rogers, a famous children’s television host has a song we can all learn from:

There are many ways to say, ‘I love you’
There are many ways to say, ‘I care about you’
Many ways, many ways
Many ways to say, ‘I love you’

There are many ways to say, ‘I love you’
Just by being there when things are sad and scary
Just by being there, being there
Being there to say, ‘I love you’

Cleaning up a room can say, ‘I love you’
Hanging up a coat before you’re asked to do it
Drawing special pictures for the holidays
And making plays

You’ll find many ways to say, ‘I love you’
You’ll find many ways to understand what love is
Many ways, many ways
Many ways to say, ‘I love you’
-Mr. Rogers

Find your special way to tell your mother “I love you” today.


2. Assist Your Mother by Using Natural Remedies

Motherwort, has been traditionally used for thousands of years for a range of disorders from digestive ailments, palpitations, anxiety, grief and painful menstruation. “Leonurine, an alkaloid that is found in Motherwort, is a mild vasodilator and antispasmodic to smooth muscle tissues, including the heart ”. This alkaloid (a nitrogen compound in plants) helps to lower blood pressure and assists with anxiety. If you chose to take it internally, as a remedy, make sure to consult with your physician. (Contraindicated during pregnancy).

Motherwort is a symbolic plant. Rosalee de la Foret, an herbalist, describes Motherwort as a plant where “There is no real separation between the physical and emotional self. It both strengthens the physical heart and calms the emotional heart”. Giving the gift of Motherwort and using it as an ornamental may give the owner some deep emotional and spiritual healing.


These are just a few ideas, but the common thread is to be present. As your mother opens her arms and heart to you, you must do the same. It is the sharing and appreciation of love that fosters a legacy of health, growth, and support for the future of our beautiful mothers and our world.


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