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The Secret to Love and Health


Indigenous Puerto Rican Taino’s had a traditional ballpark known as the Batey. Inside the Batey the medicinal healer and teacher of ancient knowledge would share stories, lead traditional dances and begin ceremonial games. One of the games was to throw a resin ball up and whatever team let the ball fall would lose. This game was considered sacred, and would even be played to end a war between two villages. In love, “we never want to let the ball fall” or let go of the relationship between each other. Here are some tips for playing inside the Batey or rather the game of love.

1. Learn from your elders.
Our elders hold their stories of bravery, courage and also great mistakes. So many times we dismiss what our elders have to say about love. The key is honoring what our elders say and allowing their stories to help guide you. Take time to sit with abuela and talk about her ideas about what love is and how to find the healthiest mate.

2. Follow your destiny.
This statement doesn’t mean sit down and allow something to come to you. This means be proactive. If you have an interest in something allow it to motivate you. Dream the impossible dream and take steps toward making it happen. Remember the old adage from the Islamic text, “If you change one’s life you change the world”. Begin with yourself.

3. Allow people in your life who support your dreams.
So many times we want someone handsome, sexy and who makes a decent living. That may be fun but is not rooted in what truly matters. What matters is that the love of your life supports your dreams and goals to impact the world and you support his/hers.

4. Get creative.
The more creative you are the more expansive your outlook on life will be and the more open you will be to finding and attracting love. Begin by taking a dance class like Bomba Plena, or another art or dance class that speaks to you.

5. Use words of empowerment.
I knew someone who would say “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck”. Let me tell you, he would always have bad luck, because on some level he wished for it and expected it. Begin using your words as motivating and empowering tools even in the face of adversity and your consciousness will shift toward creating positive changes.

6. Allow your vibration to change.
Your vibration is your spirits song. As you grow your vibration changes. Listening to your elders, following your destiny, finding supportive friends, using positive speech, and finding a space for creativity are all elements that change your vibration positively.

These 6 tips will allow you the best advantage while inside the Batey or game of love. Although remember you have the option to drop the ball if it means you gain your freedom.

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