The Impacts Of COVID19 On The Family Structure


In these times of uncertainty, it is evident that everyone has been impacted with the most powerful issue of all, which is the fear of the unknown. It is very much a universal theme, the feeling of being out of control, is a dilemma faced by everyone. The impacts of these feelings have been consuming families in the last 6 weeks with the COVID19 epidemic, since the beginning of quarantine. 

Quarantine has changed the structure of the home life, the relationship of partners, and the financial situation, for everyone. The primary issues that would typically disrupt a family, are exactly the issues being confronted at this very time. It’s important to use this experience to communicate with each other with patience and flexibility. The aspect of communication that is usually missed is the power of listening. As a Marriage and Family Therapist and Transitions Coach for over 17 years, it is my professional recommendation to listen to each other and acknowledge how each member of the family is navigating through this “new normal”. There is no right or wrong because this is a new issue or problem facing humanity as a whole. It is also my professional recommendation, with my extensive experience in healthy communications, that it is important to give each other space and time to process how each person is being influenced.

This is a great time to go for short walks, if possible, watch funny shows and movies, even playing games on your “off time” with other members of the family, for entertainment. The one thing everyone knows for sure, is that this too shall pass. 

There is a lot of peace in going with the flow and finding outlets to process feelings and thoughts. In my expert role as a therapist and coach, I encourage writing out feelings in a journal, doing meditation with soothing and relaxing music, virtual prayer groups, and having some kind of movement, like dancing or walking in place. 

You may want to decide to purge your home and rethink how to organize chores and duties with kids being at home for the rest of the school year. Covid19 and quarantine, is also impacting romantic relationships because partners are spending more time together.  Financial constraints of being unemployed or salaries being cut are impacting these relationships as well. It may be a time to assess if the relationship is in the best interest of both or if it’s something that might be coming to an end. Again, it is merely a time of reflection and assessment that will help with living a life of true fulfillment and joy.



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