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The 7 Best Beauty Basics for Beginners


We’ve all been there, walking into the beauty aisle of your pharmacy or department store and getting that overwhelmed feeling that no matter what we choose for ourselves, it’s just not going to be right. Relying on the salespeople to steer you in the right direction (si es que encuentras a alguien) and hoping they know what they’re talking about can be unnerving. 

So, go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief (in with good air, out with stress) because I’m about to bless you with some knowledge that will help you understand what you should grab for your beauty bag so your beauty routine is easy-peasy. So, here’s your go-to list of the best beauty basics for beginners. 

1. Primero, you need to have your skincare routine down pat. Cuidando tu rostro is top priority, after all, it’s the only one you have. A cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum and moisturizer for your skin type will be your best starting point. Y no te olvides de los ojos! Get yourself a moisturizer you can use day and night. 

2. Next, SPF! Did you know that even the sun that shines in through your windows can contribute to damaging your skin? Asi mismo es. So be sure that you’re applying SPF daily, whether you’re going outside or not, whether it’s sunny or cloudy, just SPF it to be safe. 

3. For beginners, I love a CC cream. You get the benefit of evening out your skin with a moisturizing effect. 

4. Bronzer is your best friend. Te digo porque, it is the best multitasking product EVER! Aside from using bronzer as, well, bronzer, you can also use it as your eyeshadow and your lip color. If you get a nice color bronzer (I love a little bit of red/copper in my bronzer) you can skip the blush altogether. Doing this will not only save you money but also time since you don’t have to take other products out from your bag. Every second counts!

5. Waterproof eyeliner pencil is such a staple in my makeup kit. I know a lot of people don’t like to use waterproof products but let me explain why waterproof is the way to go in this particular suggestion. If you’re a beginner, it’s likely that you’ve not yet gotten comfortable with applying eyeliner but want to make your eyes pop some way. The secret is to tightline your eyes with your eyeliner. Doing this makes your lashes look thicker without the look of makeup. 

6. Y ahora, mascara! Find a curling, lengthening, thickening mascara and you have yourself a reflection of a full nights’ rest. Usando mascara opens your eyes and perks up your overall look in an instant. Coupled with the tightlining I mentioned earlier, it’s a one-two punch for making your peepers pop. 

7. And finally, a tinted lip balm. I bet you thought I was going to say lipgloss didn’t ya? Pues fijate que no. In this world of masks, a la buena o a la mala, you’re much better off with a tinted lip balm. You’ll get the benefits of moisturizing your lips while also adding a flush of color. There’s no wet product that can stick to your mask and you will avoid the drying effects of so many of those long-lasting liquid lipsticks.

Finish off your beauty routine with your favorite fragrance and estas lista for anything! It’s the little bits of self-care that count.

Cristina Rivera

Cristina is a professional makeup artist with over 20 years of experience. She is also an avid blogger, budding YouTube creator and mom in Upstate NY. Cristina studied Beauty Industry Essentials at Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Merchandising and Design at Academy of Art University. Puerto Rican to the core she uses Spanglish as her form of communication and thrives on the idea of helping others, especially her fellow Latinas in any way she can.

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