Steps In Getting The JLO Glow by Vivienne Jurado


Jennifer Lopez has been a Hollywood Icon for over 20 years, but ladies ….using affirmations may help you get closer to achieving her ageless glow. In addition to her caffeine-free, alcohol-free and high protein diet, JLO uses positive thinking to nurture her self-love. “Affirmations are so important,” she says. “I am youthful and timeless,” I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. “It sounds like cliché bullshit, but it’s not: age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda”. Lopez stimulates her inner glow by looking at these affirmations a few times a day.

According to Frauke Neuser, Ph.D., Olay principal scientist, explains that 20 percent of skin age is determined by internal factors you can’t control, while the other 80 percent is driven by external factors you can control. The most important three factors, she says, is the amount of time you’ve spent tanning in the sun, daily SPF use, and having a positive mental attitude. Positivity can help you with that first step to getting the JLO Glow.

Once you’ve done your daily beauty mantra ladies, you can get her signature look with the arrival of Jennifer Lopez’s makeup collection with Inglot Cosmetics, which launched in-stores and online – April 2018. Each piece was designed and tested by JLO and her team so you, too, can create the perfect glow.

Her makeup artist, Scott Barnes (who helped create her signature warm beige look in the ’90s and ’00s) asked her, “Why did you create this cosmetic line?” And she said, “I don’t like makeup that feels like a mask. I find Instagram interesting, but it doesn’t look real. Real women don’t look like that.” Her message has always been to love yourself the way you are, and that’s what she’s doing with her beauty line. That’s what makes her makeup collection with Inglot different from other celebrity makeup brands.

Jennifer Lopez looks seriously sultry on the cover of LATINISTA this month.
To create this look with Jennifer Lopez Inglot Collection, start by priming your face using
Primer HD Corrective Primer. For foundation, apply her Stick Foundation to give you a flawless base. Set your face with a light dusting of Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder. Warm up your skin with Freedom System AMC Bronzing Powder. Pop on the AMC Multicolour System Feb and apply the Inglot Liquid Lipstick in Vamos for a beautiful red lip.


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