Saving For a Rainy Day

Saving For a Rainy Day

Mompreneur and Financial Advisor, Rosanna Guardavaccaro launches Peter Saves for a Rainy Day Series on “How to Teach Your Child to Save, Share, Invest and Spend in a World of Uncertainty’.

“Just like you teach your children the ABC’s and 123’s, they can learn the basics of saving for a rainy day and for the future. It is important to educate both children and adults in financial literacy through my books Peter Saves for a Rainy Day and Peter Takes the Train,” says author Rosanna Guardavaccaro.


A very timely book for times like these…..


I recommend every parent get this book for their kids!!


It can be a Life Saver.

Saving For a Rainy Day


As she is a successful and passionate financial advisor, Rosanna was fortunate to become a mother. Over time, she rapidly realized that her son was listening to the financial advice that she was providing for her clients. Her son would sometimes repeat it back to her, grasping certain financial concepts at such a young age. It became crystal clear for Rosanna that it all begins with the children and an educational movement in order for advisors to assist future clients reach their fullest financial potential.

Just like children learn their ABCs and 123s, they can learn the basics of saving for a rainy day and for the future. Rosanna started seeing the importance of financial literacy, especially among young children, which is how the idea for the Peter Save’s book series came to fruition. With two books written and another in the works, Rosanna helps introduce the ideas of insurance, investments, and other financial planning vehicles in a colorful way that allows children to follow along and remember these concepts.

Saving For a Rainy Day



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