Revamp Your Look by Shopping In Your Closet


Today, I am  sharing my best tips on how to shop your closet.

I am a huge fan of thrift shops and love going to places where you can trade clothes in for new ones like Stop ‘N’ Swap –‎  or‎.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to update your wardrobe and look Haute.

Here are some cool tips.

Step 1: Before you can shop your closet, you have to make sure it is well edited. Part of editing is to release the pieces you are holding onto that are not being used. If they don’t fit; are damaged or dated, or you just don’t like the style anymore, you have total permission to throw in a box labeled GET RID OF.

Once you well-edited your closet, you can get started.

Step 2: Separate your basic pieces from your trendy pieces. Basics include  jeans, black pants, a simple dress, layering tanks and shells, a cardigan, etc. These pieces are at the center of every look.

Step 3 Trendy or novelty pieces are the remainders and accompanying pieces to the basics: a patterned blouse, a jacket, anything bright or bold.

Step 4: Buy 3 pieces to update your closet. You can also trade the clothes you are getting rid of and exchange for a few new updates. Not only will you get a few new looks but you’ll start to define your style and know what you need when you’re ready to shop next time!



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