New Beginnings, New Colorful View

New Beginnings, New Colorful View

Just as music sends us right back to where we first heard a song, color has a way of elevating us to new heights. It changes our mood, our energia, our outlook, and our behavior. The colors we wear affect como otros nos responden too! It can change people’s heart rate, blood pressure and breathing.

It’s no wonder that each zodiac sign has its color of poder. A color that makes you feel invincible.

With the new decade on us, so many of us are looking for that exact feeling. Moving towards self-love and acceptance. Being kind to others but also working on bettering ourselves. A movement of getting out of our own way and reaching goals we thought once to be unreachable.

Todas apreciaríamos un poco de ayuda in that department, and with that, I bring you your power color according to your zodiac sign and the psychology of color. Fijate, que eso es mental.

Anyone who knows an Aries can tell you they are eager, dynamic, quick and competitive. Traviesa como ella sola. They don’t back down from a challenge and are happy to take on more than one task at a time just so they feel accomplished when they’re done. Blunt and honest to a fault, their power color is red. Asi que no pregunte si no quieren saber.

Taurus, being strong, dependable, sensual and creative thrives in pastel shades of pink, pale blue and green. Fuerte como un toro is an understatement for this sign and the soft shades of their power colors are a testament to not judge a book by it’s cover.

Gemini is a versatile, expressive, curious and kind sign. Though indecisive at times, they’re always looking at more than one point of view, more than one way to figure something out. Yellow brings out all of that in such a powerful way. Brilla como el sol.

Cancer’s intuition, sentimiento, compassion, and protective spirit are ignited by silvery blue. When acting on their gut instinct, empathy holds them together. Enhancing their natural way of being is where having something in their power color benefits them.

New Beginnings, New Colorful View

Leo, oh so dramatic but their fiery outgoing way keeps them self-assured in all they do. No hay quien los pare. Thriving in gold and shining like royalty, they don’t let other people shade their path.

Virgo is practical. They’re loyal to a fault because they go with what they’ve observed and trust their own judgment. They are both gentle and analytical. The quiet one in the room observando todo is often this sign. Green and brown guide their decisions and bring out these enviable qualities.

Libra’s social and fair-minded nature appeals to everyone. You’re diplomatic and gracious. Usando pink and blue brings on a calming & likable persona. People see it and are drawn to it. You’re the ying and the yang.

Scorpio, though they have the reputation for being scornful it’s more like apassionado. Their stubborn nature keeps them resourceful and brave. They not only stand up to those that wrong them but also defend other people que no se atreven. Want to bring more of that righteousness out? Try sporting black. Yep, this powerful color sets them apart from others. It’s mysterious and focuses on transformation. Black means business and so do they.

Sagittarius are such extroverts. Though optimistic and funny, no te confundas and take their generosity for granted. They are in touch with the divine side of spirituality. They are aware and open and the color purple makes those qualities shine bright.

Capricorn… lighten up would ya? Kidding! Their serious nature is an awesome quality to have. Son independientes, disciplined and tenacious. Brown and Grey rule their world and feed their earthy practical stability.

Aquarius is original and imaginative. Though deeply uncompromising, their power color blue has a calming effect on those around them. Blue como el mar, Aquarians draw their power from Pantone’s color of the year (2020) and give new meaning to a blue power suit.

Pisces is affectionate and empathetic. Being wise and artistic, light green helps con sanar y renovar. Their gentle ways of seeing all sides of the story are heightened with their power color.

Esto no es decir that we should all be dressing in jumpsuits of our power color like we’re part of an elite squad of superheroes. Though, think of how cool that would be?! Anyone game? Because I’m in! What these colors can do for you even as a statement piece o cuando te maquillas would surprise you.

When someone wears a swipe of red lipstick or drives a red car, they’re expressing confidence. Rojo has been known to make others heart race and dilate the pupils.
If Red can do that for anyone who wields it, imagine when an Aries wears it! Wepa! They’re tapping into their own inner power and showing the world they’re in control.

These colors aren’t only for the zodiac signs they’re tied to. They’re for anyone! Piensalo, black power suit with a red tie or red shoes. You’re expressing transformation, power, mystery, and initiative. Not bad for an interview wouldn’t you say?

Play with color, use it to your advantage and apodera tu spirit to surpass every insecurity you may have. A new decade means new beginnings. Don’t share your plans, carry them out and let others see the results.


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