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Let’s Make “National Love Your Pet Day,” Everyday!

Dana Humphrey
Let’s Make “National Love Your Pet Day,” Everyday!


Although most pet owners would agree that love your pet day is every day of the year, February 20th is annually devoted to loving them a little extra. “National Love Your Pet Day” is a fun opportunity to celebrate the cherished bond between you and your animal companion, and perhaps pamper them with some special treats. Think of it as your pet’s very own Valentine’s Day! Here are some ideas on how you can embrace Love Your Pet Day wholeheartedly, along with some awesome products that will fill you and your pet with love all year long! 

Take a Hike

A dog can be a built-in companion for adventures since they are always ready, willing, and eager to get outside and go! Whether you’re exploring a new trail or hitting your neighborhood loop, taking regular walks with your dog can have many positive health effects on you both. Walking or hiking is a great way to deepen your bond through shared experiences. 

Keeping your dog on a leash helps to ensure his safety while out and about. Many pet parents enjoy using a harness as well for extra security and control. The Urban Trail® Adjustable Harness from Alpine Outfitters was designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind. It’s a high-quality harness that comes with a back strap, which assists your dog up hills, rocks and other rough terrains. The Urban Trail® is ideal for medium and big dogs and is also great for senior dogs (easy on the hips). Whether you are hiking or taking a casual walk, this made in the USA harness has endless features that will keep you both moving and grooving together with ease.

Live, Love, Play

If you want to continue to move and groove with Fido, your dog has to be physically in check. Playing interactive games like tug or fetch with them is so important. It strengthens your bond, keeps them mentally stimulated and it’s a good way to just cut loose and have fun! 

One way to help ensure your pet is feeling their very best physically is by providing them with HAPPYBOND; the highest quality collagen+ supplement specifically formulated to improve the joint health of dogs. Sadly, dog joint pain is an all-too-common occurrence, with research showing that 80% of all dogs will suffer from joint discomfort during their lifetime. HAPPYBOND Collagen+ Supplement blend can help rebuild cartilage for optimal mobility. Today, this uniquely formulated pet essential nutrient supports to maintain the cartilage of younger dogs to prolong their youth and to help rebuild it in older dogs suffering from joint stiffness. Fun fact: Cesar Millan’s Dogs take HAPPYBond! 

Chill Out & Chew

One of the greatest parts of pet ownership is having a fur-ever chill-out mate. After a long walk or a good game of fetch, it’s nice to kick back and relax together. There are times, however, when we’re ready to take a break, but our energetic pup is not. Love Your Pet Day is the perfect day to gift them the ultimate treat that will help to keep them entertained, happy and safe. 

Bully sticks make for a very popular dog treat, but as dogs chew them down, they can become a choking hazard. The Bully Buddy, created by Bow Wow Labs Inc. (BWL), is a durable, easy-to-use, and veterinarian-vetted device that tightly secures bully sticks, preventing dogs from choking on the tail-end of the treat. BWL also offers Safe Fit Bully Sticks™, which are made from fresh, 100% grass-fed cattle that’s free of chemicals and hormones. Together, the Bully Buddy and Safe Fit Bully Sticks™ will give your dog the opportunity to follow their natural instinct to chew; all while allowing you to rest assured thanks to its health and safety features!

Kisses to Last a Lifetime

One way to show your pet that you love them is by giving them lots of affection through hugs and kisses. But that inevitable “pet breath” can sometimes be strong enough to make you take a rain check on the smooches. Bad breath in pets is often a symptom of a serious underlying health condition, like periodontal disease, which The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates 85% of all pets will have by age 3. 

This staggering statistic is why InClover created BioBrilliant™; a scientifically formulated, clinically tested product to use daily as part of a dental care routine for your pet. Available for both cats and dogs, BioBrilliant’s tasty, all-natural formula is multi-functional to freshen breath, help reduce plaque and tartar build-up, and remineralize and polish teeth. Supporting your pet’s dental health will offer countless benefits to their overall health and wellness. Cheers to healthy kisses! 

Stay Inspired 

2020 was a tough year for most people, filled with worry, uncertainty, and changes to our fundamental routines. For pet owners, however, one thing has remained true; our unconditional love for our dogs, and vice versa! Your animal companion likely felt this anxious energy, but they remained by your side every step of the way. This year, let’s vow to stay as positive and inspired as possible – for you both! 

Dog Mom Lifestyles is passionate about helping dog moms see themselves the way their dogs see them (#imperfectlyperfect). This innovative and unique company achieves this by connecting dog moms with a community of like-minded women and a regular pleasure ritual: unboxing surprises together with her pup. This monthly box ritual helps create a habit of trying new things, exploring new places, and enjoying simple pleasures (all from the comfort of home) while giving back to animal welfare. Give yourself a smile each month, and your dog something to wag about with this uplifting subscription box, where mom and dog can open, explore and enjoy the wonders inside, together! 

Freshen up Your Home 

All pet families would agree: we love our pets, but not the odors that come with them! Whether it’s that wet dog smell or that not-so-pleasant scent coming from the litter box; there’s no denying that living with a pet adds unwanted odors within the home. Let’s kick those odors to the curb once and “fur” all! 

One Fur All is best known for their Pet House Candles which are hand-poured in the USA with 100% natural soy wax and are tested and proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors. All of Pet House products are made in the USA with premium fragrances that contain no dyes, phthalates or parabens (completely safe for pets)! Their Fresh Cut Roses fragranced candle is predominantly a strong fresh rose fragrance mixed with subtle geranium notes to form a beautiful floral aroma.  Gifting yourself or another animal lover with this candle is the perfect way to keep the pet love flowing in the air for months to come! 


About The Pet Lady:

Dana Humphrey AKA “The Pet Lady” travels from Coast to Coast to pet trade shows and consumer events such as Superzoo, Global Pet Expo, Intergroom, Pet News Now, NAVC, Total Pet Expo, Super Pet Expo, and “mutts” more, to scout out the hottest, hippest and most unique pet products on the planet! Bringing you tips and tricks from the top vets, groomers, trainers on how to safely travel and live happy with your pet! From Fox, ABC, NBC, and other media outlets “The Pet Lady” will be in a city near you soon, showing off the latest and greatest tech pet gadgets, cozy comforts and fab gift idea’s for man’s (and woman’s) best friend!

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Dana Humphrey
Dana Humphrey

Dana Humphrey is a respected life coach, mentor and teacher. She ran a successful PR company for pet product manufacturers for 12 years and was a guest on TV stations across the country from NBC to CBS to ABC to Fox as "The Pet Lady @tm". She received her BS from San Diego State University in Public Relations and Political Science. After moving to New York City she has been a professor of Social Media Marketing at Baruch College and facilitator and adjunct professor of the Pet Product Marketing Program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Dana has studied bikram yoga, meditation, vippassana, Latihan, religion, spirituality, plant medicine and pets. She has also completed the NYC marathon, NYC triathlon and an Ironman. Dana was born in Canada, raised in London England and grew up in Northern California. She identifies as a global citizen and resides in Rockaway Park, on the beach in Queens in NYC.

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