Latina Beauty Rituals


We all have heard of crazy beauty secrets! These are some of the great latina beauty rituals that our abuelas, mamis, tias and other family members swear by! Below are our top beauty rituals that many latinas swear by. The best part is that they’re all DIY and are soft on your wallet!

Garlic is not only used for seasoning, it can also be used to strengthen your nails! Chop up fresh garlic, add it to  a bottle of clear nail polish and apply it to your nails. Yup, it’s that easy, you’ll see stronger nails within a week!

Homemade Facial
What do you get when you mix up yogurt, honey and strawberries? A great facial mask! Mix these three together and apply for 20 mins. Your skin will be glowing!


Hair Therapy
Want shiny hair, without it looking greasy? Apply a tablespoon of honey to your conditioner and wash off. Do the same with olive oil and see beautiful shiny hair in no time.

Skin Tightener
After drinking your cup of Café Bustelo (we love our Café Bustelo), don’t throw out the coffee grounds! Save them, mix them with coconut oil, and apply all over your body. The grounds help remove cellulite! That’s right, you heard us!


Weight Loss
Açai is great for anti aging and weight loss! Make a batida (shake) of açai, honey, plain yogurt and a banana for a great filling snack.


Try them and let us know your results.
You’ll thank us later!


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