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Have you found your Cuddle Buddy yet, Single Ladies? What are you waiting for?


Cuffing season definition: Temporary relationship for a season, not a serious relationship or coupling, being single and ready to mingle
Cuffing season is in full effect, have you decided who will be your cuddle buddy this season?
I myself have not had much luck but I’ve been entertained with the whole notion of what seems to be “a thing” for cold weather. I really don’t care for it but it is documented that it is normal for humans to have a craving and desire to cuddle as soon as the weather gets colder due to Oxytocin – often called the “cuddle hormone”. People also reflect more on life and want to date more, dating apps become their go-to during this season more than any other time of the year.
Some make it a mission for the winter and some rather “couple up” for something more serious or longer. For the ones that aren’t sure how this cuffing season goes. Here are some rules for a happy cuffing season:
⦁ Be as clear as possible on your intention- you must be on the same page since there is a expiration date
⦁ Don’t get emotionally involved or invest time as you would normally do for a relationship
⦁ Treat each other with respect and respect the expiration date
⦁ Never introduce each other to family

Now that we got rules out the way, here are some ideas on how to find yourself a cuddle buddy:
⦁ Choice of clothing- Show less and let imaginations grow, it will make a person desire and want to see more
⦁ You have more free time since it’s cold out. People seem to socialize less, use this time to update your dating apps and photos
⦁ Attend more happy hours- 15% more men are out on the “hunt”
⦁ Accept holiday parties invites,
How to make the most of the season without spending too much money during this cuffing season:
⦁ Ice skating
⦁ Hot cocoa date
⦁ Netflix and chill — Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

If this season isn’t for you, then get a great cozy sweater for warmth! Otherwise, get your cuddle on, enjoy your company, protect yourself. Be aware this season usually ends Feb or March. All in time for play in the sun! Happy Cuffing!

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