From Jello to JLO


Ever wonder how Latina Jennifer Lopez got her famous backside? Well besides getting it from her mama she puts in hard work! Yes she is genetically gifted, but maintaining a firm bum takes discipline. Check out these 3 exercises that are sure to whip your backside into a Jennifer Lopez replica!

1) Hold dumbbells while doing your basic sit down squat against the wall. It’s as simple as that! The extra weight of the dumbbells speeds up your results. You’ll start to see and feel the results in no time!

2) With your basic split squat, add ankle weights to your routine. Just like dumbbells tone your arms, the extra weight will allow you to see a toned and bigger backside in no time.

3) You can’t forget about cardio! Cardio can be almost any activity throughout your day. Try sprinting or skipping steps while going up the stairs. If you’re a member of a gym the elliptical is a cardio powerhouse. Twenty minutes to an hour of cardio a day is all you need! Tip: Add squats to your cardio for an extra push.

These three basic exercises can help you transform your bottom into a JLO look alike! Give them a try and let us know the results, but make sure you eat healthy as well. A good booty, involves exercise and good nutrition! After all we want to transform our backsides from Jello to JLO!


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