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Fall Into Love

fall Into love

I’ve had many loves in my life, however, none compares to the love I have for myself now. Something magical happens when you’re able to love yourself so much you no longer take people’s actions personally.

Lack of self love will have you fragile and taking everything personal. It takes a lot of alone time and having real talks with yourself. You ever find yourself saying things like “Well, you know that was really dumb but we did it anyway.” If you haven’t had a serious talk with yourself EVER… you’re crazy for real tho 🙂

Self talks = Self reflection

During the winter season, I contemplate on my life choices and what has transpired during the year. The changing season is a great time to start over, renew–just like nature does.

Often times, we don’t even know how we got here and the “HOW” is actually pointless. We need to focus on what we envision. Manifesting is truly possible with a little practice. Catch yourself if you have a negative thought and switch it to a positive. Try this…

Negative thought: “I hope they like me.”

Positive thought: “Like-minded souls always unite. I’m so excited to meet new people!”

Like the trees in the Fall…FALL in love with YOU! FALL in love with all of your blessings and watch the universe open up opportunities you’ve never dreamed of.

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