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Spotlight: Bad Bunny


What keeps Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio or Bad Bunny, as he’s known to the world, on the rise as one of the most influential artists in not only musica urbana, but as a successful crossover artist? Perhaps it’s his ability to adapt and his willingness to delve into different genres and sounds from rock to ballads all in one album. A feat that not many other Latino urban music artists of the new school have attempted. And maybe that is why everyone from your cousin to your grandma has heard his music. That flexibly to change and adapt so quickly, while staying his truly goofy and real self all within the few first years of his career, has put him in a league of his own. Far beyond the Spanish trap genre alone.

The Beginning – El Comienzo
The saying “with hard work you can achieve anything” is in fact how Benito became Bad Bunny. As a college student who bagged groceries in his local supermarket, he was already working towards his goal of a career in music. His side hustle of making music and uploading it onto SoundCloud was his inception into the music business. With parents who loved the classics and his own love of different genres, native to Puerto Rico or not, he gave himself his own musical education. Cultivating the unique sound that would follow him throughout his career. With tracks on Soundcloud and a tone of voice that is undeniable, it was not long until producers DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz, added him to their lists of artists.

With hits that became classic Bad Bunny anthems like Soy Peor and Chambea, he quickly became one of the best-known faces for what would become Latin Trap. If you grew up listing to both hip-hop and reggaeton music of the early 2000s, as I did, you already knew what Trap music was. A product of the southern states that brought the rise of artists like T.I. But this new genre of Trap is for those of us who grew up with Daddy Yankee, Hector El Father, Wisin y Yandel, and several other Reggaeton pioneers. For those of us who love REAL reggaeton and were tired of hearing the beat put on any track for the sake of popularity. Bad Bunny was one of those people who grew up listening to those same artists and easily became the fore leader in the Latin Trap movement. In the end, making music that was fresh for both himself y los que escuchavamos reggaeton Como Antes.

Bad Bunny’s repertoire for mega hits or “palos” have drawn not only an English-speaking audience but wildly successful rappers, artists and DJs who want to collaborate with him. Before his first album even dropped, he had hit songs out with Daddy Yankee, JLO, Marc Anthony and Victor Manuelle, just to name a few. That ability to attract such big names not only comes from his talent but his willingness to collaborate with artists that were in the beginnings of their own careers. Including Becky G, Karol G, Natti Natasha and currently Dominican Dembo artist, El Alfa.


Inspired Entrepreneurs – Enpresarios Inspirado’s por El Conejo
Being able to express his honest feelings on stigma’s within society, his support of a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body and other societal issues, Bad Bunny has been able to connect on a personal level with his fans. That connection has led many entrepreneurs to create their own art using his lyrics of self-love and being true to yourself as inspiration. It’s no surprise that many of these companies hail from Puerto Rico.

Mela Pabon, of Check In Mela – This Astrological consultant and illustrator had a booth in the Coliseo during his recent three-day concert in Puerto Rico. Concert goers including Miss Bala actor Ismael Cruz Cordova, stopped by to get their astrological illustrations. In the past, Mela has given Bad Bunny his very own illustrated horoscope.


Soda Pop Comics– This comics and illustration brand created by Carla Rodriguez and Rosa Colon, is a company that was inspired by the artist and his support of gender fluidity, as demonstrated in the “Caro” video. Their illustrations show how women even, those that call themselves feminists can enjoy his music. As one of their illustrations says “…if you listen closely, Bad Bunny sings about consensual sex where women are beholden only to themselves and are in control of their sexuality.” Recently Bad Bunny spoke on this issue during a press conference, saying he didn’t change his lyrics for a specific cause but because he believes everyone deserves respect. Does that mean he won’t mention sex, no, but the way in which he does has changed.


Good Bunny
His ability to speak on the issues of Puerto Rico, without needing to be political, have also led him to give back to his people. With his foundation “Good Bunny” he has held toy drives during the holidays, raised money for children with disabilities and helped his childhood community of Vega Baja rebuild after the hurricanes. In his song “Estamos Bien” he relays the strength of the island and its people to get back up after a tragedy and enjoy life again. The music video relays that same message of humble optimism as he hangs with friends and locals at the beach. This song of positivity once again caught the attention of the English-speaking audience, when Jimmy Fallon invited Bad Bunny on the show to sing “Estamos Bien” and remind the U.S. that Puerto Rico was still recovering. Becoming a fan himself, Jimmy invited Bad Bunny a second time to the late-night show when he recorded a special in Puerto Rico.


This Tour – Esta Gira
Bad Bunny started his current X100Pre tour, named after his album, in his home of Puerto Rico. Selling out the island’s biggest arena the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum, also known as El Choli. With previous collaborators like the legendary duo Wisin Y Yandel, Becky G and JBalvin among others making appearances to sing their collaborative number one hits. Bad Bunny’s love of different genres and artists is already prevalent in this tour as he invited Guaynaa to sing “Rebota” and award-winning producer, writer, composer and singer Tommy Torres to play the piano and collaborate with him during the performance of “Amorfoda”. As he makes his way through the states, we here at Latinista are excited for his stop at Madison Square Garden, his first time ever in the arena. Stay glued here and to our social media channels as we take you there on the day of the concert.

Pictures Courtesy of CMN Events. Brand Pictures: Instagram

Spring Issue

LAtinista Spring issue
Latinista Magazine is excited to introduce Afro-Latina, Giselle Santos on our Spring cover. Makeup by Mac, Hair by Organic Hair Care Photo by: JonMCreative



Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash

Products Every Latinista Shoul


We all love that one product that makes us really excited and we can’t live without. I went ahead and rounded up the 5 products you absolutely have to have in your stash — not only because they’ll service your every lifestyle need but also because they’ll make you feel a little more special, and that alone is a reason to love each one of these.

1. Get a little lift with Meso Lyft
This is a non-invasive barely-there micro-needling tool that you can use right at home! There’s an attached tube containing a cocktail serum to condition the skin’s surface, preparing it to absorb the goodness of each serum for a non-invasive boost back to healthy and beautiful. There are four tools intended for the neck, lips, skin, and eyes. If you’re also interested in sampling this, they are happy to have this shipped to you.

Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash

2. Magic Lips
Moroccan Magic is a USDA certified organic lip balm line infused with 100% pure argan and essential oils. Moroccan Magic claims to be the “smoothest balm ever” thanks to its blend of 100% organic argan + essential oils. The line has been adored by Steve Wozniak; co-founder of Apple, Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist, and most recently by Carson Kressley at this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony!

Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash

3. Step Into The Spotlight
I’m obsessed with this product! Lumee will transform your phone into a mobile photo studio—so, anyone, literally anyone—can take amazing photos and video. LuMee is simple and user-friendly with innovative technology because the right lighting is invaluable when it comes to your photos.

Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash

4. The Golden rule for Hair!
“The Miracle Elixir” Collection of hair care products has changed my hair completely!
I swear by this product because it really works. Joyce Giraud created this line to provide women with the same plethora of miracle oils that she grew up using in Puerto Rico. She sourced ingredients from around the world so women can look and feel they’re very best. Miracle Elixir has four oils, Buruti, Moringa, Argan and Maracuyá. I’m excited to introduce this product to our Latinista readers made by a Latinista from Puerto Rico.

Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash

5. The Hemp That Works!.
I call it the miracle oil because this stuff really works. I’ve used the Hemp Protein and CBD Oil from the Kentucky Hemp Works line and I can honestly say it has helped me with joint pain and also monthly PMS. Kentucky Hemp Works is currently on the leading edge of providing locally-grown, handcrafted hemp products for health and wellness. “Our company began with a vision of healing bodies and minds with hemp, while providing raw materials for others to pursue their dreams.”

Products Every Latinista Should Have in Their Stash


What Should Every Pet Parent Know About Pet Dental Care?

what every pet parent should know

Written by Dana Humphrey, The Pet Lady with the assistance of Melissa Gulbranson, Oxyfresh.

Besides love, affection and (according to your pet) TREATS, dental care is the most important thing you can do for your furry friend.

Unfortunately, it isn’t something that most pet parents think about. According to a pet dental poll, only 8 percent of dog owners and 3 percent of cat owners brush their pets’ teeth on a regular basis.

February was National Pet Dental Health Month, the perfect time to brush up on why pet dental care is so important and just how easy it can be! So dig in to discover what every pet parent should know about pet dental care.

Bad Breath is the #1 Warning Sign of Pet Periodontal Disease

Contrary to popular belief, a pet’s bad breath is NOT normal. A dog’s breath shouldn’t smell at all, and cat breath shouldn’t have more than a mild fishy scent.

If your pet’s breath is stinky, this is the first sign of advanced gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. This painful dental condition involves the inflammation of the gum tissue and erosion of the bone structures that keep the teeth in place.

As reported by the American Veterinary Dental College, periodontal disease is the most common clinical condition affecting our pets. It can also be the most serious.

Left unchecked, bacteria from gum disease can enter the bloodstream, affecting vital organs like the heart and kidneys. Ultimately, it can take years off a pet’s life. Fortunately, gum disease is preventable and even totally reversible in its early stages.

Additional signs of gum disease in pets:

∙ Visible tartar
∙ Bloody saliva
∙ Loose or missing teeth
∙ Blood in water bowl or on chew toys
∙ Difficulty picking up food or chewing it
∙ Red or swollen gums (gums should be light pink)

The Key Is Stopping Pet Plaque

Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria overtakes the mouth – and it all starts with plaque.

Plaque is an unavoidable part of life for pets. This clear, sticky substance forms after every meal and can begin to harden into tartar within 72 hours.

Tartar is a rock-hard substance (brownish or yellow in color) that’s packed with bacteria, which can infect and inflame the gums and give your pet that less-than-fetching breath. Unlike plaque, tartar can only be removed with a professional dental cleaning.

Because plaque is the starting point for tartar and gum disease, daily removal of it is key. Stop the plaque attack, and you and your pet will have many reasons to smile, such as:

More Cuddles. According to a dental survey by Banfield Pet Hospital, 27 percent of dog owners say they avoid getting close to their pets because of bad breath.

Better Quality of Life. In the advanced stages of pet gum disease, the gums actually separate away from the teeth. This is as painful as it sounds. An animal’s instinct is to hide its pain, which means your pet could be silently suffering without you knowing it.

More Years Together. Taking care of the teeth and gums can add 2–5 years to a pet’s life.

Save Money. Tooth extractions from periodontal disease can be expensive. Annual dental cleanings to remove tartar can add up too, as it involves anesthesia. At-home dental care can help cut back on these costs.

Should You Brush Your Pet’s Teeth?
Teeth brushing is the best way to fight plaque and keep your pet’s smile healthy, but once in a blue moon won’t cut it. For your pet to reap the benefits of tooth brushing, it must be done at least 3 times a week for dogs and 2 times a week for cats.

The earlier you start a pet tooth brushing routine, the better. Still, it’s never too late to teach an old dog (or cat) new tricks!


9 Success Tips for Pet Tooth Brushing:
1. Warm up your pet to the idea of brushing. Starting a few weeks before the first brush session, dip your finger in tuna water or broth and rub your finger around the pet’s teeth and gums, daily.

2. Mellow out. Choose a time to brush when your pet is relaxed. This will increase the odds of cooperation.

3. Select the right toothbrush. A human toothbrush is too bulky for a pet’s mouth. Use a specially designed toothbrush for pets, a piece of clean gauze, or a finger brush that, as the name suggests, just slips on right over the finger. Sometimes it takes trial-and-error to see what works best for both of you.

4. Purchase a pet toothpaste. For toothpaste, the most important thing is to not use your own. Ingredients like fluoride and sweeteners in human toothpaste can make a pet sick. There are many flavored pet toothpastes. We recommend avoiding one with unnecessary flavor additives, or you can choose an unflavored pet dental gel to avoid the whole “my pet just wants to chew up the toothbrush!” conundrum.

5. Calmly praise your pet as you brush. When you aren’t filled with tension, your pet won’t be either!

6. Treat. Always give your pet a treat after brushing, even if it didn’t go well. That way your pet forms a positive association with brushing.

7. Do not overly restrain your pet. This will make your pet feel frightened. For dogs, kneel or sit to the side of them. Cats can be cradled like a baby. Then lift the lips and brush in a gentle circular motion.

8. Take it slow. Initially, you may only be able to brush for a few seconds. Patience is key! Just focus on the outside tooth surfaces. This is where periodontal disease likes to strike.

9. Gradually increase your time. The ultimate goal with pet tooth brushing is 5 seconds per tooth.

Let’s get real for a second:
Pet tooth brushing 3 times a week may not be realistic for you. There are many no-brush pet dental products on the market. Just be sure to do your homework first. Avoid products with alcohol, additives, xylitol, mints, tea tree oil and clove oil. These ingredients can sting a pet’s delicate tissues, only mask bad breath, and cause harm with long-term use. Also, be sure you find one that works for both cats AND dogs if you are a multiple pet household. That way it is safe for BOTH. Enjoy your pet’s fresh breath and happy Pet Dental Health Month!


Roma – Portuguese


Há alguns meses atrás, quando o diretor de “Roma”, Alfonso Cuarón e as atrizes Marina De Tavira e Yalitza Aparicio subiram ao palco depois da exibição do filme, numa sessão privada em Los Angeles, deram de cara comigo aos prantos, aplaudindo efusivamente, sentada na primeira fila.

“Roma” me tocou de um jeito que poucos filmes fizeram até hoje. É uma obra prima! Fico feliz que tanto o filme, como Alfonso, já tenham recebido vários prêmios, incluindo o Globo de Ouro, Critic’s Choice Awards, BAFTA, além de ter sido indicado ao Oscar em 10 categorias diferentes, incluindo melhor filme, melhor filme de língua estrangeira, melhor diretor, melhor atriz (para Yalitza Aparicio, em seu primiero papel, e ela é também a primeira atriz indígena indicada nesta categoria) e melhor atriz coadjuvante (Marina De Tavira).

Roma é um filme em preto e branco baseado nas memórias de infância de Cuarón. A história é contada pelo ponto de vista de babá Cléo (Yalitza Aparicio), em homenagem a Libo, sua babá na vida real.

Os atores falam espanhol e mixtec. Eles não tiveram acesso ao roteiro, como contou Marina no Q&A: “todos os dias quando chegávamos no set recebíamos instruções e dicas de Alfonso sobre o que aconteceria naquele dia, mas não tínhamos um roteiro propriamente dito. Foi uma aventura criativa criar esses personagens seguindo apenas as orientações de Alfonso”.


Cuarón explicou porque ele optou por não dar aos atores o roteiro que ele escreveu: “eles tinham uma idéia do que esperar e de como deveriam se preparar mas, no geral, meu objetivo era que a câmera captasse a emoção e os diálogos improvisados, trazendo um senso de realismo único ao filme”

E foi o realismo com que as trajetórias dos personagens foram apresentadas em“Roma”levou o público a se identificar com o filme. Alfonso queria que o filme refletisse os acontecimentos desta época da sua vida, por isso até ele pediu emprestado objetos pessoais dos seus irmãos para decorar o set de filmagem. Além disso, a casa onde o filme foi rodado é muito parecida com a casa que sua família morava. Na verdade, ela fica no mesmo bairro, na Cidade do México.

“Foi de longe o filme mais pessoal que eu já fiz. Eu chorei todos os dias no set ” disse Cuarón, mas ele também admitiu que ficou surpreso com a calorosa recepção do filme quando estreou no Festival de Veneza no ano passado:” Fiquei emocionado, mas um pouco chocado com a imensa resposta positiva que o filme recebeu de cara. Ao mesmo tempo eu entendo que “Roma” conta a história de uma familia, que é uma historia universal.”

Infelizmente, os pais de Cuarón não viram o filme. Seu pai faleceu há alguns anos e sua mãe no ano passado. Ele chegou a mostrar a sua mãe o primeiro corte do filme, mas é Libo, a grande homenageada, que está curtindo de fato essa bela carta de amor que Cuarón fez para sua família: “Libo já assistiu ao filme várias vezes. Ela adorou e sempre chora, não por causa de sua história, mas porque sente pena das crianças” disse Cuarón.
“Roma” está disponível na Netflix. Mas aí vai a minha sugestão: assista ao filme no cinema se puder, a experiência é muito mais impactante.

Já eu confesso que tirei a sorte grande por ter tido a chance de assistir “Roma” com Alfonso, Marina e Yalitza, as mentes e almas brilhantes por trás do filme. Vou lembrar daquele dia, assim como vou pensar em Roma, por um longo tempo.

Movie Review: The story behind Roma


A couple of months ago when Roma’s writer/director Alfonso Cuarón and actresses Marina De Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio got up on stage after a private screening of the movie in Los Angeles, they looked at the first row to find me sobbing.

“Roma” touched me in a way very few movies did. It’s a masterpiece! I’m glad the movie and Alfonso have already received several awards, including the Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice Awards, BAFTA, besides been nominated for the Oscars in 10 different categories, including best picture, best foreign language, best director, best actress ( first-time actress Yalitza Aparicio, also the first indigenous woman nominated in this category) and best-supporting actress (Marina De Tavira).

Roma is a black and white film based on Cuarón’s childhood memories. The story is told by his family’s nanny Cleo’s (Yalitza Aparicio) point of view (in honor of Alfonso’s real-life nanny Libo).

The actors speak Mexican Spanish and Mixtec and they didn’t have a script, as Marina recounted at the Q&A: “every day when we arrived on set, we received instructions and tips from Alfonso about what would happen on that day, but we didn’t have the dialogues written on the pages, as we usually do. It was a creative adventure to bring to life these characters following Alfonso’s guidelines.”

Cuaron explained why he made the choice not to give the actors the script he wrote: “they had an idea of what to expect and how they should prepare, but overall, my goal was to let them play while I was capturing their emotions and the impromptu dialogues on camera.” The realism with which the characters’ journeys were presented in “Roma” lead audiences to identify with the film. Alfonso wanted the film to be as close to the facts as possible so he borrowed personal objects from his siblings to decorate the set and house he shot the movie was very similar to the house his family used to live, actually located in the same neighborhood in Mexico City.

“It was by far the most personal film I’ve ever made. I cried on set every day” Cuaron admitted, but he also said he was surprised by the movie’s warm welcome when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year: “I was thrilled, but a little shocked with the massive positive response the film got in Venice. At the same time, I understand that it tells a universal story, so people could relate to it.”

Unfortunately, Cuaron’s parents didn’t see the movie. His father passed away a few years ago and his mother passed away last year. He did show her the first cut of the movie, but it’s Libo, the honoree, who is enjoying Cuarón’s love letter to his family as he told us: “Libo watched the movie several times now. She loved it and she always cries, not because of her history, but she feels sorry for the children.”

“Roma” is available on Netflix. But here’s my suggestion: watch the movie on a big screen if you can. It will improve your experience as you watch one of the most remarkable films of all time.

I just felt I won the lottery for watching it with Alfonso, Marina and Yalitza, the brilliant minds and souls behind it. I am sure I will remember that day and I will think about Roma for a long time.

This Spring, Reinvent Yourself De Nuevo. Let La Nueva Tu Shine Through

reinvent yourself
Photography: Dan Doyle

As your skin changes from one season to the next (dry in the winter, oily in the summer) so do you as a person. This is to be expected since it’s part of growing up, living life, experiencing the world and evolving. Si lo piensas bien, it doesn’t make sense to assume you’re supposed to stay the same forever. That includes your style, your routines or even your appearance. Though many of us no dejamos de usar el rabito de eyeliner, others may long for a change. As you get older y tu vida cambia, so does your estilo. Here are some ideas on como puedes cambiar tu rutina to reinvent yourself and allow the new you to emerge.

  1. Reinventar tu imagen can be switching up your hair color/style, your signature lipstick or your wardrobe. If you are a brunette, cambia a rubia o pelo rojo. This doesn’t have to be a permanent change since you can buy a rinse pretty much anywhere and sport un color diferente for a few months at a time.
  2. Si siempre luces pinta labios rojos, change to nude or visa-versa. Sometimes your statement can be soft but is different enough for you to see it. Eso es lo que importa since we’re not reinventing ourselves para los demas. We’re doing it because we owe it to ourselves to be our true selves always.
  3. For spring, tal vez you’re looking to ditch your full coverage foundation for a lighter BB or CC Cream. There are a lot of formulas available now a days asi que you’ll have options.
  4. Do you normally have super short nails that you keep looking dainty with clear nail polish if you do any polish at all? What if you tried having longer nails for a week with those new press on nails? They’re super cute, go on and off easy and give your hands a feminine dainty look. On the other hand (pun intended) si ya tienes long nails, change up the way you wear them for a little while. If you’re a square manicure kind of girl, what if you tried a pointy version of the French manicure?
  5. Go from curly to straight or straight to curly. Cambiando nuestro pelo is one of the easiest things to do. Since most of us have heat styling tools, podemos cambiar de estilo facilmente. The great thing is, you’re not giving up your natural hair for very long, just until your next wash.
  6. Never wear eyeliner? What if you went to the other end of the spectrum and tried a winged liner? Always wear eyeliner? Maybe opt for curled lashes with a few coats of mascara and put the focus on your labios. Remember it doesn’t have to be tricky either, if you’re not used to liquid try a gel, cream or pencil liner. El punto es to have fun.
  7. While we’re on the eyes, ever thought about switching up your eye color? Colored contacts are a huge trend! Now you can match your eyes to your sneaks or coordinate them to go with your outfit. ¿Usas espejuelos? You could match your frames to your outfits. Many retailers have specials, where you can buy more than one pair. This is your chance to opt for pops of color instead of basic colors.

Reinventing your look or your routine this Spring is for you and you alone. Disfrutalo! Amate profundamente and let whoever you evolve into, take center stage. You’ll be surprised how many compliments you get when you change something up that people can’t quite put their finger on. All they can tell is that you are feeling good about yourself. Now THAT’S authentic beauty.


Spotlight: Boxer Nisa Rodriguez


Tell me your name: Nisa Rodriguez.

Where were you born: Born and raised in the Bronx, New York.

Tell me about the program you just started:
The non-profit program “I can, I will” is funded by East Side housing. It’s a boxing program in 2 schools in the Bronx and it’s the first of its kind for girls only. We will be mentoring the girls, teaching them self defense, work out etiquette as well as boxing etiquette. For the girls not interested in the physical aspect, they will be starting their own YouTube channel and learn video editing and marketing.

What called you to boxing, how did it all start?:
When I was younger, I had a really bad anger problem. I was getting into a lot of fights in school and one day my father took me to the boxing gym. I was very athletic already, I was into Martial Arts, I did Judo for 10 years, I was doing weightlifting, I was on the swim team. With boxing, I fell in love the first time I started sparring. And here we are 10 years later!

Tell me about your titles. Belts? Medals?:
I’m an 8 time NY Daily News Golden Gloves Champion. 3 time national Golden Gloves Champion. I have fought in 3 different weight classes. 141, 152 & 165. It’s hard to find fights here, so I jump around a lot just to get fights. I’m a 6 time Metro Champion, 2 time Empire State game Gold Medalist. The Caribbean and Centro Americano Gold Medalist. Gold medalist for Copa Independencia in the Dominican Republic. There’s so many I can’t even remember! (She laughs)


Where will you be traveling to this week, I hear you’re going on a trip:
I will be traveling to the Olympic camp in Salinas, Puerto Rico to get ready for Olympic trials in July in Peru for 2020 Olympics. Then I will be fighting the Copa Independencia again in DR. Then I’ll be traveling to Ecuador and Columbia and I’ll come back to NY in April for “Ringmasters.” I’ll be fighting in the finals in Madison Square Garden.
I can’t imagine how hard it is to be away from your son while you travel:
It’s torture. It’s always hard. He has his moments where he doesn’t want to speak to me. And that’s his coping mechanism, so I don’t push it. But then he comes back around. I make sure I call him in the morning, in the evening when he’s doing his homework, and again right before he goes to bed. He does his chores, he’s very independent, but he’s still a mama’s boy! He’s a sweet and polite kid and a little gentleman!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a rut and unmotivated? What do you do to get yourself out of that funk?:
As a parent in general and as an athlete, you always feel unmotivated. There are times where you don’t even want to get up. Your body hurts and you’re so stressed. Especially as a parent, you’re worried about bills, making the rent, asking yourself if you’re doing the right thing. I’m constantly stressing about, “Am I being good enough for my son” and sometimes you have to step down and just… have a glass of wine! She laughs and says, “That’s it! That’s my secret. It solves everything! At least for that moment, it does…”

What motivates you and inspires you?:
My Son. Being a mom comes first before anything. One thing my father always used to tell me when I was younger and I never understood until I became a parent was, “I want you to be better than me.” Now that I’m older, I’m going to school, I work, I’m doing boxing and I’ve achieved so much, I want to be that example for him of what you can accomplish. I’m working on my associates now, I want to go for my bachelors because how can I educate or tell my son about education if I don’t have one? He runs competitively, but I always tell him that’s not guaranteed, he needs to go to college, you need a little bit of everything.


What’s dating life like for Nisa? Are guys intimidated by the fact that you’re a boxer?:
Well, right now, that’s not something I actually have time for. Dating for me.. Some guys love it, I don’t know if it’s a masochist thing or a turn on..(She laughs) Others just assume that I’m gay, and I have a lot of girls, especially other fighters that hit on me. I have a lot of options! There’s never a dull moment!

What makes Nisa happy?: My son. Point blank period. He’s my everything.
If there was one thing in the world that you can change, what would that be?:
Poverty. I’ve traveled around the world and I’ve seen so many kids suffering and it breaks my heart because I have a little boy at home. When I go on these trips I try to find 1 or 2 kids and spoil the crap out of them! I never expect anything in return. That’s why I work so hard with the non-profit and doing the program because I feel that every child should feel wanted and special. For 8 years I worked with foster kids, and so many of them felt so unloved. It makes me sad just thinking about it, Nisa says as she pauses to wipe away tears.

What would your message be to the world?:
Don’t be afraid to be different. It’s what makes this world unique. And always be kind. Never expect anything to be done back for you. Just be kind. That’s it.

Photographer: Eddie Pabon @havehonorhavefaith/@LaLecheDelArte Model: Nisa Rodriguez @sweet_destruction Hair & Makeup: Mima Roxx @mimaroxx Styling/Interview: Yasmin Caceres @hellofashionistas Creative Asst: Jessie Paulino @zerodesignz

The Magnificent Bed: A Personal Expression of Luxury and Comfort

magnificent bed

It is often the case that when coming home after a long day’s work we tend to bypass every room and head straight for the bedchamber, that intimate niche that greets us with the warmth and comfort we yearn to nest in. Though, we often take for granted the comforts of our modern day resting place, it may serve well to acknowledge the evolution of the bed through history from a mere stone slab overlaid with leaves, hay, and animal skins in 10,000 B.C. to magnificent examples of affluence, status and power, embellished with high decoration. Over time, social hierarchies direct our inspiration to imbue the resting pad with our own sense of magnificence and importance.

Historian Lucy Worsely’s in-depth look at British royal dynasties suggests that magnificent royal beds reflected the power of the monarch and that their decoration expressed the rise and fall of the monarchy itself. “Royal Beds are supposed to be incredibly sumptuous and true royals can tell if they are not.” My own quest for sumptuous beds brought me to design gurus Rio Hamilton and Nitza Shawriyeh for their personal vision of luxury and comfort.

“I dream in silk. My bedroom chamber has always been a precious and sacred part of my home. I have designed the aesthetic around my bedroom with an ethereal and cloud-like feeling particularly while laying in bed. My Savoir mattress is layered with cashmere and down. The smooth off-white pinnacle Frette sheets are so soft. I’ve always enjoyed layers of white and cream in my bedroom. After a colorful day of strategizing for design brands – it’s nice to have a bedroom recipe that guarantees me a good night sleep.” – Rio Hamilton

“I feel no matter what’s going on in your life your bed should represent and show calmness and comfort! So a bed should be pretty, organized and most of all extremely comfortable!
Sheets should be of the best quality you can afford. I prefer an Egyptian cotton percale.
Depending on the budget these are the brands I like to use: Casa del Bianco, Matouk, Sferra and Williams Sonoma Home also has a nice Egyptian cotton percale. At least 300 count but as long as it’s a good quality Egyptian cotton, thread count above 300-400 doesn’t matter as much.”- Nitza Shawriyeh

Following Rio and Nitza’s lead, you too can create your own version of a magnificent bedchamber.

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Stay Fearless Women: Women Who Support, Empower and Inspire One Another


Did you always want a “Sisterhood”, a group of females that can relate to you and what life can bring you? But never trusted or knew what it is like to have a female group that can be your venting board, your support system or even your new friend! Well, Fearless Women are here just for that.


Fearless Women is a women’s empowered organization whose mission is to uplift, inspire and empower. CEO/Founder Sue Fearless has set out on a journey to bring together women and coach them on how to adopt a positive mindset, develop confidence, and they provide support and encouragement. They also provide resources for job placement and help them become FEARLESS and powerful! Through motivational speaking and life coaching, Sue Fearless is working hard to deliver a powerful message to make a difference!


Fearless Women was founded by Sue Fearless in January 2013. The Fearless Women Organization will provide new women entrepreneurs with the essential resources and tools required for a successful business. The organization also welcomes women who have had successful businesses and have become entrepreneurial powerhouses, so that we can unite and fulfill the goal of empowering women to the highest degree. We will be raising awareness about important topics which are rarely given recognition, such as women in the military and domestic violence victims/survivors. Our network is made up of women from all walks of life, races, ages, classes, businesses, employment, and creativity. We have a respectable diversified team which consists of entrepreneurs, public relations experts, motivational speakers, branding experts, and prominent media entertainment companies, women’s organizations and much more!

Sue Fearless
CEO/Founder – Fearless Women
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Twitter: @fearlesswomenny
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