VEGAN 101: A Latinista’s Guide to Living a Plant Based Life


Becoming a Vegan can be a challenge. Especially being a Latinista bread and meat eater.

However, I have decided like many to slowly transition to being a Vegan for 2020, a choice I made to live a clean and healthier lifestyle.

Living a plant based life doesn’t happen overnight. I wanted to share some research and list that are helpful in making the transition.

Overhaul your shopping list by adding a few vegan meats and nondairy delights. Here are some of the products that make our mouths water the most! Best of all, many of these can be found at grocery stores in your neighborhood.

A few of our favorites are Daiya vegan cheeses, Gardein vegan meats, Earth Balance vegan butters, and Silk soy milk!

Here are some of our favorites we can’t live without!

*Check off the list below as you shop.

Beef Replacements

Pork Replacements

Vegan Chicken and Turkey

Dairy Replacements


Many restaurants offer tasty vegan burgers. At select Carl’s Jr. locations, the Beyond Famous Star Burger can be made vegan by ordering it without cheese or mayo. TGI Fridays offers a Beyond Burger, too—simply opt for the challah bun, skip the cheese, and use a dairy-free sauce. At Johnny Rockets, go for the Gardein black bean burger. Red Robin offers a vegan burger patty, too—order it on a ciabatta bun, rustic Italian bread, or a lettuce wrap and ask for no cheese or aioli sauce.


Pizza joints across the country are dishing out delicious vegan pizza. Pieology offers vegan cheese and vegan meatballs, chicken, and Italian sausage. Blaze Pizza offers vegan cheese and vegan Spicy Chorizo. The pizza sauce and dough at Little Caesars and Papa John’s are vegan, too—simply skip the cheese and load up on veggies to make an ultimate vegan pizza. Pizza Hut uses vegan marinara sauce, and its Thin ‘N Crispy Pizza crusts are vegan as well. Other chains such as Mellow Mushroom and MOD Pizza also offer vegan cheese.

Mexican Food

It’s easy to order vegan food at Mexican-inspired restaurants. Chipotle offers Sofritas—tofu braised with peppers and spices—which you can order in a bowl, burrito, taco or on a salad. At Taco Bell, you can order items fresco-style (pico de gallo is used instead of cheese or sour cream) and sub beans for meat. Del Taco offers Beyond Meat in both tacos and burritos—try the Beyond Avocado Taco. All tacos, fajitas, salads, and burritos at Moe’s Southwest Grill can be made vegan by substituting tofu for meat and skipping the cheese.

Asian Cuisine

Asian cuisines offer a wide variety of choices for hungry vegans! Most Chinese restaurants will let you substitute tofu in any of their entrées to create a vegan dish, and many feature a large selection of vegan meats. Panda Express offers eggplant tofu, spring rolls, brown and white rice, and chow mein, which are all vegan. At Noodles & Company, the Japanese Pan Noodles and Spicy Peanut Sauté are vegan and the Spicy Korean Beef Noodles can be made vegan if you ask for tofu instead of beef.


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