Unwrap Goodness for Your Pet with Great Products this Holiday Season!


The holidays can be a fun time to show love to someone special – and sometimes that someone is your pet! From nutritious snacks and treats to accessories and outerwear, we have everything you need below to treat your pets and pet lovers to the perfect presents!

Everyone wants to indulge in treats during the holidays, and dog parents know how important it is to give healthy, dog-appropriate snacks. Bow Wow Labs takes care of treats and snacks for your dog during the holidays with their Holiday Gift Box. This Holiday Gift Box contains one bag of Turkey Pumpkin Waggy Wafers, one 1.4 Ounce bag of Crunch Puffs, and one Natural Chew Starter Kit. The Crunch Puffs are nutritious single-ingredient snacks that support oral health. The Braided Esophagus is made of 100% beef esophagus and contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which aid in joint health. The waggy wafers are filled with protein and support healthy digestion, as well as pumpkin for sensitive stomachs.

The Bow Wow Labs Holiday Box can be purchased on Amazon and Bow Wow Labs

You might leave Santa milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, but you’ll want to leave out KittyRade, DoggyRade, and YummyRade for your furry family members. The award-winning isotonic rehydration KittyRade and DoggyRade beverages contain taurine and prebiotics to help replenish essential nutrients they lose throughout the day. YummyRade is a gravy meal enhancer that also contains prebiotics and will enhance the flavor and texture of dry food or kibble. Find out more about DoggyRade, KittyRade, and YummyRade at https://us.doggyrade.com/

Making sure your dog’s grooming products are as good as what you feed them is very important. HAPPYBOND has partnered with Ziggy Marley to create a line of grooming products that are sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, mineral oil-free, and silicone-free. The Deep Clean Shampoo, Leave-In Conditioner, and No-Wash Refresher are also free of synthetic fragrances – only peppermint and rosemary essential oils are used in the formula. You can pre-order the full grooming line at https://happybond.com/collections.

Winter can be harsh, and not just because of the weather alone. Freezing concrete, ice, snow, and harsh chemicals used to de-ice sidewalks can be painful and harmful for dogs. Walkee Paws has the solution for safe, comfortable, protective walks with their adjustable fit outdoor leggings! The four-way stretch legging fabric – with water-resistant technology to keep legs warm and dry – comes in both solids and fun prints. The over-the-back adjustable design and the attached booties allow for maximum comfort while also protecting your pup from the elements, salt, germs, and mud. Sizing and ordering your leggings can be done at Walkee Paws. Want to get them as a present for someone else, but not sure of sizing or style? Get a Walkee Paws gift card at walkeepaws.com.

In the spirit of protecting your dog, don’t forget about those working and active dogs. All the gear you could want for dog-powered activities can be found at Alpine Outfitters. Their X-Back and Urban Trail Harnesses can be custom-made to fit or purchased in their “Ready-To-Go” standard sizes. The X-Pack Harnesses are crafted with only the highest quality raw materials, including premium moisture resistant and temperature neutral Polartec® Fleece padding. Whether hiking snow-covered mountains or just taking a walk through the neighborhood park, get your best friend something from Alpine Outfitters at https://www.alpineoutfitters.net/.

If you’re in the market for a gift that’s practical and helpful for a pet owner, give them the gift of easily monitoring their pet’s kidney and digestive health. The Full CheckUp Kit for Cats allows cat parents to test for indications of kidney issues including high protein content, blood in the urine, and high glucose levels (diabetes). It comes with the special hydrophobic Kit4Cat Litter that not only encourages use by a cat with its sand texture, but also allows for a sample to be easily collected as it does not absorb the urine. After easily collecting the sample off the top with the included pipette and collection vile, it can be brought to the veterinarian or refrigerated for up to forty-eight hours before submitting. The Full CheckUp Kit also includes CheckUp Strips, which allow for the monitoring of different medical conditions in house cats. The CheckUp Kit and its products can be purchased at Amazon, Chewy, Walmart, and Jeffers. Product brochures and testing kit instructions can be downloaded at https://checkupkit.com/

Is there a dog lover on your list? Whether they have their own or just love everyone else’s, Dog Is Good has something for everyone. From apparel to home goods, Dog Is Good has you covered. Can’t find that perfect Hannukah present for your dog lover? Get them this adorable pillow. Do you know someone who starts every morning with a dog walk and a cup of coffee? Gift them with Dog Is Good’s “Coffee and My Dog Collection”. The collection has mugs, sweatshirts, and their signature premium Colombian coffee (in whole bean and ground). Great Dog Is Good Products can be found at dogisgood.com.

Whether it’s for indoors, outdoors, a pet, or a pet lover, make sure you check everything off their list, or surprise them with something they never knew they needed before this holiday season with these great gift ideas.