Times Square Fashion Week 2021


Lights! Camera! Times Square Fashion Week kicks off a Digital Fashion Experience on an NYC Double Decker Bus!

For 2021 during New York Fashion Week, Times Square Fashion Week™ took the opportunity to showcase a Digital Fashion Show throughout Times Square locations by featuring designers and their collection in their FALL IN LOVE COLLECTION AW21. 

Press and designers experienced Times Square NYC and their Digital Show on a Double Decker NYC Bus!

We are always trying to think of something new and different to offer designers and creatives. Our goal is to highlight amazing designers and give them a platform. This year we were deliberate in celebrating sustainability, black history month, and the love of NY”, says Founder Dee Rivera

Times Square Fashion Week made history in 2020 by turning the famous Father Duffy Square Red Stairs into a symbol of the changing landscape of New York Fashion Week.

Times Square Fashion Week gave a taste of the new normal in the midst of a global pandemic and brought a glimmer of hope to fashion insiders, designers, and VIPs who gathered in the heart of New York City’s Times Square. Featuring seven talented designers on deck, as well as key sponsors, key-note speakers, and other creative artists. During September 2020 the Times Square Alliance, Fashion Mingle, and Manhattan Borough President partnered with us to create a slam dunk event on how moving fashion-forward is done safely.


Kimberly Pucci

Colorful. Luxury. Quality.

Kimberly Pucci is a trendsetter when it comes to luxury handbags… Beautifully made and amazing color will make a statement wherever you go… “True luxury allows a woman to wear exactly what she wants when she wants. It includes her in the creative process. It expresses her individuality. It fits so perfectly with her lifestyle, she’ll wear it every day. I love that I can give my clients that freedom, with the very highest level of quality and craftsmanship—and at a value, the big luxury houses simply cannot offer.” www.kimberlypucci.com



We wanted to also celebrate diversity and Black History Month. Highlighted was the International Fashion Designer, Justin Haynes of Jus10H who has blossomed into the new must-see fashion sensation. His signature designs have been noticed on runways across the US and beyond. Since the inception of JUS10H, Justin has worked diligently to perfect his craft, while remaining humble and dedicated to his hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. Justin is an energetic, creative, visionary designer who thrives on pushing the envelope. As it pertains to fashion, he believes that one should be true to themselves, walk boldly in what makes one feel good, inside and out and never worry about what others may think about you. www.jus10h.com




Blinded by Color Project

The biggest trend at Fashion Week? Sustainability. We highlighted designer Mireia Lopez and her collection of 100% recycled materials or in an effort to show their commitment to sustainability. www.blindedbycolorproject.com


“Genderless & timeless caftans for all mankind. Our mission is to increase the prosperity and health of human and natural environments in artisan communities through holistic design approaches and collaborative participation, transforming the way we create and consume where pre-post production waste, energy, and water is reduced to a minimum. Creatives have the power to be transformers, human-centered design, system thinking or design thinking approaches are great tools to open our perspectives. Everyone no matter our profession, or how big or small are our efforts, have the power to make the earth a better place” – Mireia Lopez, designer



House of Barretti

Isabella Barrett is an American-born actress who got her start at age 5 in reality TV. From a breakout starring role on the hit TV show Toddlers & Tiaras to NBC’s Bravo Game of Crowns to her own series in Germany called Beauty Queens, Isabella was able to navigate a successful reality TV/business model with product brands that made her a millionaire at 6-years-old. In 2012, Isabella was named one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the United States after developing several business ventures around her initial TV success. Today Isabella stars in a hit show on Amazon Prime called Next Big Thing NYC and is a Brand Owner and Beauty Influencer. www.houseofbarretti.com



Dee Rivera-Founder of Times Square Fashion Week

A Native New Yorker, bringing nearly 15 years of advertising, branding & public relations experience working with some of the most recognizable fashion, beauty, luxury, lifestyle brands, and celebrities in the world. Dee has her polished finger on the pulse of the next big trend. She works tirelessly to secure top media print outlets as well as high-profile digital magazines and National TV Segments through her agency DCG Media Group. Her book Glambition Knocking Down Walls In Heels helps inspire women to break barriers in the workplace with no apologies Follow us at @TimesSquareFashionWeek