Self Care, Self Love – Latinista Must-Haves!


Self Care, Self Love

Latinista Magazine has chosen these top-of-the-line products for every Latinista to pamper and indulge!

The Green Forest Lady  

This collection was created by a lovely woman named Tanna Larson, who felt there was a void in the marketplace when it came to true natural products for Women and Babies. The brand prides itself on offering ‘Handcrafted Herbal Care That Celebrates the Purity of Nature.’ And that is not just a saying – every product is handmade by Tanna and her small team, and each and every ingredient is selected with an intention and a purpose. Tanna has created some wonderful gift sets, which can be found below. As you will notice, there are sets for baby care, mommy care, a combination set and one for body care… and all sets are retailing for well under $100.

The collection includes:
1) Pure Deodorant that can help you keep that confidence and comfort with ingredients that work to soak up (not block) moisture and neutralize odor while restoring, soothing, and gently detoxifying the sensitive underarm skin using only the highest quality, organic, non-toxic ingredients. Infused herbs and restoring oils add another dimension to take our Pure Deodorant a step above “just another clean deodorant.”

2) Organic, plant-based Coco Cleanse, rich in antioxidants, full of botanical benefits, and is great for all skin types.

3) Whipped Berry Silk is a whipped blend of oils and butters whose combined properties help to soothe, smooth, restore, repair, soften, and brighten skin.  Naturally high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, it helps in wrinkle reduction, to reduce free radicals, while deeply moisturizing and nourishing skin without clogging pores. 
Price: $65.00

Alps & Meters

Alps and Meters is a luxury sportswear brand consisting of the highest quality knitwear and outerwear for both women and men. Founded upon a mission to uphold the classic traditions of alpine sport, Alps & Meters’ products combine the world’s best natural materials, classic construction techniques, and contemporary technologies which craft high-performance garments that are tailored, technical and timeless. 

They are launching an Authentic American Alpine capsule, in partnership with Evo St Louis, just in time for the weather to turn colder and ski enthusiasts to get out on the slopes.  This capsule collection honors the traditions of the first American alpine enthusiasts and the birth of the National Ski Association with a timeless, traditional, yet modern color palette of red, white, and blue juxtaposed with intricate piping, stripes, and unexpected techniques like a thumb hole to keep your hands warm whilst skiing.
Price: $475 and $495.

Flax Home 

Flax Home is a Vancouver- based home and lifestyle brand that was founded by three friends who shared a love for linen and a great night’s sleep. The company started out with bedding and quickly realized there was a need for linen beyond the bedroom. That led to the creation of their much-loved waffled linen towels, robes, and a baby and kid’s collection. They have just introduced new colors for Fall (a gorgeous, deep blue, and a dark and cozy green), and will be launching some new collections that were inspired by one of the founder’s recent trip to Portugual. Curated. Comfort. Care – from sheets to towels, dining room linen and robes, to baby and kid’s bedding Flax Home is perfect for everyone and every room in your home.  Everyday luxury, exceptional comfort. 
Price: $320.00 (Above Mint Duvet Set. Includes: Duvet cover, with end closure & inner corner ties to keep everything in place. 2 pillowcases, embraced by an envelope closure)


The LintZapper™ is a new, portable laundry problem solver. Designed with convenience in mind, LintZapper™ is putting a new spin on lint rollers. Instead of the bulky, easily breakable rollers, LintZapper™ is a lint roller sheet in a discreet, flat package. You simply take out a LintZapper sheet, use the super sticky side on anything covered in lint, hair, and fur, and toss the sheet out when you’re done. LintZapper™ was designed to take with you anywhere. From use at home before heading out for the day, to tossing it in your bag and having an emergency wardrobe saver. LintZapper™ is versatile and can even be used to get hard to reach lint, hair and crumbs out of bags, luggage, inside cup holders in the car, etc. LintZapper™ comes with 40 sheets in a pack, sold in a bundle of 3 packs for a total of 120 sheets for:
Price: $14.97

Éclat – Aloe Vera Gel 

Éclat is a natural skin-care brand that makes products designed with your real beauty routine in mind. We cut through the clutter and go back to nature. Today, we combine earth-sourced ingredients with smart science. This boosts potency and gives you faster results. Their Aloe Vera Gel calms skin, hydrates and reduces irritation. Soothe stressed-out skin. 100% pure aloe vera gel will go rancid within days, so we’ve formulated ours at the highest possible concentration – 99.75% pure aloe leaf juice, and no diluting water – for prolonged potency. This gel calms inflammation, sunburn and other irritation, delivering a dose of hydration with instant benefits. This product can be used on the face, body and hair. Shake the bottle before use.
Price: $13.00

Tea Forte – Wellbeing Collection

Relax, restore and revitalize the mind and body with this wellness-focused tea collection, inspired by the elegance and holistic knowledge of fine luxury spas. Organic green tea blends and herbal tisanes come together to support a glowing complexion, enlivened spirit, fortified defenses, calm state of mind, and purified sense of tranquility. The Wellbeing Collection includes the following blends: Defense (green tea), Invigorate (green tea), Purify (herbal tea), Radiance (herbal tea), and Serenity (herbal tea). All teas in this collection are USDA Organic and Kosher Certified.
Price: $22.00

LaJeanell Skincare & Makeup System

LaJeanell’s Essential Makeup Limited Edition with Organic Cotton Cosmetic Bag featuring the brand’s Moonlight Lume Pod; Dramatic Lashes Black Mascara; Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek, and Eye Shadow Color; Neutral Lip Liner Pencil; and Mini application brush. Everything you need to create a glam holiday simple look. Former model and skincare expert Shirley Powell created indie brand LaJeanell which inhibits beauty that transcends over time. Featuring a mascara, lip liner, a Moonlight Lume Pod, and a Multi-purpose Lip, Cheek, & Eye product in five shades, the brand strives to provide a solution for busy and healthy lifestyles.  “Adding some shimmer for holiday outings and get together with LaJeanell’s Moonlight Lume Pod is a festive touch. LaJeanell’s unique creamy formula and seductively sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accent,” Shirley believes. “And topping off the look with Winter Holly Berries Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek and Eye Shadow color is a great choice to complete a simple yet elegant holiday look.” LaJeanell’s organic products are formulated with quality ingredients and products that are dual purpose, healthy, vegan and sustainable resulting in a youthful appearance. LaJeanell’s quality makeup products are great for sensitive skin. Made with organic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and natural healing properties. Made with the highest quality ingredients. Vegan, cruelty free, fragrance and preservative free. Free of synthetics, parabens, formaldehyde and phthalates.
Price: $129

ROAM Homegrown 

ROAM Homegrown: Wintertime candles are a must! ROAM Homegrown is a woman-owned brand that offers perfectly poured large soy candles out of Austin, Texas that feature natural scents and phthalate-free fragrance, soy wax and 100% cotton wicks. Boasting five collections; Classic, Smoke, Cream, and Retro, scents range from best-selling Lavender + Driftwood to exotic Dry Gin + Cypress.  Also available on Etsy (with over 77,000 sales) + Amazon
Price: $40.00 +

Tea Runners

Warm up with a hot cup of tea from the best, most customizable tea subscription on the market! They have sampled 1000+ teas from the industry’s top tea companies to bring tea lovers top quality, award-winning teas delivered to their door every month. Enjoy loose leaf teas, along with tasting notes and brewing instructions. Within those boxes, you can customize your subscription even further, really delving into exactly the taste and variety you’d like. If you’re not looking for a commitment, you also have the ability to shop individual teas, choosing from rare and award-winning brands, which is of utmost importance to those that truly love to brew and steep. Also available on Amazon.
Price: $25 +


Who knew bedtime could look this cute?! This set includes cozy tie waist pants, a super soft button-down top, and fabulous feathers cuffs. Did we mention the feather cuffs are detachable to make for an easy wash? Slip into our Danica Pajama Set after a long day, because you’ve earned it! Also makes the perfect gift for your girl
Price: $136

The Snorinator

The Snorinator was created by Entrepreneur Lloyd Ecker after suffering for ages from sleep apnea. Lloyd tried everything to stop – nasal strips, mouth tape, nose clips, throat sprays, chin straps, nostril vents, oral mouthpieces, and even the widely used CPAP machine.  He even failed two sleep studies administered by a Mt. Sinai Hospital sleep doctor specialist, which made him ineligible to get the Inspire implant device.  The Snorinator is the only 100% non-invasive device to stop snoring. According to science based on a discovery by Dr. George Ryerson Fowler in 1888, propping a person up at a 60 to 90-degree angle to treat Tuberculosis, also stopped snoring. It was a fluke result in treating Tuberculosis. Propping up his TB patients (named the High Fowler’s position) widened their windpipes allowing them to breathe easier, and thus eliminating snoring. Lloyd took this information and created a pillow made for sleeping comfortably in the upright position to stop snoring. Sure, The Snorinator was ugly as sin, but it worked! Once positioned into the Snorinator, nine out of 10 snorers won’t snore ever again* and with his snoring in check, his love life was back on track.
Price: $174.99

MesoLyft Power Combo

Enjoy fast results with our patented micro-needling Beauty Tool & Skincare in one. Natural ingredients will infuse your skin with moisture and make it supple instantly, while vitamins and plant extracts will help improve the texture of your skin over time and long term. Includes MesoLyft Eye, Lip, & Neck. Founded from a desire to create meaningful, healthy change in the beauty industry, MesoLyft products are formulated with the highest quality, purest ingredients for maximum impact—and never use synthetic dyes or test products on animals. Our brand strives to utilize sustainable, ethically-sourced production so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.
Price: $345

Muck Boots

Cozy, cute plaids. This season, plaid is on trend – Muck Boot has a great assortment of boots that have that great pop of plaid. Not only are they cute accessories for the cold season, but they are loaded with function for warmth, durability, chores, and outdoor pursuits.The women’s Hale Tall Boot (Pictured above) is their most popular women’s boot for any season. Lightweight with breathable mesh lining and a self-cleaning ribbed outsole makes this boot a must-have.
Price: $145

Mon-Ye Vodka

Experience the newest premium luxury vodka to hit the market, MON-YÉ Vodka. MON-YÈ Vodka is not your average vodka and has created the smoothest and most sophisticated vodka-drinking experience. Distilled from pure cane sugar and infused with coconut water, MON-YÉ Vodka offers an innovative take on vodka. MON-YÉ is a luxury beverage brand with 1st generation West African owners from Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Co-Owners of MON-YÉ Vodka, Leslie Monye and Gbessay Bockai, introduce a taste of West Africa’s savannahs and coastal rainforests through their premium vodka brand. MON-YÉ allows you to experience the taste of the tropics and a departure from the mainstream. MON-YÉ Vodka aims to allow people to experience culture and heritage through the world and flavor of MON-YÉ. Their website is now officially live for sales, partnerships, and delicious recipes: They can also be found on Instagram and Tiktok under the handles:

EpicLight Beauty

EpicLight Beauty’s multi-use, wear-anywhere blush is the perfect accessory for any skin type or tone. This makeup + skincare hybrid boosts your natural glow with a pop of color while smoothing fine lines over time. All four shades are carefully formulated to match all skin tones. Dab it on your cheeks, lips, and lids. This buildable cream-to-powder blush is a lightweight moisturizing and smoothing formula, that’s infused with hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, and sea fennel extract.
Price $30.00

Auro Wellness & SkincareGlutaryl

A CELLULAR BREAKTHROUGH TO MANAGE STRESS AND TOXINS: Let your body care for you with this powerful antioxidant spray that delivers a high dose of glutathione. Glutathione (GSH), often referred to as the Master Antioxidant, is a naturally occurring tri-peptide amino acid that is the second most abundant molecule in the body – the first is water! Glutathione is vital to your wellbeing because it supports cellular health and is your first line of defense in fighting free radicals and eliminating toxins from the body. Your supply of Glutathione affects immunity, detoxification, energy, aging, and your ability to guard against disease.

The Auro GSH™ Antioxidant Delivery System is first-of-its-kind sub-nano technology that optimizes antioxidant absorption and efficacy and delivers Glutathione to the body more potently than ever before. It aids in detoxifying the body of existing free radicals and improving one’s health in both the short-term and the long-term.
Price:  $119.95


Natracare creates organic, natural, and sustainable period and personal care products that are better for the environment and better for women’s health. Natracare, founded by lifetime environmentalist Susie Hewson, offers an array of menstrual products for women making the switch to a plastic-free period. The products include tampons, pads, pantiliners, moist tissue as well as incontinence pads and wipes for babies. All Natracare products are:

●Made using 100% certified organic cotton
●Made with natural materials
●Use recyclable packaging

Natracare, was the first organic & plastic free menstrual brand. The leading sustainable brand of feminine care is the answer to the environmental impact of feminine care products. Natracare period products are both biodegradable and commercially compostable, so you can rest assured they’ll break down after use and will contribute nutrients to soil when disposed of correctly. The average period product is loaded with plastic. Choosing plastic free pads and tampons lets intimate skin breathe and cuts out plastic pollution.
Find out where to buy here

Joe – Le Soap – Apricot Seed Body Butter

Apricot Seed Body Butter is a super moisturizer and is one of our best recipes to nourish and relieve dry skin and Eczema.  With a noticeably light aroma, we carefully crafted a product for the most sensitive skin types.  Our rich pot of super ingredients, rich in vitamins, is sure to give your skin a gorgeous and radiant glow.  Apricot seed is used to nourish and soften skin, fight acne, and relieve itchy symptoms just to name a few benefits of this miracle ingredient. Apricot seed is anti-inflammatory, great for clearing skin, reducing blemishes, and dark spots.  Combined with other ingredients like jojoba and argan oil, this butter can boost elasticity, skin cell production, and help with toning and anti-aging. 
Price: $13.99