Cool and Comfy COVID-19 Gear


By Dee Rivera & Aida Toro

COVID-19 has the ladies saying to themselves, “Alright, it is time to change from my day pajamas to my night pajamas.” Although pajamas are considered to be the new norm for the outfit of the day, there are other articles of clothing that can give your outfit a pop. Don’t sell yourself short!

We’ve rounded up seven pieces you can rock in the comfort of your own home which will still have you looking sicker than your average.

1)Plain White T-shirt

A plain white tee is essential and is a piece you can never go wrong with as you can style it up by putting a choker or necklace on. You can also pair it with your most stylish pajama pants or flare yoga pants.

2)Pajama Pants

Yes, I know pajamas have been mentioned a lot, however, there are some pajamas that won’t do you wrong for this quarantine life. Grab a pair of silk pajama pants that you can wear a leotard with and it’ll look like a lounge like outfit you can wear out to dinner.


Leggins are always a go-to whether there’s a pandemic or not. Athleisure wear has been such a hit for the past couple of years and what better way to slip out of the same old pajamas than by putting on a fresh pair of leggings from Lululemon or Target!


Pullover sweatshirts have been trending like hotcakes on Instagram, especially tye-dye colored ones. Give yourself a pop of color this quarantine, as color boosts up the mood.


Many don’t want to wear jeans because they want to feel comfy since they are home, however, there are loose jeans you can wear, such as the ‘mom’ jeans. ‘Mom’ jeans are a breath of fresh air.

6)Denim Jacket

It can get a little nippy at home even though it is warm outside. Grab your denim jacket that can be paired with absolutely any bottom. If you have an oversized denim jacket, even better!