5 Tips to Welcoming Spring and Decluttering Your Closet!


Sure spring is near and you’ve been wanting to make room in your closet for months, just to feel good about yourself. With these 5 tips on how to de-clutter your closet, you’ll be killing five birds with one stone. Say hello to getting rid of what you don’t need, inviting in what you do need and contributing to your new organized life.

Step 1: Prep
Make room in your apartment for a clothing construction zone. Clear the way for where you’ll be piling clothes from your closet for decision making. Pour a nice glass of wine and get ready to clear your closet!

Step 2: Dump your closet
Pull EVERYTHING out of your closet and spread them out so nothing is missed. Especially the pieces that you don’t wear often. Check for anything hiding in corners, under shelves, behind bags or baskets.

Step 3: Analyze and separate
Review each piece and separate into boxes labeled “toss”, “donate” or “sell”. This way you can feel good that you’re giving back while making a lil dough from selling some old favorites. Little note: if you’ve only worn it once during that year, toss it!

Step 4: Organize
Stay organized with small efficient storage containers that you can find at Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store or similar home improvement stores. Utilize all the usable space from top to bottom of your closet by finding the perfect space for every piece. Think tall shoe rack, tall shelves and connecting hangers. Space friendly organization can be found at almost any store and even on TV with the HSN or QVC. Via HSN Joy Mangano has helped many people get organized with her multiple products for closet organization.

Step 5: Party
Get your friends to clean out their closets and have a closet cleaning party! Have everyone bring their clothes to your house, pop open some Rose’ and start trading! Having one of your closest pals make an old favorite piece of yours into a new favorite piece of theirs is very gratifying. Raise your glasses to clean closets and happy friends!