5 Ways To Practice Self-Love this February


As much as we love our significant others and our families we need to remember how important it is to practice self-love. Whether through small simple gestures or extravagant ones don’t forget to appreciate yourself this February. Here are ways you can show yourself how much you love you!

Invest: Learn to invest in yourself! Whether that be through investing in alone time or building a business. When you invest in yourself, your dreams or simply saving money for something important you are putting yourself first. No matter how you choose to invest in yourself, your ROI (Return On Investment) will always me well worth your original investment.

Delete: Delete those negative people from your life! If the people you are surrounded by are not making you happy or valuing you it’s time for them to go! There is a Spanish saying “mejor sola que con mala compania” which means “better alone, than with bad company”. As you get older you will understand that the people you surround yourself with can and will affect your life in tremendous ways. Choose positive and supportive people and delete the rest.

Educate: I’m a strong believer in education and it was always a must in my family. Now college is not for everyone and is not necessarily needed for success (Bill Gates anyone), but education is a life long journey. Whether its learning a new language for that vacation or learning to dance salsa for your friend’s wedding, education enriches your life. You can educate yourself on anything and everything these days thanks to the internet. So, the next time you’re asked what did you go to school for? Tell them all the subjects of life you’re educated on!

Relax: Learn to relax. This is something I’m slowly learning to do personally. Relaxation can come in many forms, choose one and practice it daily. Personal relaxation favorites for me include dancing to music or watching Netflix! As business women, moms, care takers and more there can be little time for relaxation. Although you must learn to relax for the good of your health. Without relaxation our bodies begin to shut down, no matter how much you think you can keep working. Don’t risk your health, well being and spending money on recovery when relaxation is all you need.

Travel: A great way to practice self-love is by traveling. Traveling expands your horizons and your mind. No matter if it’s simply crossing state lines or journeying to a new country, travel is always an experience you’ll benefit from. Traveling is always a great way to immerse yourself in new cultures and learn something new. It also teaches you about yourself by pushing you outside your comfort zone. Will you be able to figure out the European metro system? Might you learn that you really love African food? Will you learn that you admire Japanese art? Only you can figure it out when you travel!

These are just some of the ways you can practice self-love this February. But why stop with February, practice these tips your entire life for a happier and better you! How do you practice self-love?


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