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5 Things to Do With Your Mini For Valentines Day


My daughter has always loved Valentine’s Day. Every year I try to make it special for her. I’m going to enjoy being her valentine for a few more years. Here are some of the ways we have celebrated our day of Love.

  • Mommy & Me Spa Day – I don’t let my daughter paint her nails often. I save that treat for special occasions. When I do allow her to paint her nails it’s always a fun experience for us both. In the past we’ve gone to a children’s spa that had mommy & me specials. During which we received facials, manicures and pedicures. The great thing is that more and more of these children’s spas are popping up where you can experience mommy and me spa days!


  • Valentine’s Day Party – We’ve done this a few times. Who doesn’t love a good party? I have my nieces and nephews come over and help decorate with hearts and balloons. Next we all dance to kid-friendly music for a few hours. Of course my daughter insists on dressing up for the festivities!


  • Movie Night – Let’s face it nothing says love like snuggling on the couch as you eat popcorn and watch movies. This is a simple and cost effective way to celebrate with your children.


  • Valentine’s Day Goodie Exchange – Most children don’t get much mail so arrange a snail mail exchange with some of your friends. Much like a Secret Santa party your minis can exchange gifts, and when you keep the group small it’s an easy activity. Five friends is a good amount with a set price limit on gifts. Each child gets a gift back from all of the children in the exchange. Granted your children might not count this as a gift from you but you get quality time together while making gift bags for the other children. It also helps your children learn the joy of giving.


  • Bake Together – Now, I’m no Betty Crocker but I do know how to read and follow directions! If you can bake from scratch then do it. Just know there is nothing wrong with grabbing a box of cake mix and frosting and making something delicious. My daughter especially loves when we make cupcakes or cakes. It is rarely about eating the sweets and almost always about doing it together.


Honestly, at the end of the day its all about spending quality time together. However you choose to celebrate with your minis make sure to be present. Put down the phone and don’t check the email. Be in the moment. Eat the cake, watch another movie and turn the music up! In a few years they might not remember how you spent this Valentines day. Although they will remember you being there and feeling loved.


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