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10 Ways to LOVE Being Single During the Holidays

10 Ways to Enjoy LOVE Being Single During the Holidays

If the new Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny single says that “being single is hip,” we are all for it!

Although Christmas is mainly associated with nostalgia and romanticism, there is no law that says that you can’t enjoy the holiday spirit just hanging out with yourself.

For all those single ladies who do not plan to lock themselves in during the festivities, here are the 10 best ways to fully enjoy ‘being single’ during this holiday season.

Laugh at singleness and visit comedy clubs. This is one of the few places where going alone goes completely unnoticed. The seating is by groups according to the size of the table. You will have the opportunity to laugh your heart out and generate tons of endorphins… a feel good boost that will help you enjoy the festivities.

Travel. Touring another city totally changes the perspective of being ‘on your own’. As a tourist, there is no awkwardness dining without the plus-one in the trendy restaurant or hitting the bar without a companion. Opportunities to meet new friends, multiply – just be mindful of where you go and use common sense. If you don’t have the budget to travel, don’t worry! Put on your best tourist disguise and stride around the city. This is your opportunity to visit all the tourist traps without your friends making fun. Besides, you never know if that German girl will be your new BFF or if the handsome Italian you met wandering around Times Square is a potential boyfriend.

Go MeetUp. Like you, this season is full of singles looking for group activities to get into the Christmas spirit. Through APPs like MeetUp, you can find ski or hiking excursions close to the City, dinners at trendy restaurants in New York, or outings to the most popular museums, among dozens of other activities. New York is your playground!

A ‘me’ date. If you prefer to relax and give your social life a rest, set up a date with the best company: You. Pamper yourself with a complete beauty routine and then prepare a delicious dinner to enjoy by candlelight. Before bed, make a list of all the things for which you are grateful while sipping on a cup of tea. You will see that the list is much longer than you imagined.

Go to the theater. The theater is spectacular all year round, but it’s during the holidays when you can enjoy some magical performances on and off Broadway. The theater is one of those places that are better to go alone, especially if you want to enjoy the presentation at your leisure – without interruptions.

Visit the Spa. You definitely do not need a reason to go for a beauty day anytime of the year, but during the holidays is just SPActacular!
Singles party. Organize a pre-Christmas party and ask your friends to only invite their single buddies. Here “the more, the merrier!” is key. No need to spend a fortune, just prepare some delicious snacks and ask each of your guests to bring their favorite vino. Make sure you have great music and voila! Everyone will expect a repeat party next year.

Change your image. Although ‘tis the season’ to abandon the beauty routine, focus otherwise. Hit the gym, change your hairstyle or color, visit one of the popular cosmetic stores and ask to update your makeup or buy those sexy heels that make you look crazy hot … Santa Claus will notice!

Transform your way of thinking. Instead of feeling depressed for being single, imagine the world of possibilities when there are no sentimental commitments. Feel proud of your singleness and do not fall into the pressure of having a boyfriend just to fit in. If you change the way you think, the rest of the world will see you differently. At that next couple’s dinner, rejoice and enjoy your freedom … maybe your paired-up friends end up feeling like they’re the ones missing out.

Be proactive with love. If in spite of everything, you still miss having a better half for the holidays, get to it! In a metropolis like New York City, it is not easy to run into the man of your dreams; you have to take the initiative. The good news is that there are dozens of sites that organize events and parties for singles. The secret is going to the events with activities that you like and enjoy. If you open up to meeting new people, regardless of the possibility of a romantic connection, worst case scenario is that you will start the New Year with an expanded circle of friends.


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