Very slowly it seems like Hispanics are remaking America, and Latinas have a powerful influence in this change. From Latinas in film and media to Latinas in politics. There have been some truly remarkable Latina leaders and activists, who have changed the world for the better. Take a look at the 3 Latinas below for how they changed their world and what they fought and are fighting for.

1) Joan Baez began to make her mark in the world in the 1960’s composing, recording, and performing songs of peace and spirituality. Doing this she fell in love with political activism and marched and sang for student rights, civil liberties, and peace. Now, she is supporting humanitarian causes and has a school in California focused on non-violence.

2)Nydia Velazquez was born in Puerto Rico in 1953. From very little she was a young activist and spent her teenage years fighting for causes like sanitation in school and the level of health. In 1992, she became the first Puerto Rican women to be elected to serve in the US Congress. Nydia then became the chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus till January 2011.

3)Susana Martinez is New Mexico’s first female governor and the first Hispanic women to run for state. She pushes for education reforms and budget cutbacks. Last year, she was even named one of Time’s most influential people in the world. She has even earned one of the highest approval ratings in the country, never dropping below 60 percent, and has mentioned as possible competition for Chris Christie in 2016.

As a culture we have a number of leaders and activists to look up to and be thamnkful for. Whether its fighting for freedom, or fighting for health care these women and other latina women have made a impact on the world and for years to come.

Who is your favorite powerful Latina women?


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