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Six steps to Manifest Your Goals


The law of attraction works universally on every plane of action, and we attract whatever we desire or expect.

It is a powerful, universal law that you can use to manifest your dreams and desires. However, it’s not enough to simply think about what you want. When you focus your energy, attention, awareness, and emotion on something, it becomes your reality.

Take Conscious control of manifesting your goals with the six steps below:

Step 1: Visualize Your Goal
Get crystal clear on exactly what you would like to create or experience.
Visualize your goals through a collage, focus wheel, and/or quotes.

Step 2: Raise your Vibration
Attract more of what you want, infuse your visualization with powerful vibration.

Step 3: Ask the Universe
Cultivate the emotion of achieving the goal as if it were already real when asking the universe for your desires.

Step 4: Clear your Resistance
Remove any limiting beliefs such as procrastination, anxiety, regret, doubt, and fear

Step 5: Become Aligned with Your Goals
Get Clarity on your core values and mission, get back into alignment with your life’s purpose and begin living in accordance with your calling.

Step 5: Trust the Process
To manifest, you also have to trust the process. If you don’t believe what you’re saying, you’re going to feel the opposite of what you want to attract.

Step 6: Recognize it as true:

Act as if you already have everything you want. The energy of knowledge is so much stronger than belief.

Know that what you want to create is already yours and it will be.

Manifest your goals, create new beliefs, focus your thoughts and emotions, and feel the excitement of watching your vision become a reality, then share with Latinistas everywhere. #Manifest

Ohilda Holguin, MEd




Fashion Inspired by Second Act In Movies Dec 21st

@Latinista Magazine we are obsessed with our Cover Girl’s look for her new + upcoming film Second Act in movies Dec 21st!

We found our favorite look in two easy pieces.

The perfect staple piece for your wardrobe. Tie the front of the shirt, roll up the sleep and pull shirt over shoulders. Voila.
H+M White Long Cotton Shirt $29.99

The classic pencil skirt, always in style. Make sure to accessorize with a leather belt to accentuate the waist.
Banana Republic Plaid Bi-Stretch Wrap-Front Pencil Skirt $89.50

Second Act is a comedy along the lines of Working Girl and Maid In Manhattan. Lopez plays Maya, a 40-year-old woman struggling with unfulfilled dreams. Until, that is, she gets the chance to prove to Madison Avenue that street smarts are as valuable as book smarts, and that it is never too late for a second act. Leah Remini, Vanessa Hudgens, Treat Williams and Milo Ventimiglia also star. Lopez produces with Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina, Justin Zackham.

Have you found your Cuddle Buddy yet, Single Ladies? What are you waiting for?


Cuffing season definition: Temporary relationship for a season, not a serious relationship or coupling, being single and ready to mingle
Cuffing season is in full effect, have you decided who will be your cuddle buddy this season?
I myself have not had much luck but I’ve been entertained with the whole notion of what seems to be “a thing” for cold weather. I really don’t care for it but it is documented that it is normal for humans to have a craving and desire to cuddle as soon as the weather gets colder due to Oxytocin – often called the “cuddle hormone”. People also reflect more on life and want to date more, dating apps become their go-to during this season more than any other time of the year.
Some make it a mission for the winter and some rather “couple up” for something more serious or longer. For the ones that aren’t sure how this cuffing season goes. Here are some rules for a happy cuffing season:
⦁ Be as clear as possible on your intention- you must be on the same page since there is a expiration date
⦁ Don’t get emotionally involved or invest time as you would normally do for a relationship
⦁ Treat each other with respect and respect the expiration date
⦁ Never introduce each other to family

Now that we got rules out the way, here are some ideas on how to find yourself a cuddle buddy:
⦁ Choice of clothing- Show less and let imaginations grow, it will make a person desire and want to see more
⦁ You have more free time since it’s cold out. People seem to socialize less, use this time to update your dating apps and photos
⦁ Attend more happy hours- 15% more men are out on the “hunt”
⦁ Accept holiday parties invites,
How to make the most of the season without spending too much money during this cuffing season:
⦁ Ice skating
⦁ Hot cocoa date
⦁ Netflix and chill — Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

If this season isn’t for you, then get a great cozy sweater for warmth! Otherwise, get your cuddle on, enjoy your company, protect yourself. Be aware this season usually ends Feb or March. All in time for play in the sun! Happy Cuffing!

Why are men intimidated by attractive women?


Do you ever think why you may be single or why you’re sitting at a bar alone when there are plenty of men around? Are they intimidated that you can sit at a bar alone. For example, I think to myself that I am well put together as I sip on my drink and write this article, if I was a dude, I’d be interested but maybe just a little hesitant- I must admit but I still wonder why the seat next to me is empty. Do men think if they talk to you- it sends the wrong intention. Is it a confidence thing?
I find they are afraid to make the first move, they seem shy or scared, they will flirt but wont go further, they aren’t the “hunters” that they are destined to be, they don’t really pursue a woman better yet connect with a female. If you generally ask them that is all they say they are looking for- A “connection” but how do you connect if you don’t approach and make effort to pursue. We, as females are now left with no choice but to become the pursuers. We often battle with this because we are conditioned to believe it’s the man’s job to pursue. We fear we are coming off too aggressive, or being rejected but it’s a new era.

Here are some reasons why he may not make the first move:
⦁ They are afraid of their ego being abused
⦁ Rejection
⦁ Intimidation
⦁ Men thinking they may not live up to a woman’s standards
⦁ Insecurity/ Vulnerability
⦁ Bad experience from a past encounter
⦁ Competition from other men that may have approached the same woman
⦁ Shy or Nervous
Let’s go Ladies, let’s show men they don’t have to be intimidated. We all need our what our heart desires!

5 Consejos para mantener tus metas en el 2019


Cada año revisamos la metas que nos planteamos al final del año pasado (si es que recordamos dónde están) y, definitivamente, plantearnos las metas del próximo año.
Estadísticamente los tres primeros lugares de esas metas los ocupan: 1. Comer saludable, 2. Hacer ejercicios/Bajar de peso. 3. Establecer un plan de ahorros, y la lista continúa. Muchas de estas metas no superan las primeras cuatro semanas.

Cuando llega Febrero, la mayoría de estos compromisos están olvidados. Por esto, en mi tercer año de entrenamiento continuo e iniciando mi primer año como Coach para Corredores, siento el compromiso de compartirles algunos tips que les ayuden a mantener sus metas relacionadas al fitness y a la mejor nutrición.

Inicia. Olvida las medidas drásticas, sube la escalera y olvida el elevador. Toma el café con un sobre de azúcar en lugar de dos. Toma soda solo una vez a la semana.
Muévete. Ajusta en tu celular una alarma cada 30-45 minutos que te recuerde moverte. Los relojes inteligentes y apps de tu celular se pueden configurar para que te recuerden moverte.
Hidrátate. El 60% de nuestro cuerpo es AGUA. Es necesaria para mantener saludable nuestro cuerpo desde el cerebro hasta los huesos y nos ayuda a perder peso. Se recomienda ocho vasos al dia.
Elige. Existen muchas actividades que puedes escoger: correr, ciclismo, natación, yoga, zumba, kick-boxing, pilates, busca una que te guste.
Agrúpate. Cuando elijas la actividad que te guste, busca pertenecer a un grupo o club. Asóciate con personas que compartan tu propósito.

Lo más importante de toda lista y de las medidas adoptadas debe ser nuestro objetivo, qué queremos y qué obtendremos al final con todos estos cambios y ajustes. Estas nuevas medidas deben llevarnos a aumentar el amor propio y la autoconfianza. Recordar que somos especiales y que esa personas que nos encontramos en el espejo tiene un valor inmensurable. ¡Decídete!

Steps In Getting The JLO Glow by Vivienne Jurado


Jennifer Lopez has been a Hollywood Icon for over 20 years, but ladies ….using affirmations may help you get closer to achieving her ageless glow. In addition to her caffeine-free, alcohol-free and high protein diet, JLO uses positive thinking to nurture her self-love. “Affirmations are so important,” she says. “I am youthful and timeless,” I tell myself that every day, a few times a day. “It sounds like cliché bullshit, but it’s not: age is all in your mind. Look at Jane Fonda”. Lopez stimulates her inner glow by looking at these affirmations a few times a day.

According to Frauke Neuser, Ph.D., Olay principal scientist, explains that 20 percent of skin age is determined by internal factors you can’t control, while the other 80 percent is driven by external factors you can control. The most important three factors, she says, is the amount of time you’ve spent tanning in the sun, daily SPF use, and having a positive mental attitude. Positivity can help you with that first step to getting the JLO Glow.

Once you’ve done your daily beauty mantra ladies, you can get her signature look with the arrival of Jennifer Lopez’s makeup collection with Inglot Cosmetics, which launched in-stores and online – April 2018. Each piece was designed and tested by JLO and her team so you, too, can create the perfect glow.

Her makeup artist, Scott Barnes (who helped create her signature warm beige look in the ’90s and ’00s) asked her, “Why did you create this cosmetic line?” And she said, “I don’t like makeup that feels like a mask. I find Instagram interesting, but it doesn’t look real. Real women don’t look like that.” Her message has always been to love yourself the way you are, and that’s what she’s doing with her beauty line. That’s what makes her makeup collection with Inglot different from other celebrity makeup brands.

Jennifer Lopez looks seriously sultry on the cover of LATINISTA this month.
To create this look with Jennifer Lopez Inglot Collection, start by priming your face using
Primer HD Corrective Primer. For foundation, apply her Stick Foundation to give you a flawless base. Set your face with a light dusting of Freedom System HD Sculpting Powder. Warm up your skin with Freedom System AMC Bronzing Powder. Pop on the AMC Multicolour System Feb and apply the Inglot Liquid Lipstick in Vamos for a beautiful red lip.

New Year’s Resolutions Tips for You & Your Pet


Nearly half of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year, yet only 8% of Americans actually achieve their resolutions and desired goals. This year, pet parents should plan to incorporate their pets into their New Year’s Resolutions goals.

Get Fit: All pets need mental and physical activity to stay fit and since they can’t take walks alone, the health benefits rub off onto you too! January is “National Walk Your Dog Month,” another reminder to start the New Year off with health as a top priority. Make a pledge to extend your daily walks or increase their frequency. With winter in full swing, daylight fades quickly and many pet owners are walking their dogs in the dark, so to ensure safety, considering using a Headlight Harness. Highly reflective, water resistant and light weight; it lights up the path ahead while making you and your dog visible to everyone in the area! Learn more at: www.headlightharness.com/.

Try Something New: The New Year is the perfect time to make a commitment to engage in fresh experiences that reinvigorate your life. Explore a new hiking trail each weekend, plan a pet-friendly trip, or try a new activity. Did you know there is such a thing as Doga? It’s yoga but with your canine by your side. If you plan to travel with your pet or want to take more outdoor adventures together, consider adding a pet stroller from Petique to your life. Learn more at: www.petique.com/.

Get Pampered: Life can get busy, for humans, regularly receiving a monthly massage could boost your mood significantly and pets need some pampering too! Regular grooming helps to maintain a healthy skin and coat. If you do not have the time to groom your pet yourself, consider making them an appointment with Groomit: a mobile app offering on-demand in-home pet grooming services. Learn more at: www.groomit.me/.

Find Zen: The use of cannabidiol (CBD Oil for pets) is on the rise and is a safe and natural way to minimize pet anxiety. Prana Pets is a leading brand of natural pet remedies and known for safe, effective and quality products. Take a meditation class, take some CBD and begin practicing every day. Allow your pet to be your inspiration! Cheers to a new beginning for you both!





In 2018, the first steps were taken by the leads of the entertainment industry in order to bring more diversity to the movies and Television shows. One of the year’s highlight was the premiere of “Vida”, The first television show focused on the Latino community, on Starz channel.

Created by a Latina, Tanya Saracho, not only the cast is Latino, but the majority of writers, directors and crew members are Latina women. A TV Show like “Vida” is a great achievement for the Latino community, which is also relevant to the Brazilian community, since we’re constantly misrepresented in the movies and TV Shows produced in Hollywood.

“Vida” is a half-hour drama series focusing on two Mexican-American sisters from the Eastside of Los Angeles who couldn’t be more different or distanced from each other. Circumstances force them to return to their old neighborhood, where they are confronted by the past and surprising truth about their mother’s identity.

Tanya has been writing playwrights for over 17 years. According to her in at least 14 of her plays only two or three characters were male. Her plays have been always focused on Latina women.

When invited by Starz’s executives to write “Vida” pilot, her first job on TV, Tanya was excited to face the challenge because she wanted to deliver a message to the audience: “I wanted the “non-Latino” audience to know that Latinos are the similar to them, these girls could be their friends, be a part of their inner circle. Certain concepts are rooted in our culture, the characters on the show are the second generation of Latinos, but they were born in the USA. Why do we only think of them as immigrants? No! They are Americans like any other person who is born in the US. And for the Latin audience, I wanted them to feel represented on screen, so I used all the terminology, words, that are part of our daily life and that we never get to hear on a TV series.

Tanya’s goals were achieved and the series’ first season was a huge success. “Vida” got renewed for a second season that is already in production and will premiere in 2019. We can’t wait to see it!

If you’re already a fan of the show, read the full interview we did with Tanya and the cast of “Vida”
on Hollywood e Aqui:



If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the show yet, here’s your chance:

Vida – Official Website: https://www.starz.com/series/vida/episodes

Watch the trailer:

Arroz Con Pollo


Serves 4

Every country in Latin America has its own version of this chicken-and-rice dish. It’s a great one-pot meal with rice, meat, and veggies that can really stretch your meal dollars while also providing amazing flavor. You won’t feel like you’re scrimping when you eat this! The recipe calls for achiote paste, which is a mixture of ground annatto seeds, cumin, garlic, and other spices. I recommend the Goya brand. A small amount of this condiment gives the dish its intense and distinctive flavor

  1. In a large bowl, season the chicken with salt and pepper.
  2. Select the Sauté setting to preheat the pressure-cooker pot.
  3. When hot, add the achiote paste and olive oil, and sear the chicken pieces on all sides, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the rice, sofrito, chicken stock, 1 teaspoon salt, and ¼ teaspoon black pepper. Stir to ensure the rice is fully covered with liquid. Close and lock the lid.
  5. Select the Rice/Pressure Cook setting and cook for 10 minutes at high pressure. When cooking is complete, quick release the pressure. Unlock and carefully open the lid.
  6. Add the carrots and peas. Close and lock the lid.
  7. Select the Manual/Pressure Cook setting and cook for 2 minutes at high pressure. When cooking is complete, quick release the pressure. Carefully unlock and remove the lid. Stir to combine everything. Add cilantro and lemon juice (if using), and serve.
Recipe courtesy of Chef Grace Ramirez chefgraceramirez.com
5-Ingredient Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook
Rockridge Press / 2018
La Latina Cook Book

20 Beauty Gift Guides


From looking for the gift for someone who ”doesn’t need anything” , beauty enthusiast, tech savvy or a loved one? Latinista Magazine gives you the best hot new tech gifts and all the gift guides and tips you need this holiday season. It’s not too late to shop! Keep Reading!

Getting a present for a beauty addicted friend can be tricky so we made a list of the chicest beauty gift ideas for every budget. From eyeshadow palettes to the latest skincare tools—these gifts will surely put a big smile on someone’s face. We won’t be surprised if you get a little something for yourself too!


Bite Beauty Agave Treat Trio Mini Agave Lip Mask Set $18
Your friend will thank you for saving their chapped lips in the cold season with these hydrating lip masks.
Shop at Sephora


Facetory Mask Subscription $9 – $240

A monthly subscription of sheet masks is bound to delight any skincare lover.
Shop at Facetory


Diptyque Treat Cone $45

Gift luxurious treats from the brand’s iconic scents featuring the L’ombre dans l’eau EDT, shower oil, and Baies candle.

Shop at diptyque, Barneys, Nordstrom


Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic $40

This decadent, creamy, pigmented blush is an excellent addition to any makeup lover’s collection.

Shop at Charlotte Tilbury, Bloomingdale’s, SephoraNet-A-Porter


Emma Hardie Cleansing Kit £30

This moringa cleansing balm is a favorite with beauty bloggers and editors. It is packed with ingredients that will provide a deep cleanse and produce a smooth and dewy complexion.

Shop at Cult Beauty

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler $65

This is a great gift featuring 11 samples of best selling women perfumes. It also includes a certificate to redeem a full-size bottle at no extra cost!

Shop at Sephora

Binge Watching Beauty Kit $22

For a bestie who loves Netflix as much as they love skincare.

Shop at Pottery Barn

Mount Lai Jade Roller $34

This skincare tool helps reduce puffiness, improve blood circulation and is soothing to the skin. A great gift for anyone who would enjoy having extra moments in their skincare routine!

Shop at Mount Lai

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Set $88

Make a loved one’s bath the most decadent experience ever. This selection of aromatherapy solutions are hand-blended and provides unique wellbeing benefits to unwind, feel energized, bring comfort and confidence.

Shop at SpaceNK

Colourpop Give It To Me Straight Eyeshadow Palette $16

This versatile palette works great on many skin tones and has a good selection of buttery mattes and shimmers that can be used both wet or dry.

Shop at Colourpop

Slip Beauty Sleep Collection Gift Set $119

GIft a restful night’s sleep with this anti-aging, crease-resistant silk pillowcase and sleep mask

Shop at Dermstore

Glossier’s The Makeup Set $40

For the fuss-free, fresh-faced everyday makeup kinda gal. The set includes a cream blush, brow gel, and mascara.

Shop at Glossier

The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin $14

Korean beauty has taken the world by storm! This book was written by the founder of Soko Glam, a leading Korean beauty and lifestyle website. It guides you on how to achieve the brightest and most radiant skin.

Shop at Amazon

Bobbi Brown Travel Brush Set $139

The brand’s best selling brushes in travel size and a sleek silver case—perfect for the makeup maven that’s always on the go.

Shop at Barneys

Kristin Ess 3-in-One Flat Iron $80

Hairstylist to celebrities like Lucy Hale and Jenna Dewan launched her very own range of hair tools that works amazingly and looks just as good! This flat iron features titanium plates for quick heat delivery and ionic technology that boosts shine, made for easy everyday hair styling.

Shop at Target

Indie Lee Discovery Kit $29

This is a great present for your bestie who wants to incorporate clean and cruelty-free skincare routine. This kit features best selling products from Indie Lee—the Brightening Cleanser, Co Q-10 Toner, and Squalane Facial Oil.

Shop at Credo Beauty

Pat McGrath LUST: Mini MatteTrance™ Lipstick Trio $25

Made for those who aren’t shy to rock a bold lip, these Allure Best of Beauty Award winner lipsticks are richly-pigmented and hydrating.

Shop at Sephora

Kjaer Weis The Beautiful Oil $150

A luxurious treat for the skin packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, and Dioscorea Batatas, an ingredient prized for its healing and energetic properties. This elixir will help create dewy, luminous skin that radiates from within.

Shop at The Detox Market

Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash Mascara $29

Gift a friend voluminous lifted lashes with this all-in-one mascara that doesn’t smudge or flake!

Shop at Sephora, Blue Mercury

Cuyana Leather Travel Case Set $110

Now all that’s left to get is a pouch to fit all the beauty products! It comes in many colors, and you can personalize it for an extra thoughtful touch!

Shop at Cuyana

Whether they are a skincare novice or a makeup maven, these gifts will surely delight any recipient. Did any of the items make it to your wishlist? Let us know in the comments below!