Did You Know… Latino Voting Power!

With the growing number of Latinos in the US it’s becoming even more important that we, Latinos, stick together. One way we can stick together is by voting, yet many Latinos are not voting or will not vote next time around.   There are 23 million Latinos who are eligible to vote, yet only 15 million are registered, and only 12 million will actually go to the polls!

Take a look below at the reason why YOU should vote, because you can make a difference!

1)  Latinos voting can make politicians pay more attention to us! We hear them uttering phrases in Spanish all the time, and promising to help our community but without us voting they won’t do much. They need to see that Latinos are listening to them, and caring about issues.

2) Latinos voting can lead to more Latinos being named to higher positions within our government. According to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials there are 5,928 Latino elected officials in the country at the local, state, and federal level. But, we have only two senators and two governors of Hispanic descent. Latinos voting can change this.

3) If we don’t vote, someone else will make the choice for us. Many Latinos have forgotten that voting is a right and a privilege. Not everyone can vote.  If you have the opportunity to vote, don’t waste it because if you do you are allowing others to govern your city, state and community.

Latinos do care about a lot of issues, but the biggest problem is showing up at the polls! Without Latinos coming together and actually voting we won’t see the changes our Latino community deserves. So, next time, go out and vote! Together we can make a difference!


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