Did You Know… Latina Shoe Designers

Did You Know… Latina Shoe Designers

What do Christian Louboutin, Carlos Santana, and Jimmy Choo all have in common? There are very popular famous shoe designers. Everyone nowadays know who they are without even finishing there name, but what people don’t know is that there are also Latinas who have their own shoe line. Check the list below for three Latina Women who have their own stilettos!

1) Luiza Barcelos- Luiza took over the show company when her mother passed it down to her and has been working on Luiza Barcelos shoes every since. They are very versatile shoes, that you can wear in the day time, and for a hot date. Olivia Palermo has been spotted a number of times wearing Luiza Barcelos.

2) Adriana Levy- Shoe designer, model and architect. She can do it all! She studied at the Pratt institute because she loved being a architect, but couldn’t say no to fashion. It was the best of both worlds.  Alepel, her shoe line, includes her love of architecture by having a line on the bottom, or in the back of each shoes perfectly in the center.

3) Alejandra G- Former TV producer turned shoe designer has made a splash in the fashion business with her brilliant mix of textures and colors. Her shoes can be described as bold and daring just like her personality. Alejandra G shoes have been worn on a number of celebrities since 2011.

So there you have it, 3 inspiring Latina shoe designers. If you didn’t know about them before, now you do.  Easiest way to find their shoes is online. How many will you order? We want them all!


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